The most comprehensive e-cigarette industry terminology reference summary would like to summarize the most comprehensive e-cigarette industry terminology,here we go

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1.Electronic cigarette pronouns and  title of related products

Electronic cigarette,Electronic smoke,Electric cigarette,e-cigarette,e cigarette,ecig,e cig,e cigarettes,electronic cigarettes

Shisha,electronic hookah 

E cigar,e-cigar 

Disposable electronic cigarette,disposable cigarette,disposable e cigarette,e cigarette disposable 

2.Cartrige and atomizer pronouns and  title of related products







Punch cartomizer 

Prefilled cartomizer 

Rebuildable atomizer 

Dectable clearomizer 

Assemble clearomizer 

Washeable clearomizer 

Cleanable clearomizer 

Replaceble atomizer 


3.Resistance pronouns and title of related products and related products


Low resistance 

Middle resistance

High resistance 

Standar resistance 

Single coil tank 

Dual coil tank 

Heat Coil head

Dual hole

Single hole

Long wick

Short wick 


no cotton 




4.Drip tip pronouns and title of related products

Cigarette holder 

Drip tip 

Soft drip tip 

Hard drip tip 

Flat drip tip 

Round drip tip


5.Electric cigarette battery pronouns and title of related products

Ecig mech mod 

Ecig apv mod


Ego t 

Ego c 

Ego c twist 

Ego pass through,ego usb 

Ego k,q 

Ego w 

510 thread 510 

EGO thread ego 

Automatic battery 

Manual battery 

Variable voltage,Adjustable voltage

Variable wattage,Adjustable wattage 

Variable airflow,adjustable airflow


6.Electric cigarette juice pronouns and title of related products

E liuid 

E juice 

Vape juice




No nicotine 

Low nicotine 

Middle nicotine 

High nicotine 


7.Electronic cigarette supplier pronouns

Electronic cigarette munafacturer 

Electronic cigarette supplier

Electronic cigarette wholesaler

Electronic cigarette retailer

Electronic cigarette dealer

Electronic cigarette Distributor

Electronic cigarette factory 

Electronic cigarette company

Electronic cigarette brand

Electronic cigarette reviews

Electronic cigarette importer

Electronic cigarette exporter

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