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China Cannabis Market Overview research & analysis report


China’s cannabis market is getting huge and profitable according to recent research from VAPE HK. That is, various opportunities are showing up in 2019 and waiting for new billionaires to grab.

This China Cannabis Market Overview Report in 2019 from the most authoritative insiders in the cannabis industry in China covers contents you’ve never seen online or offline. This report is done by 1 dozen of our in house staff by interviewing hundreds of local officials, cannabis enterprise heads, hemp farmers and experienced Chineses researchers, which costs us 6 months of sweat and blood.

In our research, we listed the top 10 companies who’re engaged in growing, processing and researching in cannabis field, all their info are well researched and listed with details.

The scope of operations, board of directors, manufacturing capabilities and industry relations and connections and so on, are all inside.

In this report, you won’t see any pompous theory by bold dreamers, all the content have a solid base and vivid insiders from the cannabis industry.

Take a look at this:

“In February 2019 Yunnan province granted a license to three subsidiaries of Conba Group, a
pharmaceutical company based in Zhejiang Province. A company based in the city of Qingdao,
According to incomplete statistics, at least 190 companies in China include “industrial cannabis”in their business scope. There are more than 50 enterprises with industrial cannabis planting licenses, but only 5 of them have been commissioned by the Yunnan Industrial Cannabis Leaf Processing License, namely: [……] Co., Ltd. and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Two of China’s 34 regions are leading a boom in cultivating cannabis to produce cannabidiol, or CBD, which has become a consumer health and beauty craze in the United States and beyond.”

china canabis market overview
What’s surprising inside: Pictures from the local cannabis plantation

We reached their factories, bought their product and interact with most of their staff personally.

The cannabis company heads and the company excutive relationship, shareholders:

china canabis market overview

The China cannabis major enterprises introduction:

“The Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as the only national-level comprehensive professional research institute engaged in the research of hemp crops in China, has strong technical and talent reserve advantages in hemp scientific research, product development and processing.”

china canabis market overview

Aim your target precisely and fast:

With our report, you can locate the cannabis enterprise location easily and know their strength and contact in a few minutes:

china canabis market overview

“…… occupies the area of 2500 sqm and has a staff of around 500 people. The annual revenue is 10 million yuan.
There is a team of 5 engineers, who work mostly on dry-herb, CBD and concentrate products. The same team works on HTP products. The company has more than 20 patents (utility and design) for its products domestically.”

Play with the rules in China safely:

“Chinese Investment Companies and their Activities With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the cannabis industry was legalized across the US. Medical cannabis and recreational marijuana have been legalized in 33 and 10 states respectively. Following the legalization of marijuana in California, Maine, Nevada, and Massachusetts, 20% of the whole American population is living in where marijuana is legal. Analysts of the marijuana industry believe that the legal marijuana industry market value will expand up to $50 billion in 2026.”

Grab your wings to fly with the trend:

“Analysis of the supply situation of industrial cannabis industry in China

china canabis market overview
Cannabis production volume in China

Get your bulletproof jacket before the fight:

“China’s industrial cannabis industry threat analysis
Cannabis is illegal in many countries around the world. China has classified cannabis as a narcotic drug. Criminal law also criminalizes the illegal cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis. Cannabis is classified as illegal drug, which makes investors being more cautious about the cultivation and processing of industrial cannabis.”

Read our authentic treasure map before blindly digging:

“Analysis of market opportunities in China’s industrial cannabis industry
As more and more countries legalize cannabis, the market for legal cannabis has grown rapidly, from $3 billion in 2010 to $12 billion in 2018. In 2018, the global cannabis market (including illegal) was about 150 billion US dollars, of which the US market reached 10 billion US dollars. As the legalization process of the industry continues to advance, it is expected that by 2025, legal products will account for 77% of the market, reaching $166 billion.”

After reading the report, you’re the best expert and most qualified captain to lead your crew to mine gold from the complex China cannabis industry.

Calculation before action saves your money and time significantly, buy our report now:

The full research file is highly confidential, please

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Best report and overview of China Cannabis Market in 2019.China Cannabis Market Overview research & analysis report