Monday, June 17, 2024

ALD completed share reform and name change in China

Registered capital increased to 350 million


On November 27, ALD officially issued a name change announcement in China, announcing that from November 25, 2020, the current “Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd.” name has been officially changed to “Shenzhen ALD Technology Co., Ltd.”.

The registered capital has increased from RMB 10 million to RMB 350 million. Currently, the business information has shown the new company name and new registered capital.

In recent years, ALD’s new movement have been frequent. On June 4 last year, ALD announced that it had reached a share transfer and subscription agreement with Veken Technology. ALD will transfer 10% of its shares to Veken Technology at a price of RMB 100 million.

ALD and Veken reached a share acquisition agreement – 10% of ALD is sold to Veken now

According to public information, the price refers to the corresponding equity ratio of the net asset assessment value on December 31, 2018 on the ALD assessment benchmark date, which is RMB 100 million. The book value of the specific net assets is 107,766,400 yuan (approximately 109 million), the appraised value is 1,088,882,700 yuan (approximately 1,069 million), the appraised value-added is 960,116,300 yuan, and the appreciation rate is 882.73%.

In the announcement, ALD explained the reasons for the name change from the side, saying that the “electronic” in the company’s name was changed to “technology”. “This share reform fully expresses our determination to dig deep in technology, and on the new atomization field, We will surely strategize and win a thousand miles of vision and mind, embrace the vision of becoming a world-class enterprise, believe in the power of belief, take the original aspiration as the order, professionalism, and continue to create core values ​​for our customers.”

ALD said, “We will always pay attention to and embrace the changes of the times, and we will lay out an innovative industrial pattern in an all-round way, so as to promote the development of atomization technology, let the world understand China’s atomization, and contribute its unique value and strength.”

ALD completed share reform and name change in China

This time I checked the industry and commerce information and saw that ALD made several equity changes in the second half of this year, but there was no record of equity changes this time. Industry and commerce information shows that ALD is currently a listed company on the New Fourth Board, stock code: 660726.


In less than two years, the equity investment of ALD has increased nearly nine times, and the investment of 50 million has a floating profit of 400 million;

Veken’s “operation + capital” dual-driven development strategy is expected to take the ALD rapid development express train;

Since its establishment, ALD has been adhering to the road of “technical innovation, R&D-driven” and is committed to building an electronic atomization technology sharing platform. Previously, it was awarded as one of the top 100 innovative enterprises in Baoan District, one of the top 100 export enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, and China’s foreign trade. A number of honors including export leading index sample enterprises.

ALD completed share reform and name change in China

In the core technology of electronic atomization, ALD has realized the mass automated production of ceramic substrate thick film printing heating elements, and has created powerful technology brands SILMO™ and MICROFEEL™. Currently, ALD’s R&D team has applied for more than 200 core patents at home and abroad.

It is understood that the existing modern manufacturing center of over 40,000 square meters and a production and manufacturing team of over 3,000 people can produce up to 30 million atomized products per month, providing hundreds of customers around the world with a stable and reliable R&D, design, and manufacturing “One-stop service”.

With strong technical strength, ALD has established a solid strategic partnership with the world’s top tobacco companies and many internationally renowned brands.

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