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CMPE 2019 China Vape Industry Manufacturer Exhibition to be held soon

The world's top mobile terminal industry supply chains will gather in one place


As people’s attention to healthy life grows, traditional smoking needs to be improved, and modern electronic cigarettes emerge as the times require.

According to statistics, the global e-cig market in 2010 was about 416 million US dollars, and the market capacity expanded to 7.1 billion US dollars by 2016. The soaring demand for e-cig boosts the explosive growth of the vape industry. One the one hand, the tax burden of cigarettes continues to increase, and the popularization of the concept of environmental protection and health also accelerate the transformation of enterprises. The use scenario of vape extends from single nicotine delivery to new health atomization fields such as inhalation type medical atomization, oral fragrance and vitamin intake.

In order to meet the demands of the times, electronic cigarette related enterprises urgently need to optimize the layout of their own industrial chain and upgrade their own technology, including battery cores, e-liquids, atomizers and other components. From August 29 to 31, 2019, CMPE 2019 China Vape Industry Manufacturer Exhibition will be held in Dongguan with unprecedented scale – 863 booths, 400 exhibitors and 40,000 professional audiences. It gathers manufacturers and service providers of equipment, materials, consumables, intelligent applications and solutions of the world’s top mobile terminal industry supply chains. At that time, the expo holder will invite hundreds of terminals to participate in the exhibition with the help of 5000+ people from the vape industry supply chain network. At the same time, five industry summits and forums will be held, and many industry experts and celebrities will share their speeches.

Shenzhen ALD Group Limited, as the leading enterprise in the vape manufacturing filed, was invited to attend the exhibition. They will discuss the new opportunities for the development of electronic atomization technology in the whole industry chain, comprehensively explain the latest principles of atomization technology, and further explain the new generation of atomization technology innovation. At the same time, they will analyze the fever of electronic atomization, explore the possibility of further development of atomization technology, and work together to create a better future for mutual vape marketing.

Ecigs Industry Chain Expo
Ecigs Industry Chain Expo

CMPE 2019 Address: Guangdong International Expo Center, Hongjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (ALD booth: L25)

CMPE 2019 Date: August 29th – 31th, 2019 

ALD Group Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the research and application of electronic atomization technology. Its business covers not only electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), but also inhalation medical vaping device(IMV), heat not burn products and other different fields. It is in the leading position in the world. Its self-developed SILMO, with a new type of microporous ceramics as the body, greatly restores the best flavor of various types of atomized e-liquid. It perfectly deduces the explosive power of low-power heating pod device!

ALD now has 40,000 square meters of modern manufacturing center and a production and manufacturing team with thousands of staff. It introduced semi-automatic and full-automatic atomization equipment, with a monthly output of more than 30 million pieces, providing stable and reliable “one-stop service” integrating R&D, design and manufacturing for hundreds of customers around the world.

On August 29-31, 2019, CMPE 2019 China Vape Industry Manufacturer Exhibition will an excellent opportunity for enterprises to enhance their own development and witness new technologies. We look forward to your joining in and exploring new ways of cost reduction. It will help you break through the bottlenecks of current product and technology development, and further optimize the development of the whole vape industry.

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