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How to distinguish the authenticity of JUUL


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Some vaper are always worried about how to distinguish the authenticity of JUUL,there are some tutorials to teach you how to distinguish from the appearance, but this method is not accurate, because the packaging of JUUL is differentin in different market (the United States, Europe, Russia, etc.) , so today buyecigkits share 2 officially supported verification methods.

1. Verification method

JUUL is composed of 2 types of products, DEVICES  and PODS.

The device packaging is as follows (different batches are slightly different):

The packaging of the pods is as follows (different batches are slightly different):

Each JUUL product comes with a unique serial number, which can be used to identify the authenticity of the product.

Method 1: Online verification (currently only supports verification devices)

Visit the JUUL official website, click on the “Register a Product” button in the upper left corner of the homepage, submit the device serial number, only the real serial number can be registered, and the fake serial number system will remind “Serial number is invalid.”.

Method 2: Email verification (support device and pod cartridges)

The serial number can be photographed and sent to JUUL customer service email [email protected] to let JUUL manual customer service help identification.

Second, how to check the serial number of the product

The device serial number is 8 characters, located under the device logo, as follows:

Note: The serial number only uses the numbers 0 (zero) and 1 (one), and does not use the letters O or I, refer to the link of the source JUUL official website and-JUUL-Portable-Charging-Case-Serial-Number-

The serial number of the pod is a QR code + 1 string of characters, at the bottom of the pod packaging or the back of the built-in capsule packaging:

3. Mail format reference


I need for help.



I bought a JUUL in the shop. But when I get to use it, I feel it doesn’t taste the same as the one I had previously booked from

So, I want to know if it is the authentic?

The serial number is sent by the attached pictures.

Look forward to your reply.


Attach the photo of the serial number of the brand-new product according to the second method.

4. Description

1. Email verification usually replies within 24 hours. Occasionally it will be slower during the outbreak of COVID-19. It is recommended to use gmail and hotmail mailboxes.

2. Online verification requires an account registration on the official website, and a US mobile phone number must be provided to accept the SMS verification code during registration.

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