Cannabis Tuesday News: New Jersey to Consider Forcing Some Insurers to Cover Medical Cannabis

New Jersey to Consider Forcing Some Insurers to Cover Medical Cannabis

ganjapreneur – The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee last week advanced a bill that would require workers’ compensation and personal injury protection auto insurance benefits to cover medical cannabis under certain circumstances, reports. The measure would cover individuals enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program.

Ohio Now Accepting Petitions for Its Medical Cannabis Program

cannabisbusinesstimes – Ohio is now accepting petitions to add new qualifying conditions to the state’s medical cannabis program, according to a local WDTN report.

The State Medical Board of Ohio will accept petitions for the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program through Dec. 31, the news outlet reported, and may then designate new conditions or diseases as eligible to be treated with medical cannabis.

Petitions will not be considered if they are received after the deadline, or if they seek to add a broad category of conditions or diseases, according to WDTN.

Recreational Cannabis Sales up for Discussion at Sonora Council Meeting

mymotherlode – The Sonora City Council will debate whether to create a framework to allow recreational marijuana sales within the city.

The city currently allows two business permits for medical marijuana sales in certain zones. The proposal up for discussion tonight would expand it to three permits and allow it to be either recreational or medicinal sales. The businesses would still be prohibited from operating within 600 feet of a school, youth center, daycare or church. Last month the Sonora Planning Commission recommended that the proposal be denied, with a 4-1 vote. The first reading of the ordinance will be voted on tonight, and if approved, a required second reading will go up for a vote on November 16.

Public Urges Council to Consider 100 Percent Local for Cannabis Dispensaries

recorderonline – A small group of locals gathered to protest on the corner of Main Street and Morton Avenue in hopes that the City Council will consider awarding an cannabis dispensary operating permit to an applicant who is 100 percent local. This protest was brought on by the release of Tuesday night’s City Council meeting agenda, which recommends that the Council award the two available operating permits to larger cannabis companies who have partnered with local residents to open dispensaries in the city.

“There isn’t anything wrong with a lot of this,” said Steve Penn, who organized Saturday’s protest. “Except it was supposed to be about Porterville. It was always supposed to be about Porterville, and look what happened. They are looking at what these companies have promised them in revenue, and marked them high because they’re already in business.”

Mississippi Governor Slams ‘Liberal’ Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure As Being Driven By ‘Stoners’

Moment – The governor of Mississippi is not happy about the medical marijuana measures on his state’s ballot this week, saying they are favored by “stoners.”

The governor said he will be “voting against both” the activist-driven measure as well as a more restrictive alternate placed on the ballot by lawmakers.

Bay Area Community College Launches Zoom Course on Cultivating Cannabis

ktvu – Oakland’s Merritt Community College is embracing all of the above with a new two-day course called ‘Cultivating Cannabis for the Home Gardener’.

The curriculum focuses on the outdoor cultivation of a substance that was legalized in the State of California not too long ago and its strains. Students will also learn about plant propagation, pest and disease control, harvesting procedures and perhaps the most rewarding part; post-harvest processing, including topical and edible infusions. 

Oregon Cannabis Sales Carry Dramatic Pandemic Gains into Autumn

bizjournals – The pandemic’s transformative effect hasn’t worn off on Oregon’s cannabis market. In fact, the impact has been so dramatic that with two months to go, 2020 sales are already nearly $130 million above the total for all of 2019.

Sales have leveled out slightly below pandemic highs the past two months, according to new data from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, but that’s in line with historical seasonal trends.

Altitude Organic Seeks to Bring 1st Medical Marijuana Offering to Dillon

Summitdaily – Altitude Organic Cannabis is hoping to bring medical marijuana to Dillon next year.

Dillon currently has three recreational marijuana dispensaries in town, but Altitude Organic is anticipating opening the town’s first medical marijuana option as early as next spring, assuming local and state officials sign off on the proposal. Dispensary owner and CEO Aaron Bluse said the move would help to fill a gap in the county for community members who rely on natural medications.   

Medical Marijuana now on Sale legally in Springfield

ky3 – Medical marijuana is now legally on sale in the Ozarks. Monday, the first commercial pot dispensary in southwest Missouri opened its doors for a limited number of people before welcoming the general public.

Monday’s launch was for VIP customers only. The dispensary opened up with three different types of strains for various medical conditions. Soon, they’re hoping to have multiple strains to be able to meet everyone’s medical needs.

Results of Arizona Proposition 207 to Legalize Marijuana for Adults over 21

businessinsider – Proposition 207 in Arizona would legalize marijuana for adults over the age of 21. The proposition would impose a 16% excise tax on the retail sale of marijuana and marijuana products.

Additionally, Proposition 207 would establish a process to expunge law enforcement and court records related to marijuana-related drug offenses, which happened before the effective date of the proposition.

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