How many brands of heat not burn electronic cigarette

Heat not burn electronic cigarette products belong to the large category of new tobacco products. The vapor electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes also belong to this category. Heat not burn electronic cigarettes are new types of tobacco that are closest to cigarettes in terms of the smoking experience. Its main feature is the use of special heating devices to heat the heat sticks. Because the tobacco is not burned, it greatly reduces the harmful substances that are produced with high-temperature combustion in the use of traditional cigarettes. It is safer and less harmful tobacco heating devices.

The harmfulness of smoking is dramatically reduced, and the smoking experience is very similar to that of traditional cigarettes, and at the same time, it has a sense of technology and fashion due to the supporting use of electronic equipment,that is why iQOS and other heat not burning tobacco products have seen enjoying great popularity around the world. How many brands of heat not burn electronic cigarette?Here we go

1.kecig 4.0

The most compact heat not burn heating device alternative to IQOS, which comes with three-stage adjustable temperature and vibration, 


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ibuddy is durable and stable heat not burn device, which comes with a needle-shaped heating system, it is not easy to break


It comes with ring heating system, it heats from the periphery of the heat stick, which is different from other heat not burn device, 


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This is a heat-not-burn device that is similar to IQOS. It comes with single heating chip, it does not come with adjustable temperature, 

Compared with IQOS2.4, it has a vibration function to remind you to smoke after heating,


Sichuan China Tobacco keeps up with this consumption trend and successfully developed the first heat-not-burn tobacco product solution through efficient industrial chain integration capabilities and innovative results accumulated in new materials and basic technology reserves for cigarettes. Products demanded by domestic consumers quickly filled the gaps in the domestic market.

6. ​​ECS

ECS, brought by Shenzhen Huashang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bolton Group, a major Shenzhen Hong Kong-listed company.

If a cigarette tastes like real smoke, there will be several points to do. The first is that it has a tar taste inside, the second is that the resistance is very much like real smoke, and the third is that the taste is very Like real smoke with a proper throat hit. ECS does it completely.

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