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What is the difference between Vvild V1 pod system starter kit and V1 Plus pod system starter kit


Vvild V1 pod system starter kit and V1Plus pod system starter kit is made of alloy material. Because the surface of the battery device comes with matte sprayed, the grip feels very good. But sweaty users need to be diligent in wiping.

Vvild V1 / V1 Plus pod system starter kit seem to be the same, but they are slightly different. One is that the top of the V1 Plus pod system starter kit comes with a dedicated thin red line, the V1 does not come with the red line. The second is that the V1 Plus comes with a sanitary cigarette cap, and the V1 does not have.

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The exclusive thin red thread and sanitary mouthpiece cap make the Vvild V1 Plus pod kit even more noble. Of course, this sanitary mouthpiece cap is also applicable to the Vvild V1 pod starter kit, but it is not exclusively for V1.

Furthermore, it can be seen from the packaging showed below that the treatment of the two is different. Although the package is rectangular in shape, the V1 Plus uses a more stable black and red color scheme.
Inside the box, V1 Plus come with more sanitary cigarette caps than V1. The other configurations are the same: 1 * charging cable, 3 * pod cartridges.

Like the vvild V0, the indicators on the body of the V1 / V1Plus are also dotted light holes with taboo symbols, but slightly different.
It is worth mentioning that another big difference between V1 and V1 Plus is the LOGO under the device. V1 Plus’s LOGO uses a engraving process and is gold-plated to look more beautiful.

At the same time, V1Plus with IPX4 waterproof function is superior to V0 and V1.

As for the charging interface at the bottom, the V series uses a Type-C direct connection port, The intake is double-sided.

Regarding the design of the V1 / V1 Plus cartridge, it is more slender than the V0 cartridge, and its 2.0ml capacity is full of conscience.

The overall design of the cartridge matches the shape of the battery device,after the combination with the device via the snap connection, the flat design style fits the lips more comfortably.

After the split, it was found that the coils inside the cartridges is very similar to the FEELM with Revolutionary Heating Technology.

At the same time, there was neither Ejuice leakage problem,which is inseparable from the five-fold leakage prevention technology of the pod cartridges,nor inhaling e-liquid, wicks and hot mouths.

In addition, it turns out that the V1 and V1 Plus both feature a slight vibration function when the number of puffs reaches 15 in 5 minutes. Pay attention to the amount. “
V1 / V1 Plus comes with 3 cartridges whoes flavor are cold mint, mung bean smoothie and classic flue-cured tobacco carefully chosen from, the three flavors can basically meet the user’s needs for changing flavors. In fact, these three flavors are also the most widely accepted by vapers.
As for the taste performance of the three flavors, there is needness to say more because of different personal differences, everyone’s perception of taste will be slightly different, but the perception of the main taste is basically the same;what is more, knowing the importance of flavor to the vaper, Vvild did do a good job.

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