The WHO Claims That Tobacco Taxes Reduce Consumption Rates

At the recent FCTC COP9, delegates reported that the number of global tobacco consumers fell from 1.32 billion in 2015 to 1.3 billion in 2020, and is expected to drop to 1.27 billion by 2025 if the current trend persists. The WHO insists that its guidelines, which include increased tobacco taxes, are behind the decreasing smoking rates.

In fact, said a recently released WHO report, 60 countries are now set to meet the global target of decreasing tobacco use by 30% between 2010 and 2025—up from 32 countries in 2019.

The science on tobacco taxes

Meanwhile, a recent study published in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, looking at the effects of traditional cigarette and e-cigarette tax rates on adult tobacco consumption rates, found that increased tax rates on vaping products are directly proportional to increased smoking rates.

The study titled, “The effects of traditional cigarette and e-cigarette tax rates on adult tobacco product use,” analysed the effects of taxes on traditional cigarettes and vaping products, on use patterns of these same products among adults in the United States. The researchers examined data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), over the period from 2011 to 2018.

The research found evidence that higher taxes on traditional cigarettes reduce adult smoking and increase adult e-cigarette use. Similarly, higher e-cigarette tax rates increased traditional cigarette use and reduced vaping.

“Cross-tax effects imply that the products are economic substitutes. Our results suggest that a proposed national e-cigarette tax of $1.65 per millilitre of vaping liquid would raise the proportion of adults who smoke cigarettes daily by approximately 1 percentage point, translating to 2.5 million extra adult daily smokers compared to the counterfactual of not having the tax,” read the study Abstract.

Countries following the WHO’s guidance, keep struggling with higher smoking rates

Moreover, a recent 59-page white paper discussing case studies conducted in several countries to measure smoking cessation-related progress, has shown that those following the World Health Organization’s guidance, keep struggling with higher smoking rates. Titled “Vaping Works. International Best Practices: United Kingdom, New Zealand, France and Canada,” the publication was released by the Property Rights Alliance. It consisted of four respective case studies by Christopher Snowdon (Institute of Economic Affairs, the UK), Louis Houlbrooke (New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, New Zealand), Patrick Coquart (IREF, France), and Prof Ian Irvine (Concordia University, Canada), and confirmed what public health experts have been pointing out all along.

“Countries applying progressive Tobacco Harm Reduction policies are enjoying a significant fall in smoking rates. Whereas those following the World Health Organization’s guidance continue to experience excessive smoking-related illnesses and deaths,” said the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA).

CAPHRA Executive Coordinator Nancy Loucas, said that thankfully the release of this significant data coincided with the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) held last November. “Ultimately, this paper proves countries that embrace vaping, such as France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada, have witnessed a decrease in smoking rates that is twice as fast as the global average,” she said.

EU Tax Officials Agree on Need to Harmonise Tobacco Taxes Across the Union

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ALD CANNABAR review: a ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposable for pleasant vaping

ALD CANNABAR is another disposable solution for Delta 8 vaping. The 3ml capacity, large ceramic heating element and dual air passage design ensure an unclogged, smooth and pleasant experience. Previously we have taken a glance at it in this article. Today let’s take a closer look into it.

ALD CANNABAR apperance


Compared to ALD Polus we introduced yesterday, ALD CANNABAR is a lot better in the aspect of vaping performance.

Moreover, the unobstructed, innovative ceramic heating elements come with a stronger vaping performance for a bigger cloud. Though the battery is still 280mAh, the cloud is much better and warmer for decent vaping. And after 5 puffs with the device, you can even feel a bit hot on the device’s surface.

Meanwhile, there is a sophisticated CNC machining process with it. The systems make process aluminum housing perfect in appearance.

In addition. a dual air passage design is utilized, when the main airflow passage is blocked, the independent sensor-driving airflow passage is able to activate. Then the ceramic heating elements heats up and burns the concentrated residue down, which helps avoid clogging effectively. It’s a unique patent design that few manufacturers have used.

This product also needs your hands to fill the vape juice into it. Or you can ask the ALD factory to fill it up in advance. It’s up to your choice. The factory enables customers to make their own favorite vape upon every order, which is very customizable.

ALD CANNABAR specifications

Model No: AH2801
Feature: dual air passage design
Mouthpiece material: PCTG
Body material: aluminum alloy anodizing
Control Method: sensor
Oil injection: local filling
LED Light Color: OEM
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Charging: type-c
Charging time: 50mins
CBD oil injection method: Top
CBD oil Capacity: 3mL
Coil: ceramic
Coil Resistance: 1.25Ω
Output: 10W
Product size: 92x28x11.5mm

ALD CANNABAR more details:

ALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vapingALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vapingALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vaping


ALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 review ALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 review

Final words

ALD CANNABAR is a great device for vaping with Delta 8. It works perfectly like a pro. However, ALD accepts bulk orders only, please contact ALD official for more details if you’re interested in more details and OEM :

Drag Q – VOOPOO Revolutionary Vape Unveiled. Professional MTL equipment

Press Release

On May 26, VOOPOO announced the official launch of its new product of DRAG series — The DRAG Q, a much-anticipated and revolutionary product finally unveiled its mysterious veil.

As the first professional-grade MTL device, after tens of thousands of tests and tuning by the VOOPOO team, it has made subversive and revolutionary developments in intelligent gas and pressure regulation, crescent-shaped air inlet, and ITO atomisation platform, making it a must have entry-level professional mouthpiece e-cigarette.
Drag q Voopoo

Top atomisation technology for the ultimate MTL experience

Equipped with VOOPOO’s original ITO atomisation technology, with 0.5Ω and 1.2Ω atomiser, providing greater smoke and stable vaping airflow to achieve a stronger sweet experience, taking a full range of oral pleasure from loose to tight, and the larger capacity atomiser effectively reduces the number of oil fillings and achieves a greater number of vaping times and length of use.

The atomiser with atomiser core three-stage silicone ring to form a cavity structure, effectively prevent condensate overflow, effectively solving the problem of oil leakage common in traditional electronic cigarettes.

The DRAG Q, achieving a full range of MTL pleasure with cutting-edge technology, and creating a world where users can enjoy their taste buds.

Continuing classic craftsmanship to create light luxury treasures

Continuing the classic design of the DRAG series, the leather body is embedded in a metal frame to ensure a comfortable grip experience while achieving an efficient combination of portability and wear resistance.

The DRAG Q boldly adopts modernist aesthetic colours, with six colours: carbon fibre, galaxy blue, chestnut, marsala, vitality orange, and classic red, returning to the minimalist style to create a simple and uncomplicated light luxury treasure.

The first lune-shaped air inlet design, the air hole hidden at the top of the body, humane design to effectively avoiding any blocking when gripping. Further, it avoids overheated mouthpiece and e-liquid popping caused by lacking air flow. The design is both artistic and practical, and it is highly efficient to achieve a comfortable grip.

Hidden Lune-Shape Air Inlet

Seiko strength support, ticking intelligent pressure regulation

Ticker Intelligent Pressure Regulation

To achieve an elegant fusion of aesthetics and technology, the DRAG Q team innovatively adopts the design concept of a mechanical clock.

The intelligent infinitely adjustable gas ring, which integrates pressure and gas regulation, intelligently matches the best power under different gas channels, thus allowing users to experience the best taste; when gently turning the gas ring, the body will emit a soft ticking sound, intuitively feeling the sense of precision of adjustment; the specially designed gradient neon light on the side can.

The specially designed gradient neon light on the side can visualise the power and voltage during vaping, and combine with the ticking sound of the regulating ring to create an easy and interesting interaction, bringing users a triple sensory experience of taste, sight and sound, and achieving the infinite intelligent strength of Drag Q.

As VOOPOO’s flagship series, the Drag series has been highly sought after by e-cigarette enthusiasts around the world, this time is also following the DRAG NANO 2, VOOPOO DRAG series again launched a subversive heavyweight product, I believe the Drag Q will also become another milestone Drag series with its outstanding strength, let us wait and see.

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Rhode Island Is 19th State to Legalize Recreational Weed

After years of discussion and debate, Rhode Island has finally legalized possession and sales of recreational cannabis. Yesterday Governor Dan McKee signed into law a bill that passed both houses of the General Assembly on Tuesday.

Rhode Island is the 19th state to legalize recreational weed, along with the District of Columbia. The last state to legalize marijuana was Rhode Island’s neighbor Connecticut, in June 2021. Among New England states, cannabis remains illegal only in New Hampshire.

Legal recreational sales will not be allowed before Dec. 1 at the earliest, but possession of up to one ounce of flower by adults over 21 on their person—and up to 10 ounces legally secured in a residence—is legal immediately. Private individuals can also now cultivate and possess up to six plants (including up to three dried plants) at a time, according to Marijuana Moment.

Public use is currently legal wherever cigarette smoking is allowed, but the new law allows municipalities to ban or restrict the “smoking or vaporizing of cannabis in public places,” according to the Providence Journal.

Rules for the new recreational market will be written by the newly created three-member Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), a Cannabis Advisory Board, and an administrative Cannabis Office. The governor appoints CCC members.

“This bill successfully incorporates our priorities of making sure cannabis legalization is equitable, controlled, and safe,” Gov. McKee said. “In addition, it creates a process for the automatic expungement of past cannabis convictions.” Rhode Island courts will automatically expunge convictions for crimes that are now legal activities by July 1, 2024. However, people may request expungement sooner and the process will be expedited.

State regulators have a mandate to set limits on THC content or strength for each kind of cannabis product, including “reasonable potency or dosing limits for cannabis concentrates and edible products.” The limits do not apply to state licensed medical cannabis products.

In addition to the usual seven percent state sales tax, customers will pay a 10 percent state excise tax and a three percent local tax in municipalities that allow recreational sales—a total of 20 percent in taxes on any recreational purchase. Cities and other municipalities that don’t already have medical cannabis sales can choose not to allow recreational sales if residents vote against allowing it.

The law has several social equity components that favor business applicants from communities disproportionately hurt by the Drug War. It sets aside 25 percent of the 24 new recreational licenses for businesses at least 51 percent owned by people who have lived in a community disproportionately impacted by the prohibition of cannabis for five of the last 10 years, have been arrested for or convicted of crimes that will now qualify for expungement, or meeting certain income limits. Another quarter of the first group of licenses are reserved for worker-owned co-ops.

Up to nine existing medical cannabis dispensaries could be licensed to also sell recreational products. They would have to pay a $125,000 fee to do so. No business will be allowed to hold licenses for multiple facilities.

There are currently three medical dispensaries in the state, located in Portsmouth, Providence and Warwick. According to Leafly, the bill eliminates some current fees for medical patients and caregivers. Existing medical cannabis cultivators will have a monopoly on producing weed for the legal market for two years, then licenses for additional growers can be granted.

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Egypt Finally Legalizes Vaping Products

The local vape ban has resulted in a myriad of illegal vape shops across the country that sell the product and its accessories, often smuggled into the country.

Egypt has very high smoking rates and adult smokers have been gradually switching from smoking to vaping, as a way to quit or reduce harm. The country is also known for having a major problem with counterfeit products in general, and the e-cigarette market is no different.

The sales, distribution, and importation of e-cigarettes had been banned locally since 2015, when the Ministry of Health issued a harsh measure in accordance with a 2011 decision taken by the Specialized Technical Committee of Drugs.

This ban has resulted in a myriad of illegal vape shops across the country that sell the product and its accessories, often smuggled into the country. Last year, the Industry Committee of the House of Representatives in Egypt adopted a new legislation against fake branding and products, whether local or global, imposing severe punishments on producers.

The Middle East is warming up to tobacco harm reduction

Meanwhile with the lifting of this ban, Egypt joins other Arabic markets including neighboring Saudi, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, in endorsing the products. “The lifting of the ban highlights the Egyptian authorities’ progressive approach to e-cigarettes and sets the stage for the creation of a regulated market rich with business opportunities, through serving the demand for easily accessible, quality products by legal age (adult) consumers across the country,” wrote RELX International, a leading player in the segment, in a statement dated April 24.

“The decision by Egyptian authorities reflects its commitment to support legal businesses in the country while cracking down on the illicit trade of those products, in line with what we are seeing in an increasing number of markets around the globe,” said Robert Naouss, REXL International’s external affairs director for the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe.

Read Further: Tobacco Reporter

Saudi’s Medical Students’ Perceptions About E-Cigarette Use

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Age Increase for Cigarettes, F1 & Vaping & More Vape News!

Win For Turning Point vape news

Cigarette Buying Age Increase

Some welcome good publicity for vaping this week!

This has been covered in quite a few places but I noticed the articles in the Sun and The Guardian online newspapers.


It comes from the news that the Tobacco Independent Review – headed by Javed Khan should be publishing its findings soon. It was supposed to be 25th May but I have heard rumours this has been postponed?

The early indications appear to be that the legal age for buying tobacco could increase to 21 and also a new tax on tobacco companies.

khan review

Another part of the plan is to promote vaping as a method of quitting smoking and making sure adults can access vape devices without them falling into underage hands.

I have covered how Javed is positive towards vaping whilst being cautious of how to age restrict in previous news articles – so fingers crossed he really has been the right man for the job with the tobacco control review.

Training For Homeless Centre Staff

The NCSCT (National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training) have responded to the study I mentioned in Last Week’s vape news – titled “A cross-sectional survey of smoking and cessation support policies in a sample of homeless services in the United Kingdom“.

The survey results showed that there was a huge variation in the support offered by homeless centres to help clients quit smoking.

Also identified was the need for staff to be trained in order to help those wanting to quit and support them during this journey.

ncsct logo

The good news is that there will soon be training set up to help tackle this by the excellent NCSCT who are very positive about vaping and harm reduction.

Ditch Smoking – Grab A Vape!

The Express online newspaper published a great article about a poll which apparently shows that Britons are in favour of smoking bans and promotion of vaping instead.

express logo


The poll was conducted by Techne UK for the Express and the results were very positive!

54% of adults believe combustible cigarettes should be banned and smokers moved on to vaping and e-cigarette alternatives!

express poll
Image from Techne UK

A quote from the article – from scientist Dr Nveed Chaudhary who previously worked for the tobacco industry says…

“Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the world that kills thousands of people a year.

“Banning cigarettes tomorrow would force smokers to use e-cigarettes which will end up saving many, many lives.”

Why Do People Think Vaping Is Risky?

An article on the Nicotine Research Group (NRC) website by Dr Katie East discusses the findings of a study to find out people’s views on vaping and the risks.

The NRG is based at Kings College London who are researchers experienced in Science, healthcare and policy.

3 groups took part and the consensus was that vaping was thought to be less harmful than smoking but not risk free.

The article then continues to investigate why there is negativity towards vaping as the number of people who perceive vaping to be harmful has massively increased since 2013.

nrg graph

A list of possible reasons include media scare stories and obvious concerns about Youth Vaping.

This excellent article then covers ideas of how to change the perception including showing statements from different public health organisations and seeing what the reaction is.

nrg change opinions

F1 & Vaping?

I have to admit to being a massive Formula 1 (F1) fan – I watch every qualifying and race and love it.

As tobacco companies are no longer allowed advertising space as sponsors for sport – BAT (British American Tobacco) have been plugging their other brands such as Vuse and Velo.

The McLaren cars driven by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo (I am a Danny Ric fangirl btw) have been sporting Vuse (was Vype) logos.

vuse abu dhabi
Image from the BAT website

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (December 2021) for instance featured a special livery with the Vuse logo prominent which had been designed by an artist specifically.

However at other races the car has been sporting the “Velo” brand graphics which are the oral nicotine pouch brand of BAT.

velo mclaren
Image from the BAT website

The partnership between BAT and McLaren also includes …

“Significantly increased branding positions on the McLaren Formula 1 car – including highly visible new sidepod branding, inside halo and front wing branding positions”

The Tweet below also highlighted the alternative logos for Grand Prix in countries where the Vuse or Velo brands are not sold. BAT use the logos of other partners including Oxxo, Rappi, 7-eleven etc which are convenience store brands.

So it appears sponsorship by tobacco companies not promoting tobacco might be ok? McLaren chief Zak Brown said that the partnership with BAT was

“technology based with their newer generation products. We don’t have any relationship with the tobacco side of the business”

Above quote taken from the Tobacco Tactics website article on Motorsport Sponsorship. This article also covers the “Mission Winnow” grey area of sponsorship which was linked to PMI (Philip Morris International) on the Ferrari cars. Far too long a story for me to go into here!

Anyway what are your thoughts on sponsorship? Admittedly BAT is still a tobacco brand but it is branching out into newer alternatives to smoking – so should we embrace that as harm reduction advocates?

mission winnow ferrari
Image from

I think we should to be honest, I would rather see vape logos in sport than tobacco logos and the Mission Winnow (Marlboro style?!?!) logo farce sailed very close to the wind for the Ferrari team.

Ferrari have now dropped Mission Winnow as sponsors but are apparently in talks with how they can work with PMI again so I expect they will be promoting Iqos at some point!

E-Cig Summit 2022

The E-cig Summit 2022 took place on 17th May at the Marriot in Georgetown USA.

ecig summit

Obviously with the world being as it is – they decided to make this a “Hybrid” summit – people could join in in person or online.

A collection of the videos of the summit are linked to in the Tweet below if you would like to watch yourself. Or you can click here.

I haven’t had time to watch them yet but some great speakers have taken to the stand.

There is already some controversy…

According to Alex Norcia from Filter Magazine the summit was to bring together all of those interested in tobacco control – from advocates, vape vendors, regulators, academics, researchers and industry executives for a sensible discussion.

Attending was Matthew Holman (director of the Office of Science at the FDA’s Centre for Tobacco Products – CTP) and Kathleen Crosby (director of CTP’s Office of Health Communication and Education).

Image from Filter Magazine – L-R : Matthew Holman, Clive Bates, Marc Slis and Prof. Kathleen Hoke JD

The question of why the FDA has not communicated vaping risks accurately was a big talking point.

However the discussion seemed to be one sided with little input from those representing the FDA.

They basically said that they had no control of the issues discussed and they were restricted on what they could say in public.

Read the full article here – Filter Magazine – FDA Accused of Spreading Misinformation at E-cigarette Summit.

More From The E-Cig Summit 2022

An article on the Inside Sources website discusses another point made at the E-cig summit – the fact that protecting teens from vaping using bans or restrictions could prevent adults from using e-cigarettes to quit.

Clive Bates the great vape advocate said…

“Someone who smokes and is in their 40s or 50s is at serious risk to their health,” – “So if you can get that older smoker to switch to vaping, you can get a big health win.

“On the other side of the equation is a relatively small risk of a 16-year-old at a party puffing on a vape and being silly. It’s what kids do. We can try to regulate e-cigarettes but we can’t ban teens from acting like teens.”

This seems to be one of the big questions in vaping – how do you promote vaping as safer than smoking without encouraging under age use?

Getting Strict?

The UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) are suggesting that retailers pay for a permit in order to be able to sell e-cigarettes and vape products.

Vape shop

Also they are calling for strict enforcement to prevent underage sales or selling dodgy vapes and a minimum fine of £10,000 for those in breach.

Would this work? It is definitely an area which needs working on!

Myths & Misinformation!

Polly Mackenzie and Alice Dawson from the independent educational charity Demos have published a study titled “Myths and Misinformation. Mapping the barriers to smoking cessation and the uptake of nicotine alternatives“.

There is a mention of Juul Labs being a sponsor of this programme…


The survey had over 2000 adult participants and was conducted online.

There are various topics covered including public misinformation, how to bring change and recommended steps for the future.

Some of the recommendations include better communication of accurate information regarding vaping.

A really good read that!

CASAA Need You!

CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association) is looking for people to take part in a new campaign.

As May is “Mental Health Awareness” month CASAA want to start discussions about smoking, substance use and mental health.

You can take part by sharing your story on video or a written submission – if you vape make sure to tell your quitting smoking journey story too!

casaa video

casaa written

For more information visit the CASAA website – Smoking, Addiction & Mental Health Conditions – We Need You!

Can Vaping Help Germans Quit Smoking?

A research article published on the Science Publishing Group website is looking at whether e-cigarettes are a useful tool in smoking cessation.

science pg logo

Written by Heino Stover from the Institute of Addictions Research Frankfurt (ISFF), it discusses whether the low tobacco quit rates in Germany could be aided by promoting vaping.

It is generally pro-vaping but does follow the standard tradition of saying that there needs to be more long terms studies of the safety.

Anyway get comfy and have a read here – Diversification of Smoking Cessation Programmes – The Role of E-cigarettes. (PDF file)

John Dunne On The News!

The Director General of the UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) and all round great vape advocate appeared on ITV News discussing Trading Standards raids regarding dodgy vapes.

The video is in the Tweet below.

As discussed above the UKVIA are backing measures to try and clamp down on these illegal vapes. In the UK we are very pro-vaping and dodgy vapes could undo all the good work with lots of negative publicity.

Vaper Expo 2022

Another reminder that the Vaper Expo 2022 is taking place this weekend (27-20th May) at the NEC Birmingham.

Vaper Expo

We are one of the sponsors and I (Michelle) will be attending on the Saturday!

Lots of the main vape brands will be holding giveaways and new product introductions.

I have seen online somewhere a timetable of the main events on the show stage – but can I bloody find it now? Grrr!

If I find it I will put it here!

Anyway you can get your tickets here.

expo 2022 ticket prices

Want Help To Quit?

The UCL (University College London) TARG (Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group) are looking for smokers who want to quit smoking.

They want people to take part in a study to help smokers quit and design a smartphone tool to support them.

targ study

You can find out more here and if you are chosen to participate there are vouchers between £50-100 as a reward.

They are looking for people who are over 18, currently a regular smoker, able to attend UCL, own a smartphone, willing to attempt to give up smoking, will wear a Fitbit (which will be loaned to them for the study) and are willing to provide samples of the Carbon Monoxide they exhale.

Wow lots of news this week – I will be back next week!

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ZOVOO made great achievements in the Vaper Expo UK and won the Vapouround Best Newcomer Award

On May 29, the three-day Vapor Expo UK ended successfully in Birmingham. The exhibition attracted more than 1000 global brands, with more than 100000 visitors. ZOVOO brought a variety of disposable products to the exhibition and stood out among many domestic and international brands!

Best Newcomer winner of 2022 Vapouround Awards

On the second day of the exhibition, Vapouround, the world’s leading media in the electronic atomization industry, announced the Vapouround Awards winners. With its innovative and upgraded electronic atomization technology and good brand reputation, ZOVOO won the heavyweight Award – the first place of Best Newcomer of the year.


This award was jointly voted by Vapouround, media reporters, dealers and consumers. It was the result of a comprehensive evaluation of the brand’s global market influence, global market share, technological innovation and consumer praise. It is an authoritative certification of excellent brand influence and diversified product layout of ZOVOO.

Quality booth, detonating the focus of the audience

With its high-quality booth design, refined brand image and more comprehensive product experience, ZOVOO attracted a lot of visitors and fans to interact actively. The rich product lines and the innovative and upgraded GENE TREE ceramic core technology displayed by ZOVOO have also attracted the attention of local dealers and retailers, and gained a high degree of topics and strong cooperation intention.


An on-site dealer said: “ZOVOO products are attractive not only for their fashionable appearance, but also for their rich taste choices and high value.”

Product and technology upgrade, leading a new experience of vaping

ZOVOO brought disposable product DRAGBAR 600s, which combines the ingenuity and intelligent innovation of ZOVOO’s R & D team. DRAGBAR 600s has excellent taste experience and rich taste choices. The products are equipped with LED multi-color lights, which are colorful and fashionable, causing a crowd of spectators.

It is the  ZOVOO’s in-depth exploration of user needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that make DRAGBAR series products continue to be favored by users around the world and define a new pattern of disposable vapes.


Most surprisingly, ZOVOO also showed off its new achievement in technological development and breakthrough — GENE TREE Ceramic core. The newly upgraded GENE TREE technology further improves the reduction degree of ceramic core, increases the service life of ceramic core, and brings users a more pleasant vaping experience.

ZOVOO disposable products will be equipped with GENE TREE, endowing the product with features such as no attenuation, mouth count, high restore and more reliable, which will lead to product category reform in the industry and greatly improve user experience, and is bound to become a milestone in the development of the industry.

ZOVOO will adhere to the concept of user-focused, constantly pursue innovation and breakthrough in technology, develop the market. Taking “By your side” as the brand slogan, ZOVOO will provide global consumers with more intelligent, forward-looking vaping products and better experience. ZOVOO will appear in the Hall of Vape Germany from June 25 to June 26, booth number E20, looking forward to the surprise performance of ZOVOO!

Game Changer? A New Brand in the Vaping Industry: ANYX

ANYX, a fresh and exciting new vape brand powered by Aspire Group, has announced it will release its first pod system e-cigarette globally in June 2022.

Dedicated to its brand mission of providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products and satisfying sensory experiences to users, ANYX incorporates cutting-edge technology and user-driven design to surprise and delight customers with a game-changing product experience. By connecting global users with a shared passion, ANYX also aims to actively promote a delightful, confident, energetic, and inclusive lifestyle.

Despite being a new brand in the market, ANYX are backed by years of experience and industry expertise. In addition to well-known technical experts of the e-cigarette industry, ANYX has built up a team of talents who previously worked for top companies in the sectors of internet, consumer electronics, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), allowing it to secure tens of millions of dollars in funding at its inception.

To date, the brand has accrued more than 1,500 industry patents and established 120 production lines covering three dedicated production bases. It also boasts a strong R&D team of over 120 engineers, advanced production, sales and digital marketing capabilities. This seasoned team has enabled the brand to provide the global community with safe, dependable, and high-quality atomization products that distinguish it from the competition and add value to the brand’s partners.

As vaping technology grows in popularity, more people are looking for products that offer enjoyment and sensory pleasure. In line with its mission to create social products and build a user-driven brand, ANYX hopes to use its products to strengthen the bonds amongst global vaping enthusiasts and promote communication for a more diverse, pleasant, on-trend and energizing experience.

If you want to know more,follow ANYX on social media, and stay tuned for more information:

Instagram @ANYX Global
Facebook @ANYX Global

Source: ANYX Global

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VOOPOO ARGUS POD review: a 5-20W power-adjustable Gene.AI chip pod mod

Previously we have reviewed the latest product from Voopoo, the Argus GT II kit, which works excellent outdoor. And today let’s continue to research and try out another classic product from Voopoo, the Voopoo Argus pod, which is much smaller in size compared to the Argus GT II kit. What I got is a sample edition not for sale, the product on market will be much better than the one we got.


VOOPOO ARGUS POD is easy to use just like Suorin product series. Add the e-juice into the cartridge, press the power button 5 times to turn on the device, then start vaping.

And it’s highly recommended to wait at least 5 minutes after the e-liquid is filled into the cartridge before vaping. Or you’ll experience dry hits which are awful and disgusting. The author may have burnt the core of the 0.7-ohm cartridge for vaping too early. So the taste is not good. The 0.7ohm low resistance cartridge produces hotter vapor and the max power is 18W. My vape juice only works with 5W, or a higher power will bring bad taste. I think other e-juice may work well with it. while the author doesn’t have that.

As to the 1.2 Ohm cartridge, the device works with it perfectly from a minimum power of 5W to max power of 12W according to what the power display shows. There is a smooth, intense and rich taste with the high ohm cartridge. And the higher resistance will save your power and longer your battery life for each charge.  Meanwhile, we also heard that lower power will make vaping more healthy. So I highly recommend the 1.2 Ohm cartridge.

And the vapor produced comes with consistent temperature, and uniform and fine vapor particles.  Nice user experience.

Moreover, there is also a screen on the side of the device to show puff count. In merely  2 hours, the author made over 200 puffs, which is quite frequent and amazing. No problem found while vaping.

In addition, there is an airflow adjustment button on the device. I suggest keeping it open up widely while vaping at high high power to avoid dry hits. When you like taking light draws, use a small power and small airflow to realize it. To be honest, vaping without a direct-to-lung deep draw is a waste of time and joy. Just vape wild for fun.

It’s said there is a GENE.AI chip inside the device. It’s true. The new GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges, which makes them very convenient to use.

What’s more. the solid zinc alloy device with leather covered on both sides is another attractive selling point. This design is anti-slip. it brings a better hand feel and makes the device more delicate and expensive.

VOOPOO ARGUS POD specifications/ parameters

Material: Zinc Alloy+Leather/PC
Output Power: 5-20W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.5-3.0Ω
Battery Capacity: 800mAh Built-in Battery


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Malaysian Vape Industry Should be Given the Opportunity to Express Views on Tobacco Bill

MRECA president Datuk Adzwan Ab Manas said that more detailed discussions on the imminent regulations for vaping products are required. “To date, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has had minimal discussions with the local industry. Our main concern is that the Ministry intends to introduce regulations to regulate vape similarly to tobacco products.”

He added that local authorities should differentiate between tobacco products and safer nicotine alternatives. “The government needs to see that tobacco and vape products are different. There is clear evidence from around the world that vape products are significantly less harmful than tobacco products. This is a fact that the government needs to consider, and the laws cannot be the same for vape products and tobacco products.”

Age-specific tobacco ban

Earlier this year, Malaysia’s health minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced a ban on the sales of cigarettes and safer nicotine alternative products to anyone born in 2005 or beyond. The plan was released at the 150th session of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) executive board meeting where Jamaluddin said the hope is that the legislation is finalized this year and that it would bring about a “generation endgame to smoking.”

“This is by making it illegal for the sale of tobacco and other smoking products to anyone born after 2005,” said Jamaluddin, “Malaysia feels that it will have a significant impact on preventing and controlling NCDs (non-communicable diseases),” he added.

The proceedings by the PSSC began on the 7th of April 2022 with an initial briefing by the MoH and the director-general of health on the Bill itself. “This Bill is critical as it will determine the fate of thousands of local entrepreneurs and workers in the vape industry. Therefore, we hope that the PSSC will call us to provide views on this matter. We also urge the MoH to conduct more detailed discussions with the local industry players before making final decisions,” said Adzwan.

Malaysia’s PM warned that harsh restrictions will feed the blackmarket

Meanwhile renowned international public health experts have written to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob warning him that such a measure would eventually just create a large black market and just fuel the illicit trade of the products.

In the letter, academics and tobacco harm reduction experts David Abrams, Clive Bates, Ray Niaura and David Sweanor, said that prohibitionist approaches may have unintended consequences. “We hope the government will consider the limitations and likely unintended consequences of prohibition measures. We hope ministers will consider the alternative approach of risk-proportionate regulation based on MPOWER and tobacco harm reduction.”

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Much Needed Tobacco Harm Reduction Approaches in Malaysia

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