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How to disassemble a disposable electronic cigarette


Many vapers have tried to use a disposable e-cigarette for the first time,as we all know, it is not only cheap and easy to carry, but is suitable for different flavors,what is the magic inside to attract vapers?? opened a disposable electronic cigarette called MAT to check it out.

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Disassembly tools: pointed tweezers, needle-nosed pliers, etc.;

Method: violent disassembly, because the bottom cover and the inner wall of the fuselage are fixed by super glue;

After opening, we can take out the bottom cover and the connected batteries, tanks, circuit lines, etc.

We can see that the battery is a very ordinary lithium battery with a capacity of 240mAh. Generally speaking, the battery capacity of a disposable electronic cigarette is not too large because of the volume limitation, and secondly, the battery capacity can ensure safety well, and will not cause an explosion due to a short circuit, the outer casing or the bottom cover is deformed due to heat generation even if it is short-circuited at a full state. It should be mentioned that the outer casing of the disposable electronic cigarette is usually designed with heat protection and a pressure relief valve is provided.

The capacity of the tank is 2ml. The chamber and the tank are designed in one piece. The air passage is designed very long, which should be used for the facilitate condensate condensation and Control the temperature. After all the battery power is exhausted, there is still about 1/3 of ejuice left, which is to prevent from dry-burned.

The circuit connection line is very thin, which is enough to prove that the output power is not too large. Generally, the output power of the disposable electronic cigarette is 5-12W.

Finally, this integrated cap features air intake switch, work indicator and so on. The working principle is roughly as follows: the negative electrode of the atomizer is connected to the cap, and the positive electrode is divided into two circuit lines. The negative electrode of the atomizer is connected to the negative electrode of the battery, and then the positive electrode of the battery of the cap 2 is directly connected to the cap 1. This cap is the “CPU” of the whole disposable ecigs.

Its bottom cover comes with a cotton layer designed to prevent the condensate from running around and affecting the function of the microphone. There is also a cotton layer on the top of the outer casing to prevent the condensate from entering the drip tips when vaping.

In general, this product of disposable e-cigarettes proves an idiom: “Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs-small but complete”.

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