FDA approved IQOS e-cigarettes to be sold in the US or will re-create the glory of Japanese market


by Martin Smith

Recently, Buyecigkits.com got the report that US FDA approved the first entry of electronic heat not burn electronic cigarettes into the US market, and IQOS electronic cigarettes became the pioneer brand entering the market. IQOS e-cigarette is a product of Philip Morris, which is popular because of its success

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The FDA’s approval is undoubtedly a major victory for IQOS. There are about 40 million smokers in the United States, and the penetration rate of electronic cigarettes has reached more than 10%. It can be said that the United States is currently the world’s largest electronic cigarette market. After IQOS was allowed to enter the US market, Philip Morris’ share price rose 2%, and the entire IQOS upstream and downstream supply chain will benefit.

In Japan, IQOS now sweeps all convenience stores.The IQOS e-cig entering the US market is likely to reproduce the glory of the Japanese market. Heat not burn technology is currently being done in many enterprises in China, and provincial-level Chinese tobacco companies have successively released new products that are not burning.

The FDA’s approval of IQOS e-cigarettes to enter the market is a good thing for the entire e-cig industry, which may lead other countries to further liberalize their new policies in tobacco.

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