Wednesday, July 24, 2024

How to deal with the burnt smell when vaping with pod system?


We found the new pod systems always have better taste than the old one. Especially when we use up half of the e-liquid in a pod, another half e-liquid has a burnt smell like the e-liquid has been overheated.

So how to deal with the burnt smell when vaping with the pod system?

After careful research and endless experiments, VAPE HK found that

you only need to pull out the pod, then wait for a few seconds, and insert it into the device again.

Easily, the burnt smell is gone.

To eradicate the burnt smell issue better, use a cotton swab to clean the e-liquid condense inside the device. The burnt smell is caused by the e-liquid condense.

Cleaning the e-liquid condense and letting the vapor out of the device solve the problem. Without cleaning, the vape juice condenses and vapor is heated and heated again so that your pod produces a burnt smell.

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