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7 Amazing Facts you Need to Know About Vaping


Are you thinking of venturing into the world of vaping? If yes, then you have certainly reached the right place. Vaping is an alternative for traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. It is used to vape nicotine-based e-liquids or even dry herbs such as cannabis. Today, it has become extremely popular, especially among teens and millennials, and is a multi-million dollar industry that’s rapidly growing.

Before you begin to experiment with it, there are few things you must know about vapes or e-cigarettes. Read on to find out the seven most amazing facts of vaping.

1. A Wide Variety of Flavor Combinations are Available

A few companies are trying to incorporate flavors into cigarettes but it can never compare to the abundance of flavors available in vapes. It is the vape juices that produce the vapor and they are available in more than 7,000 different flavors. Use top quality vaporizers from Vaporizer Chief only to have the best experience of these flavors.

These flavors are organized into a few primary categories such as beverage, breakfast, fruit, tobacco, dessert, menthol, etc. So, whether you want something creamy or fruity, there is no chance of running out of choices. You can always find something to tickle your taste buds.

Apart from inhaling flavorful e-liquids, you can also vape hash and take your vaping experience to the next level.

2. It is Safer than Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking? Are you trying to control your nicotine intake to reduce the damage to your body? You will be happy to learn that vaping is considered to be a safer alternative as compared to smoking.

Smoking involves combustion, which means the burning of tobacco and other contents. Moreover, even the smoke coming from a cigarette contains plenty of toxic chemicals that can cause damage to your body.  However, with vaping, the exposure of vapers to carcinogens and toxins is far less when compared to smokers. That’s because there isn’t combustion in vaping. The vapors are much cooler and do not contain carbon monoxide, ash, or tar, which are the most harmful elements in cigarettes.

Vaping causes less adverse effects than other tobacco products. Their benefit, when contrasted to traditional cigarettes, should not be undermined.

3. No Smoke Smell and Instant Satisfaction

Do you hate the unpleasant cigarette smell that tends to linger? That won’t be a problem with vaping. An e-cigarette doesn’t contain combustible particles. As there is no burning or combustion involved, the device heats the vape liquid only to the point where it generates odorless vapor.  Therefore, the most significant advantage of vaping is that there is no odor. This makes the experience more pleasant and enjoyable as well.

Smoking, on the one hand, takes a long time to stimulate satisfaction. On the other hand, vaping provides instant gratification to people. Many vapes come pre-filled and are ready for immediate usage.

4. Eliminates Harmful Physical Symptoms

When you reduce the inhalation of cigarette smoke and transition to vaping, you can reap several health benefits. Some of them include more relaxed breathing, feeling less nauseous, and having much more energy than before. A study at the University of Catania, Italy suggests that vaping could cut down schizophrenic patients’ consumption of cigarettes. It could lead to positive effects such as reduced mood swings and relief from depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

Therefore, most vapers feel a boost in their overall health after this life-changing transition.

7 Amazing Facts you Need to Know About Vaping
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5. Vaping Saves you Money

Are you worried you don’t have enough money to spend on vaping? There are numerous vaping products available in a wide range of prices, from disposable electronic cigarettes to sophisticated vape mods. Hence, it’s likely you’ll find a suitable product within your budget.

Spending money on a quality vape is a one-time investment that can last for a long period of time. It doesn’t require any maintenance and can usually sustain you for the day. Moreover, the convenience of carrying it around is an added advantage. It also doesn’t require any prior experience and there are many draw-activated devices, which means they automatically engage as you take a puff.

6. Vaping Culture

Today, a vibrant vaping culture has emerged globally. There are multiple local as well as national vape clubs that hold conventions annually. This is where vape enthusiasts try new flavors, swap devices, etc.

Within this culture is a subculture, popularly known as the ‘cloud chasers.’ They exhale vast amounts of vapor clouds than one normally would, using an e-cigarette. People compete against one another by measuring the results once they exhale. Some have even elevated vaping to an art.

7 Amazing Facts you Need to Know About Vaping
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7. Doesn’t Hamper your Appearance

The most common way of identifying a smoker is their darkened lips and teeth or stained fingers and nails. The exposure to tar and nicotine leads to reduced blood flow causing uneven pigmentation as well as skin changes. Since a vape does not have tobacco, you don’t need to worry about any changes in your appearance.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is gaining immense popularity and rightfully so. It has numerous benefits as compared to traditional cigarettes. Not only is it less damaging to health, but it’s accessible, cost-effective, convenient, and satisfying. The variety allows you to choose the levels of nicotine and be in control of your intake. If you are planning to quit smoking, vaping is a much more viable and better alternative that you must experience.

So, take a step in the right direction and switch to vaping. It’s a smart choice by all means.





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3 years ago

This is such a fake news article what the heck.
Vaping is horrible for you.

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