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7 reasons to use e-cigarettes


1. Driving without opening the window

Many smoking friends need to open the cigarette case and use an open flame to watch the cigarette when driving for a long time, whether it is because of addiction or refreshing. At this time, the time required is 6-10 seconds; calculated based on the editor’s experience, complete The entire operation takes 7 seconds, and the time required by new and old drivers will be different; in the process of driving, there may be unexpected situations in 1 second, and it is easy to scratch! The serious ones may cost the people in the car their lives;

In addition to the hidden danger of driving, leaving the front line of sight for a short time, if the car is loaded with passengers, it is also a torment for the passengers, so you need to open the windows; this will not only increase the resistance of the car, but also bring extreme speed to the temperature inside the car. The decline in the vehicle body will make the people in the car vulnerable to unexpected sudden diseases for a long time.

2. Reduce the risk of lung cancer

E-cigarettes do not produce or produce trace amounts of tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia and radioactive compounds such as carcinogens and harmful substances, and also reduce the lung’s exposure to these substances.

Cigarettes contain more than 100 known carcinogens, and there are many unknown harmful substances in smoke.

3. No lighter needed

Do friends who smoke feel that there are lighters everywhere in our long-term living and working places such as homes, offices, and cars, and almost of them are not used. Wives and daughters-in-law scolding every day, it seems that it doesn’t work, especially if there are children at home , The hidden danger of safety is even greater; lighters that can be seen everywhere have become children’s toys, and home fires caused by children playing with fire are also common;

What about in the car? It is a place with a high incidence. The spontaneous combustion of the vehicle caused by the explosion of the lighter in the car at high temperature every year not only destroys the car, but also causes significant losses to its own property! It also has great hidden dangers for unforeseen third-party property losses.

4. Soot-free

Do you feel that the soot is very handsome and cool! That’s because you are still single!

Imagine being forced to quit smoking by his wife and daughter-in-law at home! When I secretly ran to the balcony, rooftop and WC to smoke, I knew it deeply.

Of course, the biggest reason for being forced by family members to quit smoking is that second-hand smoke affects the health of the family and also affects themselves; especially for the elderly and children, soot is floating everywhere. Wives and daughters-in-laws are properly hygienic, and the soot feels out of place!

So a thousand words, smoking ordinary cigarettes at home, in the car and other places is no advantage!

5. No smoke and smell

Smoking will leave a heavy smell on the hands and body, especially the breath will be unpleasant, sometimes two “Yida” can not solve the problem, even worse is that people who do not smoke will be quite similar to the smell Sensitive, after going to the smoking area to smoke, the smell on the body will also be offensive to people in the office. The smell of e-cigarettes is pretty good, and it is not easy to remain in the hands. According to polls, many girls do not dislike the smell of e-cigarettes. They think the smell is quite fragrant and acceptable.

6. More environmentally friendly

Cigarette butts are made of compounds that are difficult to degrade. Many cigarette butts are randomly thrown into the streets, sewers and rivers, causing severe environmental problems. We can often see littering cigarette butts at scenic spots. What kind of mood do we all have? Electronic cigarettes not only produce no cigarette butts, but also produce no harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. E-cigarette smoking is a relatively responsible choice for the environment.

7. Electronic cigarettes save money

Ordinary cigarettes range from 10 to 100, and the price of high-end cigarettes will be higher; once smokers develop the deadly habit of smoking, the cost of buying cigarettes is not a small expense. At this time, the cost of choosing e-cigarettes, e-liquid and maintenance equipment is much lower than that of cigarettes. If it is a HQD disposable e-cigarette, there is no need to buy e-cigarette and maintenance at all. There are more than 3 packs of ordinary cigarettes.

In short, there are many advantages of e-cigarettes; however, it is not recommended for people who have never smoked to try e-cigarettes, because e-cigarettes, like ordinary cigarettes, also contain nicotine.

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