Czech street vending machines fall, marijuana attempts to occupy the market in an all-round way

Recently, the Czech Republic’s capital Prague, Ostrava, olomuk and other cities have launched marijuana vending machines. This is the first time in the country that these cities have put marijuana vending machines into urban areas. However, for the Czech people who love marijuana, this may not be the best news, because these freighters are placed in high CBD content, low thc products.

These CBD vending machines are from CBD mat. Ren é Sir ý, general manager of the company, said: This is just the beginning, and these machines will eventually be everywhere. In the future, vending machines with marijuana products could be used in gyms, hotels or airports. These machines are used in the same way as other vending machines, where consumers simply enter the number of the product they want to try, and then insert a card to pay for it without additional verification.

czech cbd hemp

(marijuana vending machine in Prague)

These machines include a range of products including dried flowers, oil and tincture, which can satisfy the basic preferences of all consumers. The general manager of CBD mat also said that more types of products may be added in the future. Although the Czech Republic has a policy of decriminalization of cannabis and possession of a small amount of marijuana (up to 5g cannabis or 10g marijuana flowers) is allowed, high thc products will not be developed. In terms of price, a bag of 3G flowers costs about 230 yuan.

Of course, this is not the first cannabis vending machine in the world. The Netherlands may be the first country to install such a device. And countries like Austria and Poland around the Czech Republic have been installing such machines for a long time. They have a more comprehensive range of vending machines, even including drinks, soft candy, cream and other products.

Analysis of Czech hemp Market

Compared with sales in North America, the Czech Republic market is still in its infancy. According to the data released by the Ministry of health of the Czech Republic in 2019, although the Czech Republic has one of the longest history of decriminalization of cannabis, the total sales of medical marijuana in 2018 was less than 5 kg (4801 g, with an average of 8 euro per gram). More prescriptions will not be issued until 2019. Of the 4.8 kg sold in 2018, 1.8 kg was locally produced and 3 kg was imported. This shows that the country’s domestic planting area is small, but imports are allowed.

The import routes of 3 kg are from the Netherlands and Canada

(significant increase in medical marijuana prescriptions in the Czech Republic since 2018)

Any company importing medical marijuana into the Czech Republic for sale must obtain the following licenses:

Drug distribution authorization from the National Institute for drug control

Authorization from the Ministry of health to deal with addictive substances

Import license issued by the Ministry of health

As of 2019, 56 pharmacies have been approved to sell medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in the Czech Republic. E-prescription can be purchased, and patients over 18 years old can apply for it. However, in the Czech Republic, medical marijuana can only be opened in the form of dried flowers, and the maximum CBD limit is 19%.

The patient’s maximum dose per month was 180g, and the THC content was not considered. Medical marijuana is not covered by public health insurance, but at the end of 2019, the Ministry of health proposed a reform that would cover 90% of its price, and patients could use up to 30g per month. By the end of 2019, 80 doctors were authorized to prescribe medical marijuana.

Legal framework

The Czech Republic issued its Decree No. 50 / 2013coll in 2013. It is said that at that time, only a few patients were able to get treatment, and it belonged to the category of “sympathy treatment”.

In 2015, the Czech Republic issued Decree No. 236 / 2015coll, which sets out the conditions for prescription and distribution of medical marijuana. At the same time, the document also issued that only medical experts in specific fields can prescribe medical marijuana.

(Decree No. 236 / 2015coll, medical conditions)

In order to comply with the United Nations drug control conditions, the national medical marijuana agency of the Czech Republic is responsible for the supervision of licensing and the purchase of all products distributed.

So far, there is only one producer in the Czech Republic.

Although the Czech Republic is a small market, we can not ignore its small market from the perspective of the number of prescriptions prescribed by doctors, consumption and legislative policies. With the implementation of the marijuana vending machine, the sales of marijuana products in the Czech Republic will also show a geometric growth. Let’s wait and see.

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