About 100 school districts across the country are suing Juul

According to vapingpost, in recent months, Juul, a well-known e-cigarette company in the United States, has been subject to a number of lawsuits from all walks of life, and has been constantly reviewed by the authorities and medical institutions. Unfortunately, Juul has been subjected to a new lawsuit recently.

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The Colorado board of Education recently granted permission from David Baugh, the school district’s principal, to allow the school district to participate in lawsuits against Juul from other school districts.

It is reported that about 100 school districts across the United States are suing Juul and its subsidiaries.

“I was shocked and saddened to learn that Colorado’s public school funding rankings are coming to an end, but our school district is leading the way in Juul product usage, especially in ski towns,” Baugh said.

“There is basically no risk to the school district to join the lawsuit and there may be some benefits in funding some of the downstream remedies,” Baugh added

“In this lawsuit, we should not only seek the monetary losses suffered by the region in the past, but also obtain appropriate compensation from the defendant so that we can deal with the e-cigarette epidemic in the future.” In a primer on large-scale litigation provided by the Franz law group to school districts, including Aspen, it says. “The focus of these future damage will be deterrence, support and education.”

The company said the compensation claim could be used to install smoke detectors in school bathrooms. “According to experts’ advice, the installation cost of a complete smoke detector system is about $5000 per bathroom,” the company said. Therefore, we will obtain appropriate compensation for the plaintiff school district to install smoke detector systems in all bathrooms. “

It is reported that the Pittsburgh School District has recently obtained the approval of the school board to sign a contract with Frantz law group and file a similar lawsuit. Similarly, the Pittsburgh lawsuit seeks compensation for the cost of installing smoke detection equipment in school toilets and for the funding of educational programs resulting from the widespread use of Juul equipment.

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