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Coilart online shop review – a new online shop featured with LUX 200


Coilart is an online vape shop since 2016. And it sells atomizers, box mods, pods vapes, coils, etc. The most famous product from Coilart is LUX 200 on sale since 2018.


This LUX200 is a luxury mod kit. Observing from its appearance, it’s not a pod vape using ceramic technologies like FEELM. It has a high voltage as 200W. And the watt of the battery power is adjustable from 5w-200w according to the need of the user.

It has mesh coil, leakage-proof, smooth airflow and full resin molding design. The size of this vape mod is 53*25*138mm as middle size among the common vapes.

Meanwhile, this vape mod has a 0.005s vape juice heating up time. In this way, rich flavor and denser vapor is produced and remained without a burnt smell like the low power pod vapes. Good for a higher class vaping experience.

Cynthia Ma from Coilart as the marketing specialist said, “CoilART hosted the 1st global vape trick competition and was widely praised by global vapers and enthusiasts. You can check the Coilart’s official site, it has all kinds of reviews from famous vape reivews in the world. Besides, CoilArt has millions of users from the USA, UK and AU. And we’re collaborating with over 40 brands in the world. It has users from all over the world. Last but not the least, collaborating with professional and passionate Vape hk in vape field will be a win-win business in the near future.”

For more information about Coilart, please contact Cynthia by the following means:


Cynthia Ma(Marketing Specialist)

Mob: +81 152 1872 0709 skype id: majy_21

Office 469.300.6006

Email [email protected]

HQ 5445 Legacy Dr, STE 430, Plano, TX 75024

Branch address: 深圳市福田区深南大道7888号东海国际中心B座9F


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LUX 200 is a high-end voltage adjustable vape kit worth trying according to Cynthia Ma from Coilart. Vape hk is neutral to this product.Coilart online shop review - a new online shop featured with LUX 200