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Breaking Free from the E-cigarette Industry’s Stagnation


The current downturn in the e-cigarette industry has left many companies and professionals wondering how to break the deadlock. The primary cause, besides stricter regulations and a global economic downturn, is industry oversaturation. Understanding this, let’s explore solutions. First, we must acknowledge that today’s market saturation is an inevitable stage in the e-cigarette industry’s evolution.

The Shift from Channel Dominance to Brand Dominance

E-cigarette Market: A Historical Perspective

From 2017 to 2022, the overseas e-cigarette market thrived, characterized by a “channel dominance” era. Countries like the USA, UK, various parts of Europe, the Americas, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East enjoyed relatively lax regulations and a booming global market. This period was marked by diverse brands and rapid growth.

However, post-2022, following China’s regulatory changes, e-cigarette companies flocked to international markets, accelerating operational cycles abroad. Currently, and over the next five years, the market faces product saturation and channel homogeneity. This shift signifies the dawn of a “brand dominance” era.

Embracing the Brand Era

In an era where brands reign supreme, only the top brands will be remembered by consumers. Within any niche, only a few brands will dominate. This phenomenon, observed in many industries, will increasingly characterize the e-cigarette sector over the next five years. The major players, the brands that resonate most with consumers, will capture the majority of market share and profits.

To thrive, e-cigarette companies must recognize that we are transitioning into a brand-driven market. This involves shifting strategies to focus on brand positioning, innovation, and marketing.

Innovate and Market: The Dual Pillars of Success

Peter Drucker once noted that businesses have only two functions: innovation and marketing. By creating differentiated products and services and becoming the top choice in consumers’ minds through effective marketing, companies can succeed. While short-term traffic may bring temporary benefits, a strong brand offers lasting value.

Over the past five years, the e-cigarette market was dominated by large-scale trade and channel dominance. Now, it’s clear that success in the next five years hinges on making your brand the first choice for consumers.

Overcoming the “Trade Mentality”

The e-cigarette industry has long been entrenched in a “trade mentality,” where success was measured by sales volume and traffic. However, building a brand requires a different approach. Companies need to focus on brand management and strategic marketing to sustain long-term growth.

The Role of Positioning in Branding

Positioning, a concept introduced by Al Ries and Jack Trout in 1972 and brought to China by Deng Delong in the 1990s, remains a core marketing strategy. In the e-cigarette industry’s brand era, success lies in effective positioning—defining your company, brand, product, and market niche clearly and compellingly. Each aspect of positioning holds potential for substantial business opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the e-cigarette industry’s transition from channel dominance to brand dominance requires a clear understanding of market dynamics and strategic positioning. Brands that innovate and effectively market their unique value propositions will emerge as leaders.

If you’re an e-cigarette company looking to thrive in this new era, it’s time to focus on brand building and strategic marketing. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow for more insights and updates!

In the end, if you can’t be the king of the hill, at least make sure your hill has a great view. Stay innovative, stay branded, and vape on!

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