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ALD’s High-Profile Appearance At The 2nd Vape Summit Forum


On March 23, 2019, the 2nd Summit Forum of Vape Industry, sponsored by Aibang Electronic Vape Supply Chain Alliance, was grandly held at Guanlan Grand Yuntian Hotel in Shenzhen. Hundreds of elites from the vape industry supply chain attended the meeting with unprecedented grandeur. Experts and business representatives from the participating industries made in-depth discussions and analyses on the market prospects, technology, policy trends, intellectual property rights and legal issues of vape and new cigarette products.

As a well-known electronic cigarette leading enterprise, Zhuolineng ALD was once again invited to attend the conference as an important guest speaker. Zhuo Li-neng delivered a keynote speech on behalf of General Xu at the conference. He made a multi-dimensional in-depth analysis and discussion with the participants on the development of domestic electronic cigarettes, and shared relevant experiences on brand building, frontier atomization technology, intellectual property protection, supply chain integration and so on. Particularly noteworthy is that on-site guests have shown great interest in SILMO, the first aerosol technology brand released by Zhuolineng in recent days. Many guests want to explore through the on-site questioning link. The on-site interaction is very close and the atmosphere is warm.

In addition, Mr. He, manager of Zhuolineng Technology Department, also took the initiative to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with industry chain enterprises on technical issues at the meeting, and actively exchanged views with supply chain enterprises attending the meeting on technical problems in the industry. Enterprises represent the broad pattern of openness, inclusiveness and common development, which has won the warm praise of everyone.

After Zhuo Lineng delegates shared, Xu personally presented a well-prepared gift for you. During the rest of the meeting, Xu was surrounded by upstream and downstream partners in various industrial chains. In addition to continuing the endless exchanges, he also looked forward to further cooperation with Zhuolineng in the future.

Healthy and sustainable development have become the consensus of all peers and supply chain enterprises at the conference, and this is also the creed that ALD has been practicing all the time – using the power of technology to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. We look forward to more high-quality industry sharing meetings in the future, and Zhuolineng will actively participate in them as always. We will work closely with all practitioners in the electronic tobacco industry to help the industry develop faster, more standardized and healthier.

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