What are the professional abbreviation terms in the electronic cigarette industry

Many vapers including those vaper starters and beginners could not make sure some abbreviation terms in the electronic cigarette industry,buyecigkits.com collected most of professional abbreviation terms in the electronic cigarette industry to help you guys know a bit more about ecig

Vaping: Refers to the behavior of smoking electronic cigarettes. Information Reference: The Origin of Vaping

Vaper: Refers to all e-cigarette users.

PV: Abbreviation for Personal Vaporizer. In the broad sense, those with the electronic cigarette can be called PV.

APV: Advanced Personal Vaporizer. These devices usually require the user to understand some aspects of battery safety, atomizer principle, and Ohm’s law. APV can be a pressure regulating box mod on the market or a mechanical ecigarette.

EDC: Abbreviation for Every Day Carry, carry things with you everyday.

ADV: All Day Vape. Refers to Ejuice that is often used preferably. 

DIY: Do It by Yourself. Including diy wire, diy ejuice and so on.

Vape Tricks: Generally refers to  badass vape tricks. Such as ghose inhale,waterfall,tornado,dragon,blowing Os etc.

Coil Art: Refers to the various buliding coils, which is popular among e-cigarette players.

MTL: . Mouth to Lung. Suitable for vape pod kits and those smoking cessation.

DL: Direct to Lung. Suitable for those vaping with high power kits.

MTN: Mouth to Nose. It is neither a mouth inhale nor a lung inhale. The smoke is only exhaled through the mouth and throat and then through the nose. It should be noted that nicotine is also absorbed in the nose and mouth mode.

REVIEWer: Electronic cigarette reviwer. Refers to a group that makes a subjective review on an e-cigarette through video or articles.

Cloud Chaser: Vaper who enjoy big smoke.

NRT: Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Like nicotine chewing gum, nicotine patch, nicotine nasal spray, why the e-cigarettes can quit smoking is also based on nicotine replacement therapy.


ECF: E-Cigarette-Forum. The world’s largest e-cigarette industry forum.


Cancer Stick: Vapers is a nickname for cigarettes because it is the root cause of many diseases and cancers.


Stinkies:It is a nickname, here refers to cigarettes. 


ENDS: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, generally refers to electronic cigarette products containing nicotine instead of traditional cigarettes.


Cigalike: Refers to the first generation of ecigarette like a traditional cigarette


Vape Pen: Pen-type electronic cigarette. Such as the ego/evod class.


Box Mod: Box-shaped electronic cigarette. Most of them belong to APV, named after the shape is like a box.


Mech Mod:  Refers to the electronic cigarette device without the control chip. Its security depends on the vaper professionals. Such as the Rogue, VGOD and so on.


Pod Mod: Refers to a closed exchangeable electronic cigarette. Such as JUUL, BO, Phix, My Von Erl and so on.


Squonk Mod: Squeeze electronic cigarettes. The mod squonker come with squeeze bottle under the atomizer. It is a method of refilling ejuice at the bottom. Such as GeekVape’s Athena suit.



HnB: Heat not Burn. Such as Philip Morris International’s IQOS, British American Tobacco’s Glo, KT&G’s Lil, etc., strictly speaking, it is not an electronic cigarette.


E-hookah: refers to the electronic hookah. Originally popular in the Arab population of the Middle East, representing brands such as BLOW.


EV: Energy Vapor, commonly known as energy bar. It is an electronic atomization device that replaces nicotine with caffeine. Representative brands include Eagle, Nutrovape, etc., strictly speaking, they are not electronic cigarettes.


TC: Temperature control. Another mode of use that some e-cigarettes can provide in addition to the watt/power mode allows proper temperature control to be compatible with the heating wire so that the user can adjust its atomization temperature.


Atty: Abbreviation for Atomizer, which refers to the atomizer.


Ohm’s law: Ohm’s law: I = U / R. I represents current, expressed in amperes (Amp), R represents resistance, expressed in ohms Ω. For security reasons, this is a must-have for heavy vapers.


Sub Ohm: Low ohmic atomizing device. Usually refers to atomizers below 1 Ω, requiring high power batteries and basic Ohm’s law knowledge


RBA: Rebuildable Atomizer, which refers to a self-loading atomizer. Including RTA, RDA, RDTA.


RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.


RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer


RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It is an upgrade combination of RTA and RDA. 


18650: A model of an external cigarette battery cell. The name comes from the battery size. 18 represents the diameter, 65 represents the length, and 0 is said to represent that the battery is cylindrical. The same is 18350, 18490, 18500, 20700, 21700, 26650 and so on.


PCB: Refers to the e-cigarette solution board.


Steeping: DIY newly purchased ejuice to achieve a better taste.


Freebase Nicotine: The current form of nicotine in most vape liquid.


Nic Salt: Nicotine salt. Pax Labs was first used to make nicotine more stable by adding some acid. It is considered to be more effective than traditional free-alkali ejuice in helping smokers quit smoking.


TFN: Tobacco Free Nicotine. It is a laboratory synthetic nicotine patented and trademarked by NextGeneration Labs. Not part of the FDA’s tobacco control.

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