Vape City Hong Kong most detailed information and online reviews

Vape City Hong Kong locates in at Unit 504, 5, Lee Wai Commercial Building, F, 1-3, 1-3 Hart Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. And the shopkeeper’s phone number is +852 9229 2833.

This shop hasn’t done online promotion and marketing so far but it has a very good reputation in Hong Kong. And the following is what its customers talking about:

Martin Evjenth
Really nice shop and owner, got what I wanted of equipment and e-juice. The owner also cleaned my tank and mouthpiece. Got to share some of his lunch too. The whole visit was a great experience.

Claudia Wong
this shop at first because the sign for the building is being fixed. The shop is bright and clean, the owner is extremely helpful and genuine, I was greeted with water. My main goal was to fix my vaporizer, and …

after loosing my mod i desperately needed a new one and jeff the owner went the extra mile to make sure i got exactly what i wanted. he even trated me to a free beer while i was checking out his store!
definately can recommend if you need a box mod and/or e-juice while in hongkong!

Agnes Lau
Purchased several times already, best vape shop in HK. Owner is attentive and extremely helpful. Great prices and selection. Awesome job!

Gwendoline Mascarenhas
Best Vape shop in HK – true gem in the hustle and bustle of TST! The lounge room is so cozy and the owner Amazing !! Lots of variety and its only just getting started so excited to see how it grows! The cutuest touch is a scrach map where customer’s from various countries can scratch off when they come to visit!! Love it!

Vape City Instagram

Vape City Hong Kong

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Who is the best vape manufacturer in the world

Nowadays, Huaqiang North has emerged many specialty cabinets selling electronic cigarettes. “Most of them are special cabinets set up by factories. Many electronic cigarettes at home and abroad are produced in Shenzhen.” Most of the electronic cigarette factories in Shenzhen are OEMs, which receive orders from Germany and the United States. But now there are more and more orders in China. “Now the third generation of electronic cigarettes spare parts production technology is very mature. As long as the purchase of a production line, anyone can begin to assemble electronic cigarettes.Five or six assembly line workers can assemble nearly ten thousand electronic cigarettes a day in a small factory that manufactures electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have directly promoted the transformation of many generations of factories: “Our factory has only fully transformed into electronic cigarettes factory in the last six months, and has been producing electronic lighters before.”

There aren’t any technical barriers between enterprises,  the electronic cigarette products on the market, regardless of appearance or internal structure, they are almost the same. “This is a capital and marketing-driven industry,” Zhang Jian said, an experienced vape seller in vape field. “It’s just like beating a trumpet competing who’s making a louder sound to reach more customers.” That’s also why famous capital companies like IDG, invest the vape companies whose leaders are mostly good at marketing and sales without hesitation but refuse to invest the high tech company like Hangsen.

90% of the world’s e-cigarette equipment is made in China, or more exactly, Shenzhen. More accurately, it is mainly concentrated in Shajing and Songgang Streets in Baoan District of Shenzhen City, which is only 20 kilometers away from the old site of the destruction of opium in Humen. There are about 600 electronic tobacco manufacturers and parts suppliers.

Continuous domestic orders make Huaqiang North size factories overjoyed. The electronic cigarettes produced in factories in Huaqiangbei and placed in the corner of the shopping mall are sold on their own. However, they are more like a “wild” genre, apparently not in line with the lively capital market in front of us.

Unlike small workshop factories, Hangsen located in Shenzhen is one of the three major traditional manufacturers of marketers in China. It has always been in the traditional production and marketing business of electronic cigarettes since the beginning of vapes. Now, Yao Haofeng, who has left Hangsen, has stood on the new tuyere. COV can only rely on Hangsen’s capital, production equipment and process. Famous brand products like Relx, Flow, Gimme, IJoy etc are all manufactured by this company.

“The workshop of Hengxin system is a GMP workshop of 100,000 grade (a kind of operation standard). Only in a highly clean environment can cross-infection be avoided and reliability and consistency of products be guaranteed.” Yao Haofeng’s remark is also aimed at the phenomenon that a large number of new electronic cigarette brands are now choosing to use small factories for labeling and OEM production.

In a world, Hangsen is the best vape manufacturer.

Official site:

OEM customer site:

Latest Relx Vape Wholesaler / Dealer Price List – April 2019

Many fans from Vape Hk are asking us about the Relx vape prices. The author phoned the Relx official site sales department, asked other wholesalers of the Relex, and finally acquired a dealer price list for you. Wish it would be of help to vape suppliers, dealers and shops in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hongkong etc.

Here is the internal wholesaler or dealer price:  Starter Kits is 127 RMB – 134 RMB, equals 19 USD – 20 USD. And when you make bulk orders over 1000 sets. You’ll get a price for Starter Kits as 17 USD. ( Its official site sells it for $39)

Rlex Alpha has not been revealed at present. However, the author will publish it here when the secret leaks. Make sure subscribe to Vape hk for Relx exclusive news and truth which the sponsored Youtube reviewers and the official site will never tell.

Update: Date:4th April, 2019. Relx Alpha price official price is also $39. Wholesale price is a little higher than Starter Kits but near. PM Vape Hk your needs here in the comments so that Vape Hk and other wholesalers who’re doing clearance can provide you the product with exclusive price from the wholesalers, dealers, agents and official.

This price is not including the shipping fees because different shipping companies have different prices during a specific period of time. It’s recommended to choose a reliable shipping company yourself to save the cost and ensure the safe delivery when you’re making bulk orders.

However, the author needs to stress a fact here before you wholesale the Relx vape. Relx has a serious cartridge leak problem. Buy it when you don’t care.

cartridge leak problem

“I bought 3 Relx vapes and all of the devices have the typical cartridge leak problem. The leaked juice make my mouth completely bitter for a whole day. It’s fxxking annoying.” Said a Relx user. And similar problems have been occurring every now and then. Through brief research on the feedback in the Chinese domestic market, similar problems have happened to over 100 Relx users in just one month.

Some problems might be even worse. “The core is burnt only after 30 times of inhaling.” Said Tim, a Relx start kit user. Jackson, a wholesaler of Relx also complained, “Though Relx is easy to sell in China for this brand’s overwhelming advertisement, the after sales problems make me stressed every day. It’s a very new brand and its technology is not mature enough at all, which rains my reputation and eats my profits every day.”

PS: When you are out of China and wish to talk with the vape suppliers & factory directly and get the best vape price, shipping method/rates, product quality fast checking, vape samples ect., Vape hk will help you do all the things for you for free because the inside information is the best reward to Vape hk. And Vape hk will publish it here to help other people who have similar problems or needs.

Leave your message in the comment below for other things you want to know,  or contact us.

Update – 13th April, 2019:

Many Vape hk fans are still asking the author how to wholesale Relx in Malaysia & Australia. Here is the answer:



Ask dealers in other regions like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam etc. And get the products from them. The official is afraid of violating the exclusive agent rule and that’s why they’re not willing to sell them to you. However, their agents in other regions will play the role as the criminal white gloves.
Meanwhile, read this article first, and you’ll know why:

Lies & Moral Bottom Lines of Vape Upstart Companies- RELX, Moti, Yooz, Feelm & SXmini stories you didn’t know



And with the serious leakage problems, here are some alternatives to RELX:



Enjovp, Silmo, Feelm, Vapresso, Yooz. They all have a strong background in the ceramic heater researching and manufacturing ability. Especially, ALD, has a huge factory with a capacity of 3 million vapes per month, the largest capicity in China, the true invisible king. A huge quantity of Relx is produced by ALD or Feelm.

Enjovp spent 1 million on researching the 2nd generation pod vape with 5 core technology

Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

FEELM or SILMO, which is better?




RELX Vape Brand Story: Huawei, Uber’s Former Employees Established this Young & International Company Together

The “New Age Innovation Brand Award 2018” has been announced recently. A company with one year’s founding appears on the list of winners. Its products are also quite special. It is the current popular cartridge-changing vape – it is not cigarette, but a new electronic product – RELX. While winning the new era innovation brand in 2018, its founding team was named “the most Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Award in 2018”.

Certificate of Top Brand in China 2018


At the National Tobacco working conference in 2014, Ling Chengxing, director of the State Administration of Tobacco then, explicitly mentioned that “we should attach great importance to the research and development of new types of tobacco products, such as heat not burn cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and mouth-containing cigarettes, and regard them as a major issue related to the sustainable development of the industry.” According to the data of China Tobacco Journal, the sales of electronic cigarettes in China reached 4.09 billion yuan in 2017, and the consumption of electronic cigarettes reached 7.3659 million RMB.

Approach RELX

“The cigarette industry is a century-old industry, which has fluctuated in the fields of industry, culture, commerce, economy and war all over the world. The year 2020 is approaching. Yuequan RELX was born three years ago to “live in the future” of the global Millennium generation. We are ready to meet the ups and downs of this new industry – worldwide. Wang Ying, founder and CEO of RELX, said.

This is exactly the path that RELX recognized at the beginning of its business, no matter how difficult the road is. “I was obsessed with the classic images of smoking in the 1950s movies, and worried about my father who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. There are a lot of people in the world, in China and I, so I made this choice.

relx ceo founder

RELX Founder & CEO, Kate Wang (汪莹), a yougn and beautiful girl from Columbia University. RELX CEO is also a heavy smoker of traditional cigarretes and that’s why her own pod vape brands smoke as strong as cigarretes. 

Kate Wang and the founder team are mainly from Uber China and Huawei. CEO Kate Wang is the former head of Uber China, graduated from Columbia University Business School; CPO Chen Chen is a senior designer of former Huawei; co-founder Jiang Long graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, and worked at Uber.

At present, RELX team has 108 staff, the team is average 27 years old, is a serious “post-90s youth army”. Du Bing, head of overseas business, was born in 1991. He graduated from Zhejiang University in industrial design and studied in France. Wen Yilong, head of global R&D and supply chain, was born in 88. He graduated from the University of Michigan in automation and was engaged in engine development at Benz in North America.

By December 2018,  RELX had its own fans in 28 countries and regions, and the global market doubled every month. Not only that, the brand also plans to enter 100 countries and regions in 2019. “We will apply what we have learned in the first half of our life to the globalisation of RELX.” In addition, as the business progresses, RELX has attracted more diverse talents. It is reported that there are many alumni associations in the company, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the National People’s Congress, Columbia University, MIT, etc. There are also Uber, Huawei, P&G, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Mars, Foxconn, Droplets and other alumni associations.

“Relx’s 108 staff, average 27 years old, but also a rich combination – after the lead of 70 experts, 80 management and the pioneer of cadres 90’s. We are united by the same mission and vision. Kate Wang summed up the team so much.


RELX Team Activity

Market space

Jiang Xingtao, R&D director of RELX Fume, has more than ten years’ R&D experience in related fields. He is deeply impressed by RELX’s firm attitude to attaching great importance to product safety and quality. Compared with smoking traditional tobacco, vapor from electronic cigarettes contain less than 5% of the harmful and potentially harmful chemicals found in the smoke of conventional cigarettes. This view has been approved by many foreign official agencies through scientific experiments.

Even so, RELX insists on high investment in product development and quality control. It ensures the safety of products delivered to consumers through a large number of basic research, including analysis of the chemical composition of fume, as well as biological research at the levels of gene expression, metabolism, cell and animal organs.

In fact, the global smoking rate shows a general downward trend, with only a small increase in individual countries. Between 1990 and 2015, the global smoking rate dropped from 29.4% to 15.3%. At the same time, the WHO’s target for smoking control over the next 10 years is to reduce the global smoking rate by another 2.5 percentage points.

The domestic market is still in its early stages of development, but the large number of smokers and the advent of the upsurge of consumption upgrade have given the electronic cigarette market greater imagination space. According to a related report, the global vape  market in 2016 is about 10 billion US dollars, of which 95% are foreign markets. So RELX has been positioned to serve the global market since its inception.

Following the introduction of the first generation of products in the domestic market, RELX launched the second generation of new products in China, Europe, the United States, Japan and other markets at the end of 2018. The focus of the second generation of products is to enhance user experience and personalization.

Kate Wang said that compared with IQOS produced by Philip Morris International, which entered the international electronic cigarette market recognized by domestic users earlier, RELX has several characteristics: lower user cost; no tobacco, no unpleasant odor, no disturbance to people around; no need for user cleaning or maintenance, very convenient to carry and use.

RELX‘s Vision

In 2018, RELX received investment from source capital, IDG capital and Sequoia capital. Wang Ying said after the completion of the financing, the financing funds will be mainly used for sustained investment in product development and user service experience upgrading.

“As a consumer brand born in China and facing the global market, RELX thanks the times, every partner and the users who trust us,” Kate Wang said at RELX 2018. We should shoulder social responsibility, be responsible for the safety of consumers and the healthy growth of adolescents. To this end, RELX set up a Social Responsibility Group, which joined hands with China Poverty Alleviation Office to engage in public welfare undertakings at the beginning of the company’s establishment.

In order to promote the further development of globalization,  RELX continuously strengthens its R&D team and continuously develops various new products. For example, the cartridge with mung bean popsicle taste, with the unique flavor of Chinese culture, carries the common life memory of the Chinese people all over the world, awakens the Chinese people’s sense of identity of Chinese culture all over the world, and also gains the unanimous praise of foreign consumers in overseas markets.

The vision of RELX is to “accelerate the transformation of the world’s 1 billion smokers to a healthier and happier lifestyle”. It is also hoped that in this process there will be opportunities for in-depth cooperation with experts, scholars and research institutes in the field of health related to the motherland, and that all sectors of society can join hands to guide the healthy development of this industry objectively and in good faith, and contribute to the health of the global smokers.

Relx Review By Moutain Vape Who Like Relx Much but Got Puzzled with Chinese Letter on Box

Relx Company

Address: Shenzhen Nanshan District
Boton Tech Park, Chaguang Road


Address in HK:


VOOPOO Invites Vape Dealers to Attend Shenzhen eCig Expo 2019

VOOPOO invites vape dealers to attend IECIE–Shenzhen eCig Expo 2019. And they will release some new vape series on VOOPOO new product release convention.

They’re waiting for visitors to attend the convention.

Convention Time:  at 3 p.m on April 14th, 2019.

Date of the IECIE EXPO: April 14-16th,2019.


Hall 7–7B52

Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center

Shenzhen, China

Juul Vape Plans to Enter Korea and India in 2019

Juul Lab was born in the United States in 2015, are becoming more and more popular among consumers all over the world. When large media often send negative reviews and reports to smear electronic cigarettes in media, talking about how many countries and regions in the world prohibit electronic cigarettes, to prove the “harmfulness” of electronic cigarettes, Juul is growing faster and faster.

It is understood that Juul has been listed of legal products in the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and Israel.

If you think that Juul e-cigarettes have met these markets, that would be a big mistake. In terms of expansion strategy, Juul e-cigarettes are not like the leading U.S. e-cigarette brands. Juul’s ambitious and expanding to other global markets.

According to the Korean Herald, Juul Labs is expected to enter the Korean market in 2019. “Our goal is to launch Juul in the Korean market in the first half of this year or at the latest in the second half of this year,” said a representative of the company.

Juul Labs established Juul Labs Korea Branch, a local subsidiary, in late 2018, and submitted a trademark application to the Korea Intellectual Property Office.

Juul Labs plans to provide its brand with less than 1% nicotine, which is known to sell e-cigarettes with up to 2% nicotine content.

In addition to entering the Korean market, Reuters reported in February that Juul Labs hopes to launch its products in India by the end of 2019. It is also reported that a “new Indian subsidiary” is planned.

It is reported that launching its products in India is part of Juul Labs’Asian strategy. India has 106 million adult smokers, second only to China, and has become a lucrative market for companies such as Juul and Filmo International.

India’s Ministry of Health advises states to stop selling or importing electronic cigarettes

According to sources, Juul is studying federal and state regulations that could hamper his plans and will work with the medical community to improve the acceptance of his products. If Juul can open up the Indian market, it will have a tremendous leading role and demonstration effect on Chinese domestic e-cigarette brands.

Gimme Vape Aims To Create Personal Vape

Recently, I saw an electronic cigarette packaging with Jiang Xiaobai’s characteristics. The packaging was printed with “personal cigarette, not disturbed”. At first glance, packaging, if you didn’t know it’s vape, you will regard it as potato chips, candy or some other snacks.

This design is based on the ubiquitous pressure of the social environment, aiming at young Chinese smokers. It tries to shorten the distance between the consumers and the brand better in this way.

Indeed, the quality of a brand is important, but in today’s increasingly elevated aesthetic requirements, the exterior of a brand is also more worthy of attention. It’s like the once popular saying that no one has an obligation to discover your inner excellence through a sloppy appearance that you don’t even care about.

It’s still fun and interesting to see the packaging design style and the copy on the packaging of Gimme vapes.

See the introduction, I have enjoyed Gimme e-cigarette brand differentiation content, created by Gimme’s complete and professional team division of labor.

The founder of Gimme has more than 10 years of experience in high-end technology product design and aerosol agent sales, and has won many domestic product design awards. And he deeply understands the smoking habits and mentality of Chinese smokers. According to the in-depth understanding of smokers and vape category, he designed the products and lead the team to push products to market to target groups independently.

Gimme electronic cigarettes want to express in this way: a person is not a person in absolute space. It intends to create a smoking environment that cannot disturb others and not be disturbed anytime, anywhere.

Jiang Xiaobai took a shot in the field of liquor through the “young body” packaging. And its liquor has become a classic marketing case. We should not only make drinking fun and interesting, but also make drinking a picturesque thing, that is, scene. I wonder if Gimme electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed according to the in-depth understanding of smokers and types of electronic cigarettes, stand out in the field of vapes, becoming a classic marketing case of electronic cigarettes.

The Mice in Lab Prove Vapes is Less Hamful than Cigarettes

A study through biological experiments has shown that cigarettes are more harmful than vape.


Philip Morris International Group said the results of a new study add to existing evidence that switching from cigarette smoking to VAPE use could be part of a successful strategy for adult smokers worldwide to reduce tobacco hazards.

The study was carried out on mice exposed to air, cigarette smoke and a vape, total of three formulations through a “whole-body inhalation system” (shown here, a whole-body inhalation system, although not necessarily the system used in the study). Exposure lasted for six months, three hours a day and five days a week.

PMI announced a new study on electronic cigarettes at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology in Baltimore, according to a report posted on its website yesterday. PS: PMI is a global project management association “This study shows that six months later, the biological response to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases induced by electronic cigarette vapor containing and without nicotine is significantly lower than that induced by cigarette smoke. ”

The study, conducted in collaboration with Altria Group, assessed the biological responses of mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor and mice exposed to the e-cigarette smoke.

According to the World Health Organization, more than one billion people around the world will continue to smoke in the foreseeable future. Reducing tobacco hazards can play an important role in complementing existing tobacco control strategies to help reduce the risk of smoking-related diseases.

“To successfully reduce hazards, current adult smokers need smokeless products (including vape and heated non-combustible products), which can provide nicotine but contain far less harmful substances than cigarettes. ”

The report quotes Dr. Julia Hoeng, director of toxicology for PMI systems, as saying that the results of this study “strongly supplement the evidence that switching to electronic cigarettes is much better than continuing to smoke”.

“This study is indeed a landmark study, which not only proves the reduction of the toxicity and risk of electronic cigarettes between cigarettes, but also assesses the role of nicotine and flavors. ”

With the further development of Vape and new tobacco products, more and more attention has been paid in the world, and related research has been carried out.

Through the latest research report, we can also find that Vape is becoming more and more powerful in the world, and the Research Report beneficial to the whole industry is showing an upward trend.

But at the same time, we should not forget that vape appeared as a harmless product. It has never been harmless. Its function is to help people who are deeply hurt by tobacco.
We need to pay attention to the development of the industry at all times, so as not to cause more minors to be exposed to harmful elements such as nicotine.

ALD’s High-Profile Appearance At The 2nd Vape Summit Forum

On March 23, 2019, the 2nd Summit Forum of Vape Industry, sponsored by Aibang Electronic Vape Supply Chain Alliance, was grandly held at Guanlan Grand Yuntian Hotel in Shenzhen. Hundreds of elites from the vape industry supply chain attended the meeting with unprecedented grandeur. Experts and business representatives from the participating industries made in-depth discussions and analyses on the market prospects, technology, policy trends, intellectual property rights and legal issues of vape and new cigarette products.

As a well-known electronic cigarette leading enterprise, Zhuolineng ALD was once again invited to attend the conference as an important guest speaker. Zhuo Li-neng delivered a keynote speech on behalf of General Xu at the conference. He made a multi-dimensional in-depth analysis and discussion with the participants on the development of domestic electronic cigarettes, and shared relevant experiences on brand building, frontier atomization technology, intellectual property protection, supply chain integration and so on. Particularly noteworthy is that on-site guests have shown great interest in SILMO, the first aerosol technology brand released by Zhuolineng in recent days. Many guests want to explore through the on-site questioning link. The on-site interaction is very close and the atmosphere is warm.

In addition, Mr. He, manager of Zhuolineng Technology Department, also took the initiative to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with industry chain enterprises on technical issues at the meeting, and actively exchanged views with supply chain enterprises attending the meeting on technical problems in the industry. Enterprises represent the broad pattern of openness, inclusiveness and common development, which has won the warm praise of everyone.

After Zhuo Lineng delegates shared, Xu personally presented a well-prepared gift for you. During the rest of the meeting, Xu was surrounded by upstream and downstream partners in various industrial chains. In addition to continuing the endless exchanges, he also looked forward to further cooperation with Zhuolineng in the future.

Healthy and sustainable development have become the consensus of all peers and supply chain enterprises at the conference, and this is also the creed that ALD has been practicing all the time – using the power of technology to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. We look forward to more high-quality industry sharing meetings in the future, and Zhuolineng will actively participate in them as always. We will work closely with all practitioners in the electronic tobacco industry to help the industry develop faster, more standardized and healthier.

IJOY is Taking Part in the IECIE in Shenzhen China during April 16-18 2019

Here is the IJoy Address: Booth 8C12,April 16-18 IECIE expo


What product will they take?

April 14th-16th
April 14th-16th
Booth NO.8C12
Convention & Exhibition Center Hall
Shenzhen China
Colorful resin materials
Adjustable bottom airflow in pod
Support coil replacement
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Double-sided resin panels-6 colors
4 optional modes
Adjustable 5-180W output
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Comparable to Box Mod
Big clouds chaser
6 optional modes
Stick TC kit
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Coil head resistance: 0.15ohm
High cost performance
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