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BAT Study Suggests Nicotine Pouches Are Safer Than Cigarettes And Snus


Given that conducted by a tobacco company to illustrate the relative safety of one of its products, this study is not independent, most tobacco harm reduction experts  not would not take it seriously. However, brand aside, nicotine pouches are infact widely endorsed as harm reduction aids.

BAT’s scientists analysed the toxicological impact of one of BAT’s MOP Velo, formerly called Lyft. MOPs are similar in appearance and use to snus and BAT sells them both with and without tobacco. Velo is the tobacco free kind. It contains nicotine, water and other food-grade ingredients, such as eucalyptus and pine tree fibres, flavouring and sweeteners.

In the study, Velo was toxicologically compared to a cigarette and a Swedish-style snus pouch. The MOP was found to be less biologically active than cigarette smoke and snus, even at greater concentrations of nicotine and across a range of tests. In fact, during many attempts Velo failed to elicit a biological response at all.

Nicotine pouches allegedly safer than cigarettes and snus

To this effect, the reseacrhers concluded that MOPs are safer than traditional cigarettes and Swedish-style snus, for users who switch completely. “Velo was found to be less biologically active than cigarette smoke in certain assays, which is very encouraging,” said lead study author Emma Cheung.

“We are committed to building a better tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business through offering a greater choice of products for our consumers, and this study helps to support the reduced-risk potential of MOPs. Our scientists will continue to build evidence to support our New Category products,” she added.

Of course, these initaitives by Big Tobacco companies to expand their safer alternatives lines, are nothing but necessary business savvy survival strategies, to make up for the dwinding cigarette sales. However, many tobacco harm reduction experts argue tht the more alternative nicotine products available on the market, the better.

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Tobacco Harm Reduction Experts Root For Oral Nicotine Products

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