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Internationoal vape juice giant APOLLO officially entered China


Recently, the US Apollo China market launch conference was opened in Shenzhen Dameisha Yacht Club, which blew the horn of the world’s vape giant, Apollo, into the Chinese e-cigarette market.

It is reported that the global e-cigarette leading brand and the popular American Apollo e-cigarette high-profile announcement officially entered the Chinese market. The US Apollo enters the Chinese market and hopes to bring the world’s first-class consumer experience to the Chinese consumers with the world’s highest safety quality of e-liquid, excellent hardware products, quality service and advanced international brand concept, leading and driving China’s electronic cigarettes. Standardized development of the market.

As early as 2014, Apollo’s vape juice products in the United States have already entered China, and have achieved market leading position in the domestic high-end market of electronic cigarette e juice. Apollo has reached a strategic partnership with a number of domestic hardware manufacturers, and has created the industry’s myth by making the popularity and reputation of Apollo vapers through the promotion and sales of hardware products.


Founded in California in 2010, Apollo E-cigarette is the world’s first pioneer and leader in the e-cigarette industry. It has a high reputation in Europe and America and has a leading market share. Since its inception, Apollo has been committed to providing the best e-cigarette product experience. Apollo makes it easier for consumers to transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Through the means of technical support, the electronic cigarette products will be continuously innovated from the primary to the advanced form, thereby enhancing the comprehensive product experience of the electronic cigarette brand. Apollo is known for its high quality electronic cigarettes, a wide range of vaporizer sets and premium vape juice with a unique taste.


The US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is known for its strictness. The FDA requires that companies that pass standards by purchasing raw materials through established suppliers and improve the quality of products by the control of raw materials. In 2016, American Apollo vape juice became the first batch of companies applied for by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in the tobacco industry. As of today, Apollo in the United States already has more than 5,200 flavors including tobacco, fruit, alcohol and coffee. In 2017, it passed the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certification, reaching the level of medicines and medical devices. In 2018, the FDA-standard vape juice flavor has reached 2,450, accounting for more than 85% of all FDA’s total. , reached the absolute leading position of the industry.

The Apollo headquarters in the United States has 18 production lines and the most advanced dust-free workshops, and strictly abides by the strict production regulations of the US FDA and GMP. The innovative research and development of nicotine salt technology and patents makes Apollo’s labeling and actual content completely unchanged. The standard of use of flavor/VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol) has reached the highest level in the industry.

apollo vape

At present, Apollo products in the United States ranks in the top three in terms of comprehensive sales in Europe. Southeast Asia once occupied more than 80% of the high-end market. It has branches in European capitals and is popular all over the world.

For Apollo, no matter how the market demand changes, health and safety are always the core of e-cigarettes. This is the original intention of e-cigarettes being invented and widely used. The actual experience of e-cigarettes depends to a large extent on smoke oil. However, due to the low barriers to entry in the domestic e-cigarette industry and the lack of industry standards, many unqualified manufacturers have begun to enter the e-cigarette industry. The cigarette oil is shoddy to reduce the production cost and quality, which will not only disturb the healthy development of the industry market, but also pose great risks to the health of consumers. Apollo has also participated in many seminars on the standardization of the domestic tobacco oil industry, hoping to use the mature research and development experience to play a leading role in the Chinese tobacco oil market.

The US Apollo entered China with three hardware products, one-off cigarettes and replaceable cartridges. Among them, Artemis and ONCE-X are the fashion and fashion market, which bring innovative experiences to users through rich colors and tastes, and become the fashion ICON with them. At the same time, ONCE-X will also bring new meaning and culture to the products in conjunction with the world’s top brands. As a replaceable cartridge, BREZ greatly reduces the cost of use while reducing the cost of use. It is an inexpensive alternative to traditional tobacco and is an excellent choice for cost performance.

In 2019 IECIE, the number of visitors to the Apollo showcase exceeded 10,000, and the number of people who tried to test APOLLO Brez are more than 5,000. APOLLO exhibition contracted agent number reached 47, and the sales amount exceeds 38 million in just 3 days.

apollo vape iecie sale contract

Here is the grand scene of the Apollo product launch show at IECIE

appolo brez 2.0

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