Friday, June 21, 2024

Will cannabis be unbanned by United Nations soon?


Although the new coronavirus epidemic is not over, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) will proceed as planned. And they’ll vote on if to lift the ban on cannabis.

Attitudes of some countries

Supporting nations

● The EU regrets that “the vast majority of countries are not ready to vote” and hopes that they will be ready in December. The attitudes of other European countries, Mexico and Uruguay are consistent with the EU statement.

● South Africa stated that “this recommendation is comprehensive, fair and based on rigorous review based on scientific evidence” and therefore “will serve as an important guide for member states to list cannabis in domestic legislation”.

● Jamaica expressed concern that “the continued extension of voting will affect patient access and improve palliative care”.

● Canada’s opinion is that “the two proposals were originally prepared for a substantive vote and may be adopted today”, but “in the spirit of compromise we are willing to postpone the vote”.

● Mexico said that postponement of the opinion vote “will weaken our role as the main institution for solving the global drug problem”.

● Switzerland is “ready to vote” and regrets “some member states are not ready yet”. The representative of Switzerland stated, “We need to show the world… that the international management system is credible and adaptable to the future.”

● The United States called the “differences in national conditions” and “viewpoints” an “important component” of the (review and voting) process, and urged other countries to use the next few months to prepare for “effective” voting in December jobs.

● The UK stated that it is “ready to vote…but respects the joint decision to postpone the vote”, saying that the December vote will be “necessary to maintain the authority and credibility of the international regulatory system.”

Opposing nations

● Russia is pleased that the vote has been postponed, saying that it has not seen a “convincing basis” to support this proposal, saying that cannabis is “the most abused drug in the world”.

● Singapore stated that this proposal would significantly relax the international community’s control over cannabis, leading to “widening public access to cannabis” and possibly “causing serious public health and safety issues”. In addition, Singapore does not “see any strong evidence that can justify this recommendation”, nor does it believe that it is necessary to change existing policies in order to permit the medical and scientific use of cannabis.

● Japan stated that “all member states’ unanimous opposition to drugs will be the most important policy to be maintained”, so it welcomes the delay in voting.

● Nigeria expressed “serious concerns” and believed that “the basis for this recommendation is insufficient”. The representative of the country was “very worried about the global perception” because the adoption of this recommendation “may be seen as support for the legalization of non-medicinal cannabis”.

● Egypt stated that the six recommendations “need to be discussed as a whole rather than separately.”

● Iran welcomes the postponement of the vote, saying that the proposed evidence is “inadequate”, “uncertain” and “definitely defined”, so implementation “may lead to confusion and confusion”.

● Kenya is happy to see that it can have “more time” and said that adopting the proposal will “lead to uncontrolled cannabis abuse and misuse”.

● China hopes that “WHO will continue to strengthen research on the harm and risks of cannabis abuse”.

In fact, the voting on cannabis held by the United Nations is more than twice, but each time it will have a great impact. After all, the right to speak is there, and this meeting has not started first. A series of phenomena all show the results of this meeting may be what people want. If the restrictions on hemp are really relaxed, the hemp industry will definitely have unprecedented grandeur.

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