California Flavour Ban Passes Plus More Vape News

california flavor ban

California Bans E-liquid Flavours

It’s been on the cards for a while and now it looks likely there will be a California flavour ban.

The Assembly almost unanimously passed the new legislation and it now needs to be signed into law by the Governor of the State.

For the record, he’s already said he agrees with the California flavour ban…

The new law means all flavoured e-liquids will be banned for sale in shops as well as flavoured tobacco including menthol.

Whilst online sales remain unaffected, there’s tighter restrictions at play with adults needing to sign on delivery.

Politicians in favour of the California flavour ban say it was necessary to of course ‘protect the children‘.

Advocacy groups and California’s vaping industry plan to lobby the governor to stop him signing the ban into law.

Sadly one doubts they will succeed…

Australia’s Vape Ban Latest

The Australian Government has banged the final nail in the coffin of millions of smokers and vapers by formally banning e-cigarettes.

Whilst vaping on nicotine based kits and e-liquids has been ‘illegal’ for some time, the Theraputic Goods Administration has finally signed off on the legislation.

california flavour ban australia vape ban

Vapers and smokers looking to quit can still get nicotine based gear – but will need a prescription and finding a doctor willing to write one is a bit of a lottery.

The formalized ban order includes Heat Not Burn products and a spokesman for the TGA said:

I do not consider HTPs would make a significant contribution to population harm reduction.

I consider that maintaining the current scheduling for HTPs is necessary to protect public health from the risks associated with introducing a new nicotine product for non-therapeutic use.

A spokesman for Phillip Morris Inc that owns the IQOS HNB brand said:

It’s time Australian authorities recognise many adult smokers will continue to smoke cigarettes – the most harmful way of consuming nicotine – unless the government rethinks its tobacco control policy.

Smoke-free products can play a role in reducing smoking rates.

Indeed it is time for the Aussie government to get its head out of its arse…

What they’ve done is sentence the country’s smokers and vapers to death…


Vaporesso Submits PMTAs

Vaporesso has become one of the first major China based vape companies to submit PMTAs.

It’s not clear what devices parent company SMOORE has submitted to the FDA, but it means those products will remain on sale in the USA for at least 12 months.

The Pre Market Tobacco Application process is basically the golden ticket to be able to sell any vaping product in America.

The deadline for submission is days away – September 9th 2020 – and without an accepted submission to the FDA no vape product can be legally sold in the country.

I’ve written in depth about the PMTA process – check those articles out below:

A spokesman for Vaporesso said:

On August 20, VAPORESSO’s first round of product applications were accepted by the FDA.

It was a challenging moment when once upon the time there was still uncertainty on the regulation itself.

However, a successful acceptance has boosted the confidence of SMOORE to keep investing in bringing more vaping products into PMTA in the future.

Our commitment to vapers in U.S.A. remains the same: we will make vaping as easy as possible and we will consistently provide high-quality vaping experiences for vapers all over the world.

So the first round of application accomplished by SMOORE is merely the start with more products to come.

Given each PMTA application can cost as much as $460,000 each, it’s unclear if any of the other major brands will follow suit.

Even the larger companies are feeling the PMTA pinch and as I reported last week VapeWild announced its closure due to the process, with many smaller vape companies sure to follow.

Advocacy groups in the USA are urging Trump to block the PMTA process – but as yet there’s deafening silence from the White House.


More vape news on Sunday and hopefully some positive stuff…

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