Thursday, May 30, 2024

How to simply distinguish the authenticity of IQOS heat sticks


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1. Counterfeit heat stick is rough in workmanship

Put a single box of Marlboro in the refrigerator, as long as there are a lot of capillary fiber thorns on the drip tips of the heatstick after 24 hours, which means it is fake. Because original raw materials are manufactured with no such inferior quality, only small workshops can produce inferior heat sticks if they consider cost issues or the manufacturing process is not so advanced.

2. Obvious differences in packaging

a. Look carefully at the background color at the bottom of the Q word. Those dotted pixels on the left are obviously less than those on the right! (Fake can’t print dots, please compare the real ones on the right)

b. There will be many wrinkles in the bag below the silver line of the filter tip of the fake heatstick, which can be seen in the red circle.

c. Original fonts will not be slanted, and fake fonts will be unclear and a bit crooked.

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