Top 10 vape brand shops in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, a city beside Hong Kong, now becomes a great place for Hong Kong citizens to try and buy vapes, because the vape shops in Hong Kong are quite hard to find while Shenzhen produces most vapes in the world and it’s a legal and free place to buy and sells vapes. More and more Hong Kong residents are asking about how to buy vapes in Shenzhen, and where to find the best offline vape store in Shenzhen.

The author who lives in Shenzhen, vapes a lot and even sells some vapes himself, is totally qualified to answer above questions from Hong Kong friends.

Tips: In China, you need to use Baidu map, Google is not working here at all. Even though you use a VPN to get access to Google map, the information on it is extremely obsolete, partial and incomplete.

Top 1 SNOWPLUS Vape Brand Shop

SNOWPLUS brand shop

Address: 39, floor 1, Bada shopping mall, Yongxin street, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese:广东省深圳市罗湖区永新街八达商城负一楼39号)

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  • SNOWPLUS starter kit provides the best user experience.
  • The handsome guys in the shop are very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful.
  • Next to Luohu subway station, the gateway of Hong Kong to Shenzhen


Top 2 MOTI Vape Brand Shop

MOTI Vape Brand Shop

Address: Building 38, Yintian Industrial Zone, Yantian community, Xixiang street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province(Chinese: 广东省深圳市宝安区西乡街道盐田社区银田工业区38栋魔笛电子烟店)

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  • The shopkeeper has a rich knowledge of vapes.
  • MOTI vape has a good throat hit and provides vapers good buzz.
  • MOTI vape has a good brand image worldwide with millions of fans.


Top 3 RELX Vape Brand Shop

Relx Vape Brand Shop

Address: First floor, Futian Port Commercial Plaza, Yuheng Road, Futian street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区福田街道裕亨路福田口岸商业广场一楼7天酒店旁边)

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  • Next to Futian subway station, the gateway of Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  • RELX vape doesn’t leak e-liquid
  • RELX vape has a unique design


Top 4 Keke Xiangla Factory Direct Store

Keke Xiangla factory Store

Address: 108 Minle Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙华区民乐路108)

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  • Factory direct sale, low price
  • Near Shenzhen North Station, convenient
  • Special store, professional

Top 5 Aidun Vape Store


Address: No. 3008-1, shennanzhong, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区深南中3008-1号潮流前线地铁商场负一1A068)

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  • In Huangqiang Bei, world famous electronics sales center
  • Has MOTTO vape in stock
  • Good flavor experience


Top 6 ammo Vape Brand Shop

Vape Brand Shop ammo

Address: Floor 2, sunshine Bay, No. 82, Wuhe South Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙岗区五和南路82号阳光湾畔二楼)

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  • Ammo is a popular vape brand in China
  • Ammo disposable vape is good
  • A chance to visit inner Shenzhen

Top 7 Maxfel Vape Brand Shop

Maxfel Vape Brand Shop

Address: Hua Qiang Bei, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng
China (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区振华路78-3)

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  • Fashionable store decoration
  • Great flavor experience
  • Friendly shopkeeper


Top 8 vvild Vape Brand Store

vvild Vape Brand Store

Address: Mei Li Lu,Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区梅丽路220号)

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  • Famous star Edition Chen is the brand’s representative
  • Similar to other pod vapes, not bad
  • Famous Luo Yonghao is its founder


Top 9 IJOY Vape Factory

IJOY Vape Factory

Address: 3 / F, building 8, hengmingzhu Industrial Park, Xiangxing Road, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen (Chinese: 深圳市宝安区沙井镇向兴路恒明珠工业园8栋3楼)

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  • A good place to know more about China vape industry
  • The pioneer of mod vapes
  • A place to view more natural and beautiful sceneries of Shenzhen

Top 10 Yooz Vape Brand Shop

Yooz Vape Brand Shop

Address: Floor 2, jiazhaoye Plaza, Buji Mumian Bay, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙岗区深圳龙岗布吉木棉湾佳兆业广场二楼扶梯旁yooz电子烟)

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  • Yooz vape has Feelm inside ceramic heating core, which’s adopted by major vape brands
  • Yooz vape is an influencer brand. Its founder is famous in China.
  • Yooz vape has stable performance .


The emergence of vapes in thousands of offline convenience stores

In November 2019, about 1 month ago, it’s hard to find vapes in offline convenience stores, maybe 1 in 10 shops. Now 1 month later in December, even the 80-year-old grandma shopkeeper who knows nothing about vapes and doesn‘t welcome new things, starts selling them in Shenzhen now. The vape brand offline expansion speed is fast and furious. How hard-working these China vape brands are!

e-cigarette brand has experienced a round of reshuffle and transferred to offline channels.

After thorough observation and investigation, we found most vapes in small or chain convenience stores like 7 Seven, Meiyijia and Chongye Aimin, etc, are disposable, one-off and pod type. Their prices are between 39 yuan to 49 yuan, which are affordable to most traditional smokers. Meanwhile, according to our real test, no matter throat hit, nicotine strength or flavor, those disposable’ vaping experience is not inferior to any pod system or mod vape. Those disposable vapes are foolproof, convenient and instant, which is user-friendly and of high quality. What’s more, most stores have over 10 flavors in stock, great for choosing the one you like. Highly recommended to Hong Kong friends.

How to find convenience stores that sell vapes?

Convenience shops in Shenzhen are almost everywhere. Choose a few randomly and you’ll see.


Where to buy a cheaper but decent vape in Shenzhen

The offline shop experience is essential to many novel vapers, and they only buy after they try. That’s reasonable and rational.

However, it won’t be a wise move if you keep buying from the offline stores because offline vape brand official shops often have a 10% higher price compared to buying from the brand agents and dealers, because brands have to pay the extremely high shopping mall entrance fee, the rent and staff wage.

When you want a better price experience with the same vape, contact VAPE.HK, please. We have lots of agents providing the authentic products you need at a lower price.

China Tobacco Hong Kong stock price rose 300% since its debute

The share price of China Tobacco Hong Kong has soared more than 300% since listing

Public information shows that China Tobacco Hong Kong is the designated overseas platform for China Tobacco International to be responsible for capital market operation and international business development, while China Tobacco International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Tobacco Corporation, responsible for the management and operation of China Tobacco Corporation’s international business, and China Tobacco Corporation (CNTC) group is the only one in China to engage in tobacco monopoly products according to the national tobacco monopoly system Entities engaged in production, sales and import and export business.

China Tobacco Hong Kong stock price rose 300% since its debute
TAX added. 10 more yuan needed

And China Tobacco is the most profitable company in China.

In 2018, China Tobacco achieved a total tax profit of 1155.62 billion yuan, almost 19 times that of Alibaba, 15 times that of Tencent and 4 times that of ICBC in the same period. Even in the world, it’s hard for any company to catch up. After all, Apple, the iPhone manufacturer everyone loves to use, has only a third of the profits of China tobacco.

China Tobacco Hong Kong and China Tobacco are in the same line, which is the grandson of the former. China Tobacco International holds shares of China Tobacco Hong Kong through Tianli international, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China tobacco. On August 16, Tianli international changed its name to China Tobacco International Group Co., Ltd., but it did not involve any change in the equity ratio. The controlling shareholder still holds 72.29% of the equity of China Tobacco Hong Kong (after the implementation of the over allotment equity).

On June 12 this year, China Tobacco Hong Kong was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange, becoming the “first tobacco stock” of Hong Kong stock market. As of September 30, the share price closed at HK $20.0, more than 300% higher than the issue price of HK $4.88, and even reached 484% at the peak, becoming the new stock with the highest increase in the first half of Hong Kong market. As of today’s close, the share price has soared 307.79% in the past five months since its listing.

China Tobacco Hong Kong stock price rose 300% since its debute

It is worth noting that, according to the prospectus, as of the end of 2018, China Tobacco Hong Kong had only 28 employees in Hong Kong, including 5 senior managers. The total cost of employees is about 25.914 million Hong Kong dollars, and the average annual salary is nearly one million Hong Kong dollars. In terms of operating revenue of HK $7.033 billion, the per capita operating revenue is more than HK $250 million.

On August 26, China Tobacco Hong Kong announced its first mid-term results after listing. In the first half of the year, its revenue decreased by 2.9% to HK $3.931 billion year on year; its gross profit decreased by 24.12% to HK $185 million year on year; its profit attributable to equity holders decreased by 29.6% to HK $130 million.

China Tobacco Hong Kong stock price rose 300% since its debute

China Tobacco Hong Kong may benefit from the coming of e-cigarette national standard

On September 20, Wal Mart announced that all stores in the United States would stop selling e-cigarettes. The EU also promised to complete the scientific review of e-cigarettes by 2021, providing a new basis for updating the current measures. India has taken a tougher approach, with the government saying it will issue a law banning the production, import and export, sales and advertising of e-cigarettes.

At present, electronic cigarettes have been banned in Japan, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil and other countries or regions. China is the place of invention and main production of e-cigarettes. More than 90% of the world’s e-cigarettes are produced in China, but China’s regulation of e-cigarettes is still blank.

Top vape stores in Hong Kong – 2019 latest list

After visiting Hong Kong, we found many vape shops in Hong Kong disappeared. Google map said they’re there but no vape shop at all. They should be closed for a long time.

Regarding that, we update the best vape shop list in 2019 here, which is provided by local vape expert.

And this list is for replacing below list in 2018:

Top 10 Vape Shops in Hong Kong

Notice: Please don’t be misled by above outdated list in 2018!

Wish it would be of some help when you’re trying to get a vape from the local store in Hong Kong.


+852 9146 6901

Open / Close 12:30 – 22:00 Website

2. Vape Bull HK

旺角彌敦道608號Wplaza 1 樓 103 舖

+852 9277 7134

Open / Close 13:00 – 22:30



+852 5116 5064

Open / Close 13:00 – 23:00

4. Vapor Spot


+852 5485 5322

Open / Close 14:00 – 22:00

5. Vape it on hk


+852 5112 2704

Open / Close 14:00 – 22:00

6. Boo-in


+852 9793 8979

Open / Close 13:00 – 21:00

7. The Vape Shop Hong Kong


+852 5165 6313

Open / Close 12:00 – 21:30

8. VAPERA HK 電子煙專門店

尖沙咀麼地道75號南洋中心 UG47號舖

+852 9288 3134

Open / Close 13:00 – 21:00

9. Hookah Hutt – Buy Hookah / Shisha in Hong Kong, Guide to Hookah / Shisha Bar HK


+852 2366 7588

Open / Close 11:00 – 20:00

10. E-land Vape Shop HK


+852 6130 5933

Open / Close 12:00 – 22:00


The above list will save you at least 2 days in finding out the best vape stores in Hong Kong. Happy vaping in Hong Kong!


You may ask why so many Hong Kong vape shops closed, here is one reason but all the reasons:

Electronic cigarette ban and Sino-US trade war bankrupt Hong Kong’s vape transit industry

You need to ask the local shop for more details when you’re in Hong Kong.

The number 1 tobacco stock – China Tobacco Hong Kong is on sale today, rising 9.63%!

The legendary number 1 tobacco stock China Tobacco International(HK) Company Limited, aka China Tobacco Hong Kong is on sale today, with its IPO price rising 9.63% once showing on market. China Tobacco Hong Kong as the dark horse becomes the only one to lead the rise while the overall Hong Kong stock market falls.

China tobacco international company

On its first day listing of China Tobacco Hong Kong, the opening price of this stock rose about 2%, and was way up and the rise once peaked at over 19%, and finally closed at HK$535, rising 9.63%, with a turnover of HK$1.088 billion and the latest total market value of HK$3.567 billion.

What’s more, this achievement was accomplished under the pressure of a 1.73% drop in the Hang Seng Index.

China tobacco international company

Futures Securities’s dark market data last night showed that China Tobacco Hong Kong closed at HK$5.2 and ended at HK$4.99, up 2.25% from HK$4.88, earning HK$110 per transaction. At today’s closing price, every transaction will earn HK$470.

Industry analysts believe that relying on more than 300 million smokers in the completely monopolistic business, China Tobacco has a strong bargaining power on the upstream and downstream supply chains, so that China Tobacco Hong Kong has an obvious and strong competitive advantage.

The prospectus shows that China Tobacco Hong Kong is the designated overseas platform for China Tobacco International in charge of capital operation and international business development. China Tobacco International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Tobacco International. It undertakes the management and operation of China Tobacco International Company by organizing trade in tobacco products, supervising the operation of overseas subsidiaries and overseas investment of China Tobacco International Company.

China Tobacco is the only entity in China that engages in the production, sale and import and export of monopoly tobacco products according to the national tobacco monopoly system.

“We are the sole operating entity in the business we are currently engaged in,” China Tobacco Hong Kong denoted when talking about its “competitive advantage” in its prospectus. “We have the strong bargaining power to suppliers, customers and sufficient cash flow.”

According to Li Yunyi, an international analyst at Anxin, China has the largest number of smokers in the world, with 306 million people in 2018 and 144.5 billion yuan in cigarette sales, accounting for 44.6% of global cigarette consumption. With the increasing disposable income of residents, the consumption of high-end tobacco products in China is increasing, which promotes the upgrading of consumption of tobacco products and optimizes the structure of the tobacco market.

Zhongtai International said that only China Tobacco Monopoly Corporation and its affiliated companies are currently eligible to monopolize the tobacco trade in China under the restrictions of the national tobacco monopoly system. Although tobacco control campaigns have been strengthened around the world in recent years, the number of smokers is huge and demand for tabacco is rigid. What’s more, the monopoly position of China Tobacco is stable, so there is no market competition in the short term.


The 28 employees generate more than 250 million yuan profits per capita, with an average annual salary of nearly one million yuan.

At present, China Tobacco Hong Kong enjoys the exclusive right to operate in four major businesses: import of tobacco products, export of tobacco products, export of cigarettes and export of new tobacco products including vapes. Although similar to the nature of the business of controlling shareholders, the business of the company still has monopoly attributes because of the separation of geographical location, .

The prospectus shows that from 2016 to 2018, China Tobacco’s revenue in Hong Kong was HK$6.610 billion, HK$7.807 billion and HK$7.033 billion respectively, while net profit in the past three years was HK$338 million, HK$348 million and HK$262 million respectively.

China tobacco international company hong kong profits

Although China Tobacco Hong Kong’s total revenue and net profit declined in 2018, it was disclosed that this was not due to operational problems. Among them, the decline in income is caused by the accounting treatment of related items in the import and export business of tobacco products; and the decline in net profit is due to the lower limit of cigarette price stipulated in document 250, which came into effect in 2018, resulting in the reduction of the profit margin of the cigarette export business of the company.

Analysts believe that in the future, China Tobacco Hong Kong with no competitor will usher in several times of good profits in the industry, and its performance recovery is very likely.

Surprisingly, China Tobacco Hong Kong, which had an annual income of 7.033 billion and a net profit of HK$262 million last year, had only 28 employees in Hong Kong.

According to the prospectus, by the end of 2018, China Tobacco Hong Kong had only 28 employees in Hong Kong, China, including 5 senior managers, 12 business operators, 3 human resources, 1 securities and investor relationship, 4 financials, 1 compliance and risk management, and 2 strategic and investment employees.

In terms of revenue and net profit in 2018, these 28 employees in Hong Kong earned HK$250 million per capita in mid-2018 and realized net profit of nearly HK$10 million. The total cost of employees is only about HK$25.914 million, with an average annual salary of nearly HK$1 million.

The Vape Shop Hong Kong brief introduction – Vape shop Hong Kong price

The Vape Shop Hong Kong is the best well-know vape shop in Hong Kong. This shop sells all kinds of vape products and e-liquids at a reasonable price.

Here are the main product categories from the Vape Shop Hong Kong:


The author counted all the products from this shop, and the total product number of Vape Shop Hong Kong is around 500.

The main products it sells are e liquids, over 300 kinds of e-liquids are available there. The best-sellers are between 100 HKD – 200 HKD, that is, 10 USD – 25 USD per product.

And the second hot-selling category is the starter kits with over 50 kinds of vape device products for choices. The best-sellers are between 300 HKD – 400 HKD, that is, 40 USD – 50 USD per product.

After calculation, you’ll need to spend around 50 USD – 75 USD to enjoy a full vaping experience.

When asked about the Relx, this shop replied, “Hong Kong has made all nicotine eliquid illegal so any products containing nicotine (e.g. Juul Pods, Relx Pods, etc.) are allowed here so we’re unable to sell them.
We do have quite a lot of refillable pod vapes available though if you want to check them out on our page on our website.”

And here is the way to get in touch with this shop:

Observing from this, the Vape Shop Hong Kong has 3 shops available for local Hong Kong vapers, which proves the shop owner is serious and professional in the vape business.

Top 3 Vape Shops at Hong Kong Causeway Bay

Best vape shops close to Canton Road Hong Kong

Best vape shops close to Canton Road Hong Kong

There are 4 shops close to Canton Road in Hong Kong:

They are:

1. IDVAPE Mong Kok 旺角電子煙專賣店

Click here for more information

Recommendation Reason from Vape Hk: Popular, good customer reviews. 

2. VAPE PARTY 電子煙商店(旺角店)

Click here for more information

Recommendation Reason from Vape Hk: It’s near Canton Road. But poor customer rating.

3.  Cloudy Hong Kong

Click here for more information

Recommendation Reason from Vape Hk: Near Canton Road, medium customer rating.

4.  IDVAPE Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀電子煙專賣店

Click here for more information

Recommendation Reason from Vape Hk: Near Cloud Hong Kong, you can check it when you arrive Cloudy. Better customer rating than Vape Party but less popular than Cloudy.


Top 3 Vape Shops at Hong Kong Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is a place where plenty of Hong Kong vape shops cluster. There are 3 major vape shops which run the largest e-cigarette business near there.

1. E-Land Vape Shop Hong Kong

Rating: 4.2 / 5 by 52 reviewers.

Advantages: Latest products Juul pods available. Friendly staff and owner withwarm product recommendations. Decent prices. Good workflow. Nicotine contained e-liquid available.

Disadvantages: Cold after-sales service. Rich customer preferred. Dishonest product recommendation to cheat customers to buy.

Address: 駱克道 510, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 6130 5933

2. The Vape Shop Hong Kong

Rating: 4.7 / 5 by 34 reviewers.

Advantages: English speaking staff. Good range of products. Legal 0% nicotine e juice available.

Disadvantages: Very small shop. Not friendly to Hong Kongers but extremely warm to foreigners.

Address: Capital Building, Sun Wui Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 5165 6313

3. Vape 電子煙推介

Rating: 4.9 / 5 by 17 reviewers.

Advantages: Well informed shopkeeper. Classic decoration style in shop.

Disadvantages: Not famous and popular. Fewer choices than other vape shops.

Address: Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Sun Wui Rd, Capital Building, 6-10號
Phone: +852 6143 3884

Vape City Hong Kong most detailed information and online reviews

Vape City Hong Kong locates in at Unit 504, 5, Lee Wai Commercial Building, F, 1-3, 1-3 Hart Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. And the shopkeeper’s phone number is +852 9229 2833.

This shop hasn’t done online promotion and marketing so far but it has a very good reputation in Hong Kong. And the following is what its customers talking about:

Martin Evjenth
Really nice shop and owner, got what I wanted of equipment and e-juice. The owner also cleaned my tank and mouthpiece. Got to share some of his lunch too. The whole visit was a great experience.

Claudia Wong
this shop at first because the sign for the building is being fixed. The shop is bright and clean, the owner is extremely helpful and genuine, I was greeted with water. My main goal was to fix my vaporizer, and …

after loosing my mod i desperately needed a new one and jeff the owner went the extra mile to make sure i got exactly what i wanted. he even trated me to a free beer while i was checking out his store!
definately can recommend if you need a box mod and/or e-juice while in hongkong!

Agnes Lau
Purchased several times already, best vape shop in HK. Owner is attentive and extremely helpful. Great prices and selection. Awesome job!

Gwendoline Mascarenhas
Best Vape shop in HK – true gem in the hustle and bustle of TST! The lounge room is so cozy and the owner Amazing !! Lots of variety and its only just getting started so excited to see how it grows! The cutuest touch is a scrach map where customer’s from various countries can scratch off when they come to visit!! Love it!

Vape City Instagram

Vape City Hong Kong

How do you think about Vape City? Please leave your comment below.

Where Can I Buy Innokin Proton Scion II in Hong Kong

Do you know where a dealer location in HK where I can buy this product, Innokin Proton Scion II?


You can from the following 3 dealers:

The Vape Shop Hong Kong – Causeway Bay Express Branch – One of the bigest & most famous vape shop in Hong Kong

It’s a big shop with many branches. There should be Innokin Proton Scion II. In case of it’s out of stock. You’re recommended to call them up first to ensure it’s on the shelf.

Address: 6-10 Sun Wui Road, East Point

Phone: 5165 6313

E-Land Vape Shop Hong Kong – A small shop with a large stock

E-land shop has run for several years and they’ll be most possible to have the vape you need

Address: 駱克道 510, Causeway Bay

Phone: 6130 5933

Cloudy |香港水煙専門店| Hong Kong Top Smoke Shop inc Shisha, Hookah, Pipe, Bong, Paper, Vape & etc.)

Cloudy seems to be an Innokin wholesaler, it not only has a local shop, but also has an online shop. It’s a good choice to buy Innokin vape there.

Address: Tsim Sha Tsui, 山林道46-48號運通商業大廈1樓5-7號舖
Phone: 9352 9417


You can also buy from the ebay seller who is located in Hong Kong