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Coil Art of Instagram with AK82 COILS


Here we highlight some of the stars of Instagram who are using the social media platform to create original art with a vaping twist. 

Interview by: Hannah Rhodes
Name: Adolph Kordahy
Location: Saudi Arabia
Instagram page: @ak82.coils


How long have you been vaping for and how did you start? 

“I started vaping back in 2015, with an ego style pen mod, which quickly escalated to variable mods and tanks within a month or two. 

“Then I kind of lost track of things and went through almost all variants and styles of mods, RDAs, RTAs and so on.” 


How did your coil building journey begin?

 “Well, I began exploring the world of coils in early 2016 as I was fed up with the inconsistences with OCC coils back then. 

“In the beginning, as most people within this industry, I started off creating simple round builds. 

“Since my knowledge of building coils was very limited, I researched into tutorials on how to build specific RTAS and RDAS. 

“The biggest turning point was when I stumbled across Squidoodes’ YouTube page and his tutorials on exotic builds – I was instantly hooked! 

“The idea of crafting and manipulating the wires into different shapes and combinations was very intriguing to me.” 


Have you encountered any challenges during your time creating coil art? 

“My main challenge is getting and buying my wires as the best brands for wires are based in the US, and because my orders are large, shipping can be extremely costly.”


Is there anything in particular that motivates or inspires your work? 

“What keeps me in coil building is the fact that when I sit at my station and start spinning, I completely forget everything going on around me.

 “I’m able to completely relax for a couple of hours and think of nothing but the wire in front of me…I go into an almost mediative state of mind.

“Another part that keeps me so motivated to continue building, is seeing my coils both online and in store within retailers across the world. “

Since joining the community, I have been welcomed by people from all walks of life and now have friends and acquaintances from many different countries who all share the same passion.” 


Do you only build coils for yourself as a hobby or for others too? 

“At first, it was something I did for myself. But after having a few close friends around me that vaped, I started building personalised coils for them. 

“They were the ones that pushed me into developing a brand and style and ultimately starting to sell commercially.” 


Are you currently working on anything new at the moment? 

“I am! I’m currently working on two projects: “My own E-juice line, which if all goes well, should be ready for distribution by the end of this year. Secondly, I’m very excited to reveal that I am in the process of planning to open a physical vape shop cafe in the Philippines. 

“My main goal for the shop is for it to be a gathering place for vapers to connect as well as an opportunity to introduce current smokers to a less harmful alternative. 

“The shop is an amazing foundation to physically interact with like-minded people and help them in finding a style that suits their individual needs. 

“For me, this next step would aid me in expanding my reach within the industry and gain more independence… hopefully this adventure will also one day evolve into a family business.”


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