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AHAVAP product launch conference is completed successfully in Boton park


AHAvap product launch conference was held in the Boton Science and Technology Park on July 26, 2019 with the joint sponsorship of Amber Industry and TokenSky, together with Huazhao Industry, Huazhao Industry, BQEX Currency Rights, Migicneworld, CSDN and JLAB,

AHAVAP product launch

Amber Industry held a new product launch at the conference, bringing the first new product of AHAVAP brand electronic cigarette. This product originated from the same origin of medicine and food, focusing on the needs of electronic cigarette users, bringing the users three major experiences of “decompression”, “refreshment” and “relaxation”, and conforming to the development trend of the big health industry.

AHAVAP product launch

The team of founders of Amber Industry said,” Combined with the most popular e-cigarette, big health and global block chain technology, with the new retail including traditional sales channels as the market entry point, the block chain interaction strengthens user stickiness, they will create “soul” e-cigarette products with the strong support of front-line group enterprises in the industry. Be less harmful and healthier.”

AHAVAP product launch
Address by Tian Ze, Head of Amber Industry
Amber Industry PM Li Ming Speech
Amber Industry PM Li Ming Speech
Speech by Lu Linlin, CTO of Amber Industry
Speech by Lu Linlin, CTO of Amber Industry

In addition to the taste, traditional cigarettes have also been given a certain social status in social development, showing social etiquette, highlighting social status, and some local social customs and habits.

Amber industry said that the majority of consumers of electronic cigarettes on the market are mainly young people and emerging groups. The reason is that the existing electronic cigarette products pay more attention to flavor instead of “soul”. AHAVAP electronic cigarette is finding the bottleneck of this industry, taking the source of medicine and food, focusing on herbal essence as the starting point, adopting new type atomization technology, to achieve electronic cigarette “functional” gorgeous turn.

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the e-liquid formulation of AHAVAP vape must be very unique, and the head of the e-liquid research and development of AHAVAP electronic cigarette also came to the conference site to reveal secrets followed by many people.

At the meeting, the founder team of AHAVAP brand of Amber Industries signed strategic cooperation agreements with NOS, Tokensky, Rabbit Rice, Huanpinji, 001AI, AIVU Science and Technology and the company’s leaders, to achieve brand linkage. It will boost sales channel fission in multi-dimension.

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