Co-founder of U.S. e-cigarette giant Juul Labs leaves

According to foreign media reports, James Monsees, co-founder of American e-cigarette giant Juul Labs, plans to resign as the company’s consultant and director.

SeeMonsees wrote in an email to Juul employees: “Building this company with everyone is the most rewarding experience in my career and throughout my life.” He is reported to be spending more time with his family.

Co-founder of U.S. e-cigarette giant Juul Labs

SeeMonsees and Adam Bowen co-founded Juul in 2015.

The company faces close scrutiny by regulators as it allegedly attracted minors to use e-cigarettes and claimed that its products could help users quit smoking.

New York State announced in November that it would sue Juul for deceptive advertising. The lawsuit alleges that the company understates health risks and “greatly exacerbates the public health crisis, which has made young people in New York and across the country addicted to its products.” New York State Attorney General Leticia James said .

North Carolina and California have also filed lawsuits against the company’s advertising practices. The Federal Trade Commission is investigating Juul’s specific use of celebrities in marketing strategies.

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