Tuesday, April 16, 2024

39 states in the United States will jointly investigate whether Juul has any sales behavior targeting young people


Investigators from 39 U.S. states, including Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, Oregon and Texas, will study the sales and marketing practices of Juul labs to determine whether the company sells e-cigarettes for young people, according to reports.

Last month, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro filed a lawsuit against Juul, accusing the manufacturer of misleading consumers about the health risks and Addictions of its products and marketing them to teenagers.

As of last year, Juul has received a number of lawsuits from different entities. A 40 page complaint filed with the San Diego High Court on behalf of the San Diego Unified School District accusing manufacturers of damaging the “learning environment” and increasing absenteeism due to e-cigarette related injuries.

Investigators from 39 states will then study how Juul sells its products and whether it targets young people and makes misleading statements about the nicotine content of its devices. State officials also said they would investigate Juul’s claims about the effectiveness of its equipment as a smoking cessation tool.

“I will not prejudge the direction of the investigation, but we will know all the facts and be ready to take strong action with the states across the country to protect public health,” said Connecticut Attorney General William Tom

At the same time, Juul has been doing its best to convince the FDA and the general public that it is committed to preventing teenage smoking. Last summer, the company launched a new product that can help monitor users by gathering information about them, such as when and where to use e-cigarettes, and even use facial recognition to put them under the control of children. In addition, Juul took the initiative to stop selling flavored tobacco bombs.

“We will continue to reset the steam category in the United States and seek to win the trust of society by working with the attorney general, regulators, public health officials and other stakeholders to fight against underage smoking and remove adult smokers from flammable cigarettes,” Juul said in a statement

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