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230W Smok MAG P3 Kit review


Smok launched the 230W Smok MAG P3 Kit which is new arrivals from smok,buy it free shipping at

If you think it’s just a simple vape kit, maybe it will surprise you because the new 230W Smok MAG P3 Kit is unique in that it has a higher level of the three-proof function(waterproof, dustproof and shockproof).

It comes with a large-size package box with 230W Smok MAG P3 Kit main image on the front and IP67 protection on the right. The configuration and function highlight labels are printed on the side. Essential product information including laser anti-counterfeiting and AB and Query the verification code is on the back. 

The package includes SMOK MAG P3 Mod, TFV16 atomizer (9mL), TFV16 conical mesh 0.2Ω coil (pre-installed), TFV16 dual mesh 0.12Ω coil, bulb glass protection silicone sleeve, spare Glass bin, USB data cable, user manual, product card.

Size: 72.3 * 36 * 91.6mm
Weight: 251.5g
Standby current: <400uA
Power range: 1W-230W (VW) / 10-230W (TC)
Input voltage: 6.4V-8.4V
Output voltage: 0.5V- 8.2V
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: 1.8A
Ignition speed: 0.001s
Resistance range: 0.1Ω-2.5Ω(VW) / 0.05Ω-2Ω(TC)
Temperature range: 200F-600F / 100C -315 degrees
Screen specifications: 1.9-inch high-definition touch screen

[MAG P3 Introduction]
As the latest three-proof version of the MAG series, the MAG P3 main unit is covered with a high-elastic rubber material for a large area, which is suitable for frictional bumps and accidental drops during daily use and has excellent body protection performance. The hand pressure is strong, and the combination of the atomizer is very weighty. The overall shape continues the classic gun theme of the MAG series. The new ergonomic grip design increases the grip of the palm and the handle, which brings more For a comfortable fit.

The front main operation area is covered by a 1.9-inch high-definition touch screen panel without buttons (the screen is covered with a protective film), and the touch screen panel is also dust-proof and waterproof. The near-two-inch buttonless touch screen display makes the visual experience in the bright screen. It is quite atmospheric and technological.

The back of the main unit is covered by a carbon fiber panel. The red rubber in the front and rear holding areas is also decorated with carbon fiber texture. The black and red color is beautiful and stylish. Considering the three-proof function, the position of the main charging interface is specially designed with a silicone seal. Remove the sealed cap to connect the USB cable to the host for charging.

It comes with familiar plate-type ignition key, the keystroke is not long, but the feedback of the rebound is powerful. The measured grip spacing and the curved button design are very convenient for vaping when the index finger is ignited. The inside is equipped with the latest IQ-M chip of SMOK. A 0.001 s (second) speed ignition response is achieved.

The four fixing screws on the top of the main unit also use the sealing treatment with the universal 510 interfaces stainless steel tray style, because it is covered with all-rubber material, even if the atomizer is screwed to the bottom, it will not cause scratches on the paint surface. Cover-protected P3 consoles have become particularly rugged and practical.

Because it is a three-proof mainframe, MAG P3 does not follow the design of the previous separate magazine battery compartment and instead adopts a hinge structure with better sealing performance to adapt to dustproof and waterproof. Press the button on the bottom of the main unit to instantly eject the battery. The cover plate has a very strong ejection force. The internal use of two 18650 batteries is connected in series to ensure long-lasting battery life. At the same time, it supports the charging mode of the external USB data cable and the smoking operation during charging.

TFV16 Tank
Size: 32 * 64.5mm
Weight: 94g
Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 9ml
Interface: 510

【TFV16 Tank Atomizer】
Its huge 9ML e-juice storage capacity undoubtedly makes this atomizer a well-deserved mobile e-juice storage workstation. With the low-resistance core below 0.2Ω, the term “storage e-liquid and big smoke” is interpreted more clearly. The styling structure is still the style of the classic TFV series atomizer. The manufacturer additionally has a spare glass bin and a silicone protective cover. The silicone protective cover comes with a fuel consumption observation window to protect the tank in an all-round way, and this atomizer presents another style of expression.

Continue the SMOK exclusive patented button lock top refilling method, press the unlock button to turn the atomizer clockwise to open the refilling top cover. The drip tip adopts a more beautiful resin pattern material, and the metal inner wall and the resin are combined to have good durability and anti-scaling effect. The double-opening at the bottom is oversized to adjust the airflow and the universal 510 electrodes. The overall detail treatment highlights the quality of the workmanship of the factory.

Compatible with the latest four low-resistance smoke-type TFV16 Mesh coils, the package includes a conical Mesh 0.2Ω  (pre-assembled) and a TFV16 dual-mesh 0.12Ω coils with a large e-liquid guide inside. The open hole and double-shot steel mesh are still the high-explosive and large smoke type that SMOK is good at, and the 230W/0.001s (second) speed ignition can bring more smooth vape production effect.

Press  Ignition key 5 times to turn on/off, slides the arrow to the right default page to unlock the screen, or you can press the ignition keys for 3 times to lock/unlock the screen.

The unlocked display interface is simple and intuitive. The resident information includes the menu button, AB dual battery display, power W, resistance Ω, voltage V, number of smoking ports, < > power increase and decreases adjustment.

Click the top left (home) menu button to enter the host function options interface for separate settings.

MODE (power mode) Soft, Norm, Hard, three-speed power mode switching
MY MODE supports No1 – No4 four different resistance environment custom presets
PUFF supports up to 999 smoking port settings and reset zero settings
SETTING supports theme palette color switching and private password setting

Password setting and theme page color-switching is a very interesting and practical setting function, your password is yours, and it is forbidden to use without consent. The color of your interface is also yours, and the 6 color modes can be changed at will. More details on the features are not covered here. I believe that vapers with this product can find more hidden features and fun in their own exploration.

【to sum up】
As the second wave of new products released in 2019Q3, SMOK MAG P3 KIT is a full touch screen dual-electric 230W vapor kit with retro and innovative elements. It is equipped with an IQ-M chip to achieve a 0.001 s (second) speed ignition response, and as a three-proof device that supports IP67, it is free from the smashing of paint and water. It is also a flagship new work that SMOK once again faces vapers after launching a series of portable cigarettes. It is a comprehensive hard-to-smoke device that is both internal and external.

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