A List of Leading Vape Plastic Material Enterprises in the US $10 Billion Market

Electronic cigarettes are already 2nd popular consumer electronics right behind smartphones.

But do you know about electronic cigarette plastics materials, its related enterprises & factories?

In addition to the appearance and surface decoration performance of mobile phones, the requirements of electronic cigarettes for plastics also need a safety feature like food. In foreign countries, the requirement for electronic cigarette plastics is equivalent to that of medical plastics.

So there are not many plastic enterprises that can meet the requirements of electronic cigarettes. Today we will take a look at the suppliers of electronic cigarettes plastic. Many leading enterprises of plastic raw materials have applied the corresponding raw material solutions on electronic cigarettes, which promotes the popularization and application of plastic raw materials on electronic cigarette equipment.A List of Leading Enterprises in the US $10 Billion Market of Vape Plastic Materials 

Other raw materials such as POK and silica gel can also be used in the electronic cigarette. For your convenience of inspection, the complete factory list is shown below:

TypeComponentsRaw MaterialsSupply Enterprises
HNBHeating ShellPPSUSOLB.BE、BASF、YOUJU XIN CAI、Sumitomo Chemical浩然特塑 etc.
Charging BoxPC/ABSSABIC金发LG ChemMitsuboshi ChemKaiteki ChemicalKumho sunny ect.
Heating BasePEEK威格斯、SOLB.BE、Evonik、中研股份、Jusep etc.
Big Smoke Box/KitHost ShellABSChimeiBASFKumho sunnyLG Chem etc.
Vape MouthpiecePPBasellBorealis etc.
POMCelaneseDupontBASFAsahi-kasei、Yuntianhua etc.
Seal Ring/PadSilica gelMomentiveShinetsu、Bluestar、DowWynca etc.
Flat VapeVape JuicePCTGEastman、SK
PPADSM、DupontEMSBASFEvonik ect.
Vape Juice TankVape Juice BoxPP BasellBorealis etc.

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