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Buy pure nicotine, e liquid flavors, all for liquid vape juice from Taima


I got an email from Xi’an China, saying they are selling pure nicotine liquids. Nicotine liquids is rare in China, especially in west China when USA is the main manufacturer of vape juice. So I put this on in case someone in China needs it. Following is the letter from Linda.

Dear friend:

I am Linda  and the CSO in Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd.
We are manufacture of all kinds of high concentrated Tobacco flavors,Mint flavors,Herb  flavors,Fruit flavors,Alfakher flavors for Hookah,WS-23,WS-5,WS-3,Sucralose and Ethyl Maltol for  E-liquid to Vape.

Please check your attachment (Flavor List)



About our flavors:


1.Tobacco Flavors,Mint flavors,herb flavors and fruit flavors

2.Alfakher Tobacco Flavors for Hookah Shisha

3.Sweetener and Cool agent::

Corn sweetener, Caramel sweetener, Cool flavorings.

4.100% Pure Flavors

5.Mix ratio is 5-8% in PG/VG

6.USP Grade

7.Low MOQ (125ml sample package )

8.We also have 500ml,1Liter packaging

9.More than 500 Different Tastes For Your Reference.

The packaging of our flavors are :1Liter,500ml and 125ml.


The price of our Tobacco flavors and Mint flavors:$75/Liter

   Alfakher flavors:$75/Liter


             Herb flavors and Fruit flavors:$62/Liter

Every kinds of 125ml flavors :$10/Bottle.

And we have 20ml flavor samples for you to have a test.

If you think it’s ok. This is our order process:

1.Give me your contact information(contact name, address, and phone number).

2.We accept Paypal, W/U. You can choose one way of payment.

3.I make the Performa  Invoice for you, after your payment, we arrange to send the goods and give you the tracking number.



You can try our samples first,if you feel that it is ok,then you can order more.

Thanks and hope a business cooperation with you.

Any question,please feel free to contact me.

I am hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely


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