Saturday, June 22, 2024

Banning flavored e-liquids leads to kills


Banning flavored e-liquids leads to kills. It kills people who strive for a healthier life out of smoking and adult smokers who are keen on flavored vapes.

The following passages are part of the article from Westword:

“What the author finds very odd is, everyone in the government likes to forget the taxpayers, then take on the burden of all the health-care costs associated with smoking-related diseases. This is probably why the U.K. government is much more open to the idea that maybe killing their own citizens isn’t the best way to conduct itself as a government.

Since 2016 this industry has been regulated in production, and the companies that have prospered in this industry would never want their products to hurt the very consumers they make their living off. Most people working in this industry are former smokers and would never want to sell a product that would cause someone to get sick or use something that could be more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. Raise the age to purchase to 21, ban all flavored sales outside of licensed vape shops, stop online sales, but don’t kill an industry that’s just trying to help people become healthier and live better lives.

Overall, the author believes banning e-cigarettes or banning flavored e-liquids is one of the most dangerous things we could do, considering how deadly we know cigarettes are. If we still have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” please tell me how a flat ban on vaping or flavors is allowing me to have any of those rights.

We vape, we vote, and I know I’m far from alone on this issue.”

When the health-care costs are not on the shoulder of the government, the government’s prone to kill for extra profit, and it doesn’t care if you’re happy or not. If you’re a smoker and you care about your life, choose vape for better health.

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