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Aston RDTA – Aston Vape review


The Aston RDTA from the Aston Vape brand manufactured by the French firm Alliancetech Vapor is a beautifully executed atomizer. It produces vapour of excellent quality for restrained direct vaping enthusiasts. The quality of its finish is not far from the top of the range.

A delectable little atomizer

aston RDTA atomizer

The Aston RDTA is a 22 mm wide atomizer containing the well-known features of the Aston brand. The mounting plate is easy to access and the overall finish is impeccable. The capacity of slightly over 2 ml is in keeping with the size of the atomizer. It delivers outstanding flavours, whatever the liquid used.

Technical characteristics

Diameter 22 mm
Height 31 mm
Capacity 2.1 ml
Filling top, BF
Assembly type simple and complex
Mounting plate single coil
Range of use according to assembly
Air inlet top
Drip Tip 510
Materials stainless steel, PSU, Delrin, Pyrex

What’s in the box?

  • Replacement tank
  • Spare parts
  • Drip tip
  • Tool
  • User guide

A well-executed 22mm design

Aston top cap

The top cap is short for strong flavour concentration. A small collar is screwed onto the top of the top cap. It can be replaced with other colours or materials. The 510 drip tip is relatively short. On either side of the dome, two air inlets cool the resistance coil. This is no cloud machine. It is an atomizer specifically designed to enhance restrained direct vaping flavours.

Aston 510 pin

Under the base of the Aston RDTA, the 510 pin juts out enough to allow use on a hybrid mod. The names of the model, brand, manufacturer, and the batch number are displayed.

two Aston 510 pins

The atomizer is supplied with two 510 pins. One model is solid and the other perforated below the thread. The latter is to be used in BF mode to fill the tank as the liquid is used. This is the most convenient mode for the Aston RDTA. We will get back to that later.

Base of the Aston atomizer

The base of the atomizer contains a perforated cylindrical extension. Two holes, facing one another, allow the tank to be filled with liquid for BF use. The filling process is quick. The top of the extension is fastened using a thread to the mounting plate in addition to the BF pin. The resulting assembly is perfectly leak-free.

Aston accessory

Optional accessories are available, such as for example a Delrin top cap, short drips tips, and a small collar that is screwed onto the top cap in a steel colour. This allows you to add a personal touch to your atomizer to match it with your mod.

Flavour in every puff

Aston cap

A cap can be found on a post of the mounting plate, next to the serial number. It is used to seal the access to the tank filling port. The air inlets are visible, ideally positioned opposite the coil.

Aston tank

The tank can be filled once the cap has been removed. Larger tips do not fit in the opening. However, with a size 22 mm in diameter, it would be difficult to provide a larger hole. This system is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The cap prevents any leaks whatever the circumstances particularly when out and about, but the small size of its opening means that, for greater convenience, it is preferable to use the Aston RDTA only in BF mode.

Aston posts

The machining quality of the posts, as for the atomizer as a whole, is good. The lines are particularly clean. The resistance coil is housed in a wide area. The slightly inclined machined design enables the coil to remain in position during the screwing phase. This small detail adds to the ease of use.

Aston coil

A 3 mm wide coil fits easily. The guides, on each side, help adjust the height of the resistance coil. It is placed opposite the double set of two airflow holes. In terms of vaping, the Aston RDTA is an outstanding atomizer. Aimed at flavour enthusiasts, it produces a particularly rich and flavourful vapour.

The position of the coil, near the mouth, the short atomizing chamber, and the small drip tip make key contributions to the rendering of flavours in the Aston. According to the assembly, restrained to slightly more open direct vaping is obtained. Indirect vaping can be envisaged, but this is not where this atomizer comes it into its own. If the air inlets are closed a little, the vapour heats up, but also becomes denser. With a gourmet liquid, the rendering of flavours is outstanding. If the inlets are opened a little more, (4 holes open), the flavours are just as good but they are better suited to fruity liquids.

For daily use, the restricted access to the filling port, means that BF mode is preferable, so as to avoid having to fill too often. More conventional use is better suited to occasional vaping sessions.

 What we like

  • Outstanding flavours
  • Easy assembly
  • Quality of finish
  • Scope for customisation

 What we don’t like


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