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Cannabis Thursday News: Thailand to Allow Cannabis and Hemp in Food and Cosmetics


Thailand to Allow Cannabis and Hemp in Food and Cosmetics

chiangraitimes – The health permanent secretary said the government plans to allow use of most parts of cannabis and hemp plants in food and cosmetics on Wednesday.

Kiattiphum Wongrajit said the Narcotics Control Committee resolved on Tuesday to exclude the leaves, branches, stems, trunks, bark, fibre and roots of cannabis and hemp from the government’s narcotics list.

Instagram Keeps Deleting Canada’s Legal Cannabis Accounts

leafly – Instagram continues to frustrate legal cannabis companies in Canada, with what some business owners are deeming to be random and arbitrary enforcement actions. 

Leafly spoke with three legal cannabis retailers who have had their accounts deleted in the past few weeks, one a non-medical store in Alberta, one a medical cannabis retailer in Ontario, and the third a non-medical retailer in Toronto.

The actions, they all say, came with no opportunity to appeal or even get details on the decision. 

Medicinal Cannabis Oil Exported to Germany

farmweekly – The biggest Australian commercial shipment of locally-grown and good manufacturing practice-manufactured medicinal cannabis oils has been exported into the lucrative German market by WA-based Little Green Pharma (LGP).

The shipment was made to CC Pharma, a leading German importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and included an initial 2400 units of LGP-branded medicinal cannabis oils valued at more than $600,000.

An initial shipment of 2400 units of LGP-branded medicinal cannabis oils valued at more than $600,000 has been exported to Germany. – farmweekly

Nas and Weedmaps to Release PSA Advocating for Cannabis Legalization & Black Entrepreneurial Empowerment

thesource – Nas has released a new PSA with Weedmaps to advocate for cannabis legalization, social equity, and the empowerment of Black entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

The PSA will air twice during the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight this Saturday.

Cannabis Group Files to Defend Constitutional Amendment

theheraldreview – The group that campaigned to legalize recreational marijuana in South Dakota through a voter-backed constitutional amendment has filed in court to defend the amendment in a legal challenge brought by two law enforcement officers.

White-Label Branding Could Become Cannabis’s Hottest New Trend

greenentrepreneur – The complexity and cost of obtaining cannabis licenses has many brands turning to white-label branding.

White labeling, a practice common among mainstream businesses, is when a product is produced by one company but packaged and branded to make it appear as if another company made it.

White-label – greenentrepreneur

Jackson Approves First Marijuana Dispensary in City Limits

mlive – Jackson will get its first marijuana dispensary nearly a year after Michigan began licensing recreational marijuana sales.

Jackson City Council approved the retail license for Attitude Wellness operating as Lume Cannabis Co., 1512 N. West Ave. in Jackson Crossing, at its virtual council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Lume will open for its first sales at 1 p.m. on Friday, it announced. First-time customers will receive a 10% discount.

Pot Shops Are Starting to Resemble Apple Stores

chicagobusiness – New pot shops that have opened since Illinois legalized recreational marijuana in January look more like Apple stores and less like UPS stores. They’ve gotten bigger, brighter and more expensive, like the 15,000-square-foot Greenhouse store across from Old Orchard mall in Skokie. It’s about the size of an Aldi or Trader Joe’s grocery store and features a striking roofline outside, a winding staircase inside and a large sales floor dotted with sleek wood display cases topped by glass.

CannaBusiness Association Celebrates Ruling on Medical Marijuana Licenses

newjerseyglobe – The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association celebrated an appellate court ruling that said the State Department of Health did not provide enough information to justify its rejection of medical marijuana licenses for several firms.

The court’s ruling vacated the department’s decision to not grant the licenses but left the fate of the firms’ applications with the department.

Kansas Sets Hearings on Hemp Rules

hemptoday – The state Department of Agriculture in Kansas, USA set a Dec. 8, 2020 hearing on proposed state industrial hemp regulations. Due to concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, the hearing will be held online although there will also be an in-person option, but limited to comply with local health requirements. Kansas passed a state Commercial Industrial Hemp Act in 2019.

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