ECAS certification of electronic cigarette in UAE

The ban on e-cigarettes and accessories was lifted in mid April, according to the United Arab Emirates standardization and Metrology Administration (Esma), the e-cigarettes house reported on October 21. This means that the sale of e-cigarettes will be legalized in the United Arab Emirates, which will become the first country in the Middle East to legalize new types of tobacco product. This also indicates that the emerging market gate of e-cigarettes has been opened.

With the lifting of the ban on electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can not only be sold directly in the United Arab Emirates, but also be transported to other countries in the free port of the United Arab Emirates. However, in the United Arab Emirates, e-cigarettes are subject to tax. According to a statement issued by the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of the United Arab Emirates, from January 2020, any beverage added with sugar or sweetener will be taxed by 50%; any e-cigarette equipment, whether or not containing nicotine or tobacco, including liquid used in e-cigarette equipment, will be taxed by 100%.

Lifting the ban does not mean relaxation. In addition to the tax, it also needs to meet a series of requirements for the import, manufacturing, sales and packaging of e-cigarettes. E-cigarette manufacturers, retailers and distributors must strictly follow these new standards.

As the only national standard institution and issuing institution in the UAE, the UAE Standards Bureau. In order to effectively implement the UAE national standards, ESMA’s compliance assessment department implements the product safety certification system, referred to as the UAE compliance assessment scheme (ECAS).

According to ECAS plan, all controlled products must apply for and obtain COC compliance certificate as customs clearance and sales pass. ECAS certification not only includes safety, but also covers the safety test, performance test, function inspection, hazardous substances detection and other aspects that may be covered (but not including wireless test, which is controlled by tra certification).

I. ECAS registration mainly includes the following aspects

ECAS registration of electronic cigarette devices (mainly in terms of safety regulations);

ECAS registration of electronic cigarette label;

ECAS registration of electronic cigarette RoHS;

Submission of other relevant data (test report, etc.).

II. Registration process of ECAS

Register account number (on Esma website);

Submit the application for compliance certificate;

Upload the required documents;

Payment of fees;

Waiting for document review;

If the product meets the requirements, the system will inform the customer and obtain the certificate of conformity.

ECAS certification of electronic cigarette in UAE

III. information to be prepared before ECAS registration

There are mainly the following:

Valid UAE business license;

Relevant certification materials that the electronic cigarette factory meets the requirements of ISO9001 quality system;

ECAS registration certificate of electronic cigarette device;

ECAS registration certificate of electronic cigarette label;

ECAS registration certificate of RoHS;

Test report of product packaging in accordance with GSO, ISO and 8317 standards;

List of components and release test report of e-liquid, nicotine output dose;

Electronic file compliance statement.

IV. The main test items involved are as follows

Rohs10 tests;

GSO, IEC, 60335-1;

GSO, IEC, 62133;

Electronic cigarette packaging test GSO, ISO, 8317;

Vapor emission test (refer to EU TPD);

Analysis report on the composition of e-liquid.

Move to the Middle East e-cigarette market for new gold – Leave U.S. and embrace UAE

When the vape panic storms in the USA come, try to get a shelter in the UAE.

UAE vape policy:

Before 2019, selling electronic cigarettes in Dubai was also illegal; in April 2019, the Emirates Government Consumer Supervision Agency, the Emirates Standardization and Measurement Authority (ESMA), confirmed the new regulations for electronic cigarettes: as long as the manufacturer’s electronic cigarettes meet the new standards and carry health warnings similar to cigarette packages on the product packaging. Notice first then they can legally sell electronic cigarette products.

UAE.S 5030 refers to international practice and is based on the standard framework of the World Health Organization (WHO). The regulations include allowing the sale of electronic cigarettes, electronic pipes, electronic hooka and rehydration devices, and regulating the import, manufacture, sale and packaging. It also covers the heat not burn device IQOS of PMI and other non-combustible tobacco products.

The legalization of e-cigarettes in the United Arab Emirates is good news for e-cigarette enthusiasts. Especially in tourist attractions like Dubai, the lifting of the ban is a lot easier for foreign tourists. Policy changes bring huge business opportunities for manufacturers and retailers.


Policy in other countries


On September 12, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that his government plans to ban flavor e-cigarettes after a series of health incidents related to vaping. (There is no conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes are the cause of health incidents.)

U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will finalize a plan to remove all non-tobacco-flavored products from the market. Michigan became the first state in the United States to ban condiment electronic cigarettes in the last month. Azar said he would distribute new guidelines on e-cigarettes to the FDA in a few weeks.

When the United States has entered the election season, the Trump Administration showed concern for national security and health, even though there is no definite evidence that e-cigarettes cause these diseases. In a politically correct direction, the FDA’s stricter regulatory measures are basically settled down.

In addition to the high cost of PMTA applications, the U.S. e-cigarette market has been able to predict a sharp contraction in the short term. We anticipate that the corresponding lobbying forces will begin to be active, and it is not yet possible to predict when a relatively friendly policy will be restored.


Malaysia, before the popularity of electronic cigarettes, the Malaysian government cracked down. I remember at the end of 2013, the market was very hot. The Malaysian government intervened in the electronic cigarette market by means of administrative orders. At that time, the main media and TV reported the negative news or even false news of electronic cigarettes on a large scale. The electronic cigarette market was soon greatly affected.

More than a year later, more people buy electronic cigarettes. On November 5, 2015, the Ministry of Health of Malaysia launched a lightning campaign against electronic cigarettes. It raided more than 300 electronic cigarette stores in Malaysia at night, seized electronic cigarettes and oil products, and treated electronic cigarette practitioners as criminals. The market dropped to freezing point in a moment of panic. After all kinds of interests entanglement and compromise, the electronic cigarette market in Malaysia is in the golden period of development after the legalization of electronic cigarettes.


In this regard, Thailand has tighter control over electronic cigarettes! Electronic cigarettes can not be sold, used or carried. Carrying, buying, selling and using electronic cigarettes are all illegal in law.

Carry and use electronic cigarettes, up to five years’imprisonment, a fine of 500,000 baht (100,000 yuan); import, export and sale of electronic cigarettes, up to 10 years’ imprisonment.


Consumption level

Generally speaking, income and demand are positively correlated, that is, the higher the income, the more the demand for goods, because higher income represents higher purchasing power and payment capacity, while demand is constrained by payment capacity.

Speaking of consumption level, there is no need to worry about UAE at all. Because when it comes to Dubai, many people think its rich men. Many Chinese also choose Dubai when they travel. They want to see rich’s country?

Dubai Halifah Tower, Sailing Hotel and so on, with high-rise walls and splendid, have been called the miracle city of the desert. Every day, it attracts a large number of tourists. Finance, retail, travel, shipping, transportation and real estate are the main economic pillars. The world’s largest Dubai mall is even more valuable, attracting tourists from all over the world.

The average per capita income in Dubai is $76752. There are also reports that the standard monthly income of the poor in Dubai is not less than 20,000 dirhams, and 1 Dirham is equivalent to 1.93 yuan. From this we can intuitively feel the pride of this rich country!

UAE vape habbit

Consumption habit

With policy support and high consumption, do local people in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East smoke? Are there many smokers?

According to WHO data, in the United Arab Emirates, where there are about 10 million people, smoking rates are as high as 25% to 30% for men and 0.7% for women. The UAE adults smoke 583 cigarettes a year on average, ranking 82 in the world.

The traditional tobacco market and trade are very active. Many religious people need tobacco very much. The local tobacco products are mainly imported.

Especially local people love hooka smoke. Hooka often becomes a way of leisure and social intercourse. There are many in streets and alleys. At sunset and dusk, or in smoking parks, bars, or lounges, these places are crowded with people who enjoy their time. The unique fragrant fruit flavor of hooka cigarette has even won the favor of many women.

From the social elite to the masses, no matter young or old, they are all immersed in it.

As a new type of tobacco, especially fruit-flavored mint and ice, electronic cigarettes are also in line with the preferences of smokers in the Middle East to a large extent, and electronic cigarettes are easier to carry than hooka cigarettes, which has led to the rise of the consumption boom of electronic cigarettes.

Now, with the legalization of the e-cigarette market, a large number of consumers turn to e-cigarettes or heat not burn products. Recent data show that the electronic cigarette market in the Middle East is growing very fast.


Geographic advantage

Dubai, located in the middle of the Middle East, has a strong geographic advantage. It covers an area of 4114 square kilometres, accounting for 5.8% of the total area of the United Arab Emirates, ranking second in the country after Abu Dhabi. The population is 3.1 million (April 2018), accounting for 41.9% of the country’s population, which is the most populous city.

With a free and open market environment, Dubai is an economic and financial centre in the Middle East and a major transportation hub for passengers and goods in the Middle East. Oil revenue contributed to Dubai’s early development, but due to limited reserves and low production level, the oil industry accounted for less than 5% of Dubai’s gross national product after 2010. At present, Dubai’s economy relies mainly on tourism, retail, aviation, real estate and financial services.

As the first country in the Middle East to legalize e-cigarettes, Dubai is expected to become the logistics and wholesale center of the Middle East e-cigarettes market on the basis of its favorable geographical position and policy support.

WAYJOY, the organizer of Dubai Electronic Cigarette Fair from March 20 to 22, 2020, said that next May will be the peak season of purchasing in Dubai in the first half of the year. In order to meet the consumption needs of products for Eid al-Fitr, we anticipate the peak season of purchasing in early May. About May 10, local channels will start large-scale shop and prepare for the retail of Eid al.

As the electronic market in the Middle East is still in a period of barbaric growth, laws and regulations are being gradually improved. According to non-authoritative statistics, the sales of electronic cigarettes in the Middle East market amounted to $400-600 million. If laws and regulations follow-up measures are fully in place, Dubai local distributors believe that the market sales are expected to triple to the present.

For e-cigarette enterprises, the Middle East e-cigarette market contains tremendous business opportunities, and is an important place to diversify risks and expand overseas business. Opening up the Middle East market is urgent and early birds acquire most profits!


Giant push

According to public information, IQOS heat not burn products under Philip Morris International have entered the Dubai market, selling well through duty-free shops, supermarkets and supermarket chains at Dubai’s international airport, and carrying out strong advertising campaigns at Dubai airport.

IQOS has obtained ESMA certification and is currently the only product that has been certified by ESMA in the Middle East market.

WAYJOY, the organizer of Dubai vape expo, said that the ESMA authorities designated three international certification bodies, SGS, RACS and TUV, to be responsible for product certification.

In addition to PMI, JUUL, British and American Tobacco are also vigorously expanding the local market. Now in the whole Middle East market, the products are mainly pod systems, including disposable vape pens, box mods, pods. The main brands are STIG-VGOD, VAPERESSO, SMOK, MYLE, TUGBOAT and so on.

Currently in Dubai, tobacco appliances and smoke are listed as tobacco standards for control, the use of regional control is consistent with tobacco, shopping malls, medical facilities, schools and other areas prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes. The editor reminds all friends that the fine of 2000 Dirham is not worth mentioning for rich Dubaier, but the equivalent of RMB is close to 4000 yuan, not a small amount.


According to the above elaboration, the U.S. electronic cigarette market ban will bring different impacts on the global regional electronic cigarette market. All electronic cigarette enterprises are facing tremendous market pressure. It is urgent to find a new alternative market.

Especially in the relatively blank period of electronic cigarette market in the Middle East, the first-to-market enterprises will have tremendous first-mover advantages. They will take the first step to establish brands and channels, so as to reap early dividends in the development of the industry and lay the market foundation at one stroke.

Dubai World Vape Show

WAYJOY VAPE EXPO / Dubai International Vape Expo

UAE will levy 100% tax on vaping devices by January 1, 2020

UAE Federal Tax Authority declared that all the vape juice and electronic cigarette devices will be taxed by January 1, 2020. And the tax rate is 100%, which is incredibly high.

This new tax will be levied on both e-cig devices and e-liquids. And the nicotine content won’t have any influence on the 100% tax rate.

Considering this, we believe most sellers will choose to sell high nicotine strength e-liquids and pods in the near future, to make users as addictive as possible to make more money

Besides, in the opinion of VAPE HK, people in the UAE are richer than other districts in the world, and the levy of this tax would not influence the vape sales much.

Dubai World Vape Show – The UAE: A new gateway for the sale of e-cigarettes in the Middle East

The e-cigarette market is a genuinely disruptive innovation that has been rapidly adopted by 39 million users in just a few years, with the industry forecasting 64 million people to be using vaping devices by 2022.

Part of this projected rise will be driven in the United Arab Emirates, where the government has recently legalized the sale of e-cigarettes to support orts to curb smoking and stop the online sale of unregulated devices. Manufacturers will be allowed to sell electronic cigarettes, pipes, vaping products and eliquids as long as they meet new standards.

The rule change in April 2019, opens up a market in a country where the consumption rate of tobacco is high (25-30% among men) but where there is rising awareness regarding the health hazards associated with smoking. There is a growing demand for alternatives to traditional cigarettes- the Middle East & Africa e-cigarettes market was valued at US$267.9 million in 2018and is estimated to register CAGR of9.74% between 2019-2024.

The World Vape Show is the international vape expo in the UAE and will provide manufacturers with the best opportunity to showcase products in Dubai to a global audience of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and consumers.


This is an emerging market in the MiddleEast. Use this opportunity to build brand recognition, meet key buyers and learn about the new standards and regulations. .


Day 1 and 2 are dedicated to B2B buyers, but day3 will welcome thousands of consumers. Use that opportunity to test products and push your brand to regional consumers.


Dubai’s liberal trade regime attracts capital from across the world, making it the commercial capital for the MENA region and a popular destination for re-export into other countries. The World Bank has ranked it 1st in the MENA region for ease of doing business.

the sales of e-cigarettes was legalised in the uae in april 2019



Combining the perfect mix of business buyers and consumers, World Vape Show will deliver thousands of visitors for three days of business and entertainment.


Presenting hundreds of brands from the world’stop suppliers of vaping components and devices.


Getting to grips with the future of vaping, over 50experts will take to the stage to debate the impact of the latest product innovations, regulations, research and industry growth across the MENA region.


Buyers and consumers will be able to compare an enormous array of e-liquid flavors in the tasting studio.


Recognizing outstanding designs and product innovations from manufacturers around the world.


Those with a serious passion for vaping will be competing in our cloud and trick competitions onday three of the show.


Hosting our cloud and tricks competitions as well as music from local DJs and artists.
3rd June 2020 Business buyers | 4th June 2020 Business buyers | 5th June 2020 Consumers

200 exhibitors including suppliers of…

Manufacturing components
Vape machinery and hardware
Electronic cigarettes, pipes and shisha devices
Heat-not-burn products
Testing technology

THOUSANDS OF visitors including

Distributors, wholesalers and traders
Retailers, vape stores, supermarkets, chain stores, convenience stores
Online vape stores Investment and nance companies

Dubai World Vape Show


Get involved in the World Vape Show today
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Dubai World Vape Show

Date: 3-5 JUNE 2020


Contact: Jake Nixon | Event Sales Manager | +44 1737 855047 | [email protected]

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Dubai World Vape Show

BAT & PMI plans to open up the UAE vape market

According to the news from UAE The National, Recently, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Philip Morris Tobacco International (PMI) announced that they all plan to launch the company’s vape products in the UAE domestic market.

According to reports, prior to this, the UAE government has revised its regulations on such products, lifting the ban on sales of e-cigarettes and vape products and devices. Some analysts believe that as more and more scientific research proves that these products can reduce potential harm, their legalization is only a matter of time.

The UAE Intends to Open Up New Tobacco Markets and Legalize Vapes

Last week, the United Arab Emirates sent a good news about e-cigarettes, the country’s national report pointed out that “the UAE is actively considering the legalization of e-cigarette equipment and the use of e-cigarettes”.

Dubai is the main city of the UAE

This is a very good news for the smokers in the country, which eventually opened a door away from the deadly tobacco hazards and made e-cigarettes and heating non-combustion equipment a substitute for traditional tobacco.

Vape and E-Juice Supplier in the UAE

Although the legalization process may be difficult and is oppressed by opposition forces, if the focus is on harm reduction and tobacco product addiction, then the rational political party that actually pays attention to public health may support the UAE government’s legal e-cigarette. And they can believe that the action is to achieve a healthier, brighter smokeless future for the people.

Whether the e-cigarettes in the UAE will be legal in the short term, from an objective point of view, this news is a good start for new tobacco users and operators.

At present, although the domestic legislation on e-cigarettes and new types of tobacco are still in progress, the definition of e-cigarettes and heat not burn equipment is still unclear. It is hoped that the domestic e-cigarettes and heating without burning will be clearly defined as soon as possible so that operators can follow Standardize the implementation of industrial development, and users can choose from legitimate and more reassuring products.