Thursday, June 20, 2024

British American Tobacco released the new ultra-thin and lightweight HNB equipment glo Pro slim in Japan


British American Tobacco launched the new heating non combustion (HNB) glo equipment “glo Pro slim” in Japan on September 20. It is reported that this product is the thinnest heating non combustion equipment in the history of glo.

The overall design of the product has been updated to move the central button on the original equipment to the side. The equipment size is 15.5 thick × Width 44 × It is 98.15mm high and weighs about 74g, which is 25% lighter than glo pro and easy to carry. The charging time of the equipment is about 90 minutes, and it can be used continuously for 16 times after being fully charged.

Glo Pro slim adopts the same induction heating technology as the previous glo pro. There is no change in heating speed and other performance. Press the key to adjust the temperature and change the taste experience.

Normal mode: the maximum heating temperature is 250 ℃, the starting time is 20 seconds, and a smoking experience is 4 minutes.

Acceleration mode: the maximum heating temperature is 280 ℃, the starting time is 10 seconds, and a smoking experience is 3 minutes.

Glo Pro slim has four colors: black, white, yellow and sea blue, and the price is 1980 yen. The smoke bombs used are still Kent and Neo smoke bombs.

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