Smok novo 2 pod system kits review and compare beween Smok novo 1 and Smok novo 2

Hello everyone, today buyecigkits introduced SMOK new product “NOVO2 KIT”. As a brand Chinese vape manufacturer, SMOK has upgraded many previous products this year. The Smok NOVO2 pod system starter kits is a new upgraded version of SMOK’s NOVO series launched last year. Besides the appearance change, NOVO2 has achieved a 0.2mm increase from the original size and expanded the battery capacity from the 450mAh generation of NOVO to 800mAh. This upgrade alone has a very good point!

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The package features refreshing drawer-type, the front packaging of smok novo 2 pod system starter kit picture is showed below, the SMOK brand label is on the top, the NOVO2 kit name is on the bottom, and four circular highlight labels is on the right.

Full English product information is on the back, double S laser anti-counterfeiting, use warning, AB code anti-counterfeiting verification query is in the upper right corner.


NOVO2 Device x1, 1.0Ωmesh core x1, 1.4Ω core (DC1.4MTL) x1, data cable x1, use manual x1, 1 x product card and  1 x certificate of conformity.

 [NOVO2 pod kits parameters]

Size: 88.3 / 24.5 / 14.5mm

Weight: 43g

Output power: 6W-25W

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Capacity: 2ml

——————————- Comparison of product parameters between the two generations ————– ——————–

[NOVO 1 pod system starter kit parameters]

Size: 88.3 * 24.3 * 14.3mm

Weight: 40g

Output power: 10W-16W

Battery capacity: 450mAh

Capacity: 2ml

comparison of the parameter

It is not difficult for those who read it carefully to find the comparison of the parameters of the two generations of products. In short, the changes are: the body weight is unchanged, but the power / battery has been greatly increased!

 [Color style]

The NOVO2 pod system starter kit launched a total of 8 resin color panels to choose from, of which the new white oil paint splash effect looks very exciting.


The front and back of the smok novo 2 battery device are humanizedly covered with easy-to-remove foils. They continue the flat shape of the NOVO series making you feeling small and round. The name of the NOVO2 at the bottom can be easily seen. Both sides are fitted with curved fully-laminated resin panels, and a whole resin panel covers the body. The texture is as smooth as jade, which makes the visual and hand feel extremely uniform.

The SMOK brand logo is at the bottom of the other side. A rather small and hidden indicator light is located on the upper part of the device. In addition to providing flashing tips when vaping and charging, it also supports the three-color remaining power display function (green indicate the power greater than 70% power, Orange 30% -70%, red less than 30%) The current battery remaining situation can be obtained according to the display color. A circle of transparent observation window is left at the joint of the NOVO2 device and the pod cartridges to observe the fuel consumption.

It can be seen that there is a side airflow groove at the top of the battery device and the pod cartridge. In order to increase the overall grip, NOVO2 moved the original micro USB port to the bottom of the device. The metal frame at the side and bottom of the device are still reserved.

The NOVO2 device’s pod cartridges comes with a non-magnetic plug-in combination, which is closer than the common magnetic structure. There is a raised air-sensing switch inside. The position of the electrode insulation rubber pad is changed to a raised island design, and the surroundings are deliberately designed into a concave sinking style to correspond to the collection of accidental condensation at the bottom. The advantage of this design is: “Allow condensation at the bottom exists without affecting the vaping experience! “

[Intake structure]

The principle of double-side air intake is that the e-liquid is heated and vaporized by the coils at the bottom of the cartridges and come from the internal metal airway, which just uses the concave design around the device to form a circulating air flow.

In addition to the NOVO2 battery device, the package includes two new NOVO 2 (1.0Ωmesh core / 1.4Ω conventional core) refillable pod which is made from transparent materials, and the bottom of which is marked with the specification resistance value Ω. The most noticeable is the two large e-juice-conducting openings in the front and rear of the internal flue / core. The e-liquid-conducting performance is strong enough according to the opening diameter! However, it is not difficult to observe that the position of the opening is slightly on the upper side. Considering that the original intention of the design of the device is not to lay it upright, it can be used to place the remaining e-juice on the desktop or in the pocket of daily clothes. Of course, the safest way to avoid accidents is to refill!

Mainstream flat duck driptip fits the lips more, the internal chamfer is designed for condensation recovery. In addition, the internal atomization structure has also been adjusted greatly (the first-generation atomization bin in the circle picture above). You can see that the first-generation e-juice-conducting cotton feet are exposed, and the second-generation uses an integrated flue gas / e-liquid-conducting. After one year, although the two atomization bins are similar in shape, the core changes are already quite different![E-juice refilling method]

The opening of the e-juice refilling hole is located on the side of the pod. It is opened / sealed by a rubber plug connected to the inside of the pod. The actual measurement can meet the direct e-juice refilling of most conventional e-liquid bottles. The juice hole shall prevail. Plug the rubber stopper and let it still stand for 1 minute so that the e-juice guide cotton can fully absorb the e-liquid.

 [Trial experience]

The air switch and suction resistance are smooth. Compared with previous MTLmouth to lung products, this model corresponds to a slightly moderate lung resistance mode. Compared with the first generation of NOVO, it significantly improves and reduces the frying and saturated e-juice grunting sound, and the taste and vape performance have also improved. The main difference between the conventional coils and the steel mesh coils is the different output strength and vape. It still continues the good taste reduction of eucalyptus e-juice by cotton wicks, especially for fruity cold vape juice, which expresses different taste sensations from ceramics. s. The battery life improvement is the most obvious. The size is unchanged. It is upgraded from 450mAh to 800mAh directly. Once fully charged, it can last 2-3 days with 1Ω-1.4Ω conventional cigarette replacement. The compact body can have such a long life.

to sum up

Three major changes are upgraded from: 1 appearance texture upgrade, 2 coils taste upgrade, 3 battery Capacity upgrades and the resulting performance also leapfrog!

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