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How to maintain your e-cigarette device to keep him in top condition


The electronic cigarette main board technology has gradually matured after the development on voltage regulation, temperature control and super power, . At present, most mainstream electronic cigarette including both single-cell and multi-battery devices come with pretty competitive and stable output capabilities. Although the equipment has maintained a relatively uniform level, you can still keep your hands in the best state at any time after learning a few tricks from

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1. Replace the battery in the main unit in time, and do not wait for the weak power to be replaced.

Changing the battery in time seems to be a good idea for every user, but it is not. Dual battery devices have a slower battery replacement frequency due to the series voltage. But for a single-cell host, continuous high-power output can quickly drain the battery. The battery after the power consumption cannot reach the high power output capability set by the device, which will directly affect the user experience.

2. Clean the condensate or vape juices near the host interface.

When using the atomizer, it is inevitable that the condensate will accumulate or leak, and even if these liquids are treated, the damage of the host can be effectively avoided. If not treated in time, the condensate will corrode metal parts such as screws on the top of the main unit. Even for some hosts without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the inside of the main unit and cause more damage to the main unit.

3. Wipe the battery contacts inside the main unit and the positive and negative terminals of the battery regularly.

Although the battery contacts inside the main unit are mostly gold-plated or silver-plated, they still cannot be oxidized. Regularly wipe the battery contacts, and clean the battery’s positive and negative carbon, can ensure the normal current output of the battery, to ensure that the host can maintain the best output state at any time.

 4. The device electrode needs to be cleaned frequently and pay attention to maintenance.

In fact, the electrode interface part is the most problematic part of the host. Cleaning the electrode part of the oxide during daily use can ensure the link between the host and the atomizer is smooth. At the same time, if the host is not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the atomizer. In particular, the dripping atomizer with a long positive screw should be removed in time to reduce the pressure on the host electrode by the atomizer.

Regardless of which kinds of electronic cigarette device, it is important to maintain regular maintenance. For the host, the timed maintenance can ensure that the device will not be damaged and prolong its service lifespan. At the same time, it can also ensure the output capability of the host, maintain the most powerful output performance at any time, and provide continuous power to the atomizer, so that users can get the best experience.

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