Buffalo Distro Wins Trademark Case For Country Clouds E-Liquids

Buffalo Distro, Inc. and Vapor Solutions Labs, are now the exclusive owner and manufacturer of the COUNTRY CLOUDS, an e-liquid brand renowned for its authentic Southern-style desserts’ flavours.

In June 2020, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, suspended the unauthorized manufacturing of COUNTRY CLOUDS by ARDT Sales, LLC (doing business as Zenith E Juice) in case no. 1:20-cv-02362-FB-SJB. In January 2020, Buffalo Distro purchased the brand from Dymamic Creations.

Buffalo Distro, is a Richmond-based producer and distributor of bulk and wholesale high-quality e-juice and vaporizer accessories. Co-owner Moe AbuJamous says this successful outcome strengthens Buffalo Distro’s commitment to the vape community’s regulatory process. COUNTRY CLOUDS will be one of more than 75 brands that Buffalo Distro supports and distributes across the U.S.

“We are very pleased to once again have full control over the manufacturing, distribution, and quality assurance of the COUNTRY CLOUDS brand,” said AbuJamous. “We take pride in producing high-quality products, at the highest standard of manufacturing, so we’re happy to be back on track without counterfeit versions of our brand on the market.”

A buy-back scheme to exchange existing stock with authentic products

To help re-establish the quality and value of the COUNTRY CLOUDS brand, Buffalo Distro is offering a buy-back scheme to all vendors who may have remaining counterfeit stock. For suppliers that bought any of the illicit products from ARDT Sales, Inc. DBA Zenith E Juice or US Vape Co. Buffalo Distro, will exchange their bottles for the authentic stock.

Vendors are being asked to submit in writing the total amount they have spent on COUNTRY CLOUDS since January 1, 2019. The source of the product can be ARDT Sales, Inc., Zenith E Juice, or any other distributor of the brand.

“We take the quality of our products and our customer service very seriously,” AbuJamous said. “We want people to reach out with questions or comments on the counterfeit products as we continue to build strong relationships with our vendors. We will do our part to help small business owners succeed.”

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