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ALD News: “Vaper Expo UK 2019” Live Review


A Lovely City

She witnessed the first industrial revolution. She is imprinted with European Renaissance. She is known as the “City of European Sports”. Who is she? A charming city in UK, Birmingham.

The largest and most influential exhibition in Europe, Vaper Expo UK, has been held in this place, on May 3rd-5th of 2019.

vaper expo uk silmo ald

A Magical Show

The exhibition presented in the UK, the world’s top three e-cigarette consumer market, has certainly grabbed global attention. As the 8th edition of Vaper Expo UK, it attracted more than 20,000 visitors from all over the world, over 300 exhibitors, more than 500 brands!

ALD, as world’s leading electronic atomization high-tech enterprise, introduced its new vaping solution SILMO TM and cutting-edge customized devices powered by SILMO TM heating element at Vaper Expo UK, which showed the ultimate innovation charm of electronic atomization technology enterprises of China from “R&D + manufacturing” prospective and generated a hot trend.

vaper expo uk silmo ald

Met ALD , Industry-leading Electronic Atomization Application

Has been specialised in electronic atomization technology for more than ten years, ALD is industry-leading at the global e-cigarette market. Many people are thrilled by the new vaping solution SILMO ™.

vaper expo uk silmo ald

Danced with Pods Powered by SILMO TM

vaper expo uk silmo ald

The video ad on BLACK TECH SILMOTM became the focus of the show, many peope couldn’t wait to check out these kits.

vaper expo uk silmo ald

vaper expo uk silmo ald

The customized devices powed by SILMO offers unsurpassed vaping experience, delivers the maximum flavors from your favorite eliquids and ensures the purest and intensest taste from the very first puff. All testers were overwhelmed by its unique highlights.


Exquisite Gifts from Abroad

ALD has prepared tons of gifts that have sailed across an ocean, including storage bags, customized T-shirts, disposable pods and more. Many visitors came to our booth for them, which brings the show to a climax.

vaper expo uk silmo ald


Of course, the”VAPE GIVEAWAY” campaign attracted hundreds of fans to come to our booth. We will declare the lucky guys at ALD Instagram account @aldgrouplimited, please stay tuned for it.

vaper expo uk silmo ald

ALD, a “KING” from the east, has achieved a huge success and left a deep impression on global visitors. Some professional visitors expressed that they would explore the ALD headquarter at the next half year.

vaper expo uk silmo ald

Last but not least, I’d like to share an ad, lalala…. ♥♥♥


2019 Vapitaly


on 18th -20th of this month, ALD will go to Verona (Italy), the hometown of Romeo and Juliet to attend the Vapitaly. What can you expect from ALD for this upcoming show? Let’s wait and see!

vaper expo uk silmo ald

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