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Vape Company Vaporized Invested 2 Million USD in Production

According to Daily Business, Vaporized, an electronic cigarette company, has invested 2 million in Edinburgh headquarters to meet growing demand.

The company develops and produces electronic cigarettes and fumes for major American brands such as Arc Distro, Bad Drip and Charles Chalkdust.

bad dip

Bad Drip

The latest data show that nearly 3 million people now vape. Subsequently, the company announced the investment.

Doug Mutter, director of Vaporized, said: “We are working on ambitious growth plans to triple the plant area and double the number of employees to 1,000 in the next three years. This investment will generate 20 new professional jobs to ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers.



Mr. Mutter continued: “Investing in our manufacturing and product development expertise can give us a real competitive advantage. More and more smokers are recognizing evidence-based public health opportunities, and international brands are responding to growing consumer demand, which we believe is a real growth area.

Deep Analysis of the Value and Significance of Electronic Cigarette+Bluetooth

Electronic cigarette + Bluetooth is not a new topic. As early as 2014, some companies have introduced Bluetooth electronic cigarettes which can make calls, but it has not become popular, which also leads to many industry insiders do not like electronic cigarettes + Bluetooth. In fact, Bluetooth is divided into low-power Bluetooth, classical Bluetooth and dual-mode Bluetooth. Most people’s understanding of Bluetooth only stays in the classic bluetooth, that is, dialing the phone, playing music and so on. The low power Bluetooth technology can really bring electronic cigarettes into a new stage of development.


Recently, Shenzhen Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd. (Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd.) which focuses on the sales of Bluetooth module products and Bluetooth scheme design in China has launched the Bluetooth heat not burn product scheme. At present, JUUL and Japanese tobacco are also investing in the research and development of this technology. Electronic cigarette + Bluetooth technology has already attracted more and more attention from domestic manufacturers!

Why are big factories doing this? Why do electronic cigarettes need Bluetooth? The author will deeply analyze the significance and value of electronic cigarette + Bluetooth technology from the perspectives of electronic cigarette innovation, market supervision, improving smokers’health, enhancing experience and increasing users’ stickiness.

How close is Bluetooth BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) to us?

From the point of view of the smartphone with Bluetooth BLE function, Bluetooth BLE has become the standard of the new smartphone, and the market penetration rate is close to 100%. Bluetooth BLE technology, as the most popular and user-friendly wireless communication technology, plays a very important role in enhancing the user’s experience of the product. Naturally, it has become one of the best choices for the intelligent upgrading and transformation of traditional products.


Electronic Cigarette + Bluetooth Become Innovative Point


Bluetooth BLE, as a new generation of data transmission technology, is also one of the most mainstream technologies for near-field wireless communication of Internet of Things devices. It is widely used in lithium batteries, button batteries and other terminal devices requiring extra-long standby work. With mobile phone applications and background servers, Bluetooth BLE can be used systematically in various scenarios. Not only does it have a high threshold, but it also needs a strong ability of cross-border integration.


Bluetooth BLE technology is the best choice for both government-level regulation and regular and controllable measures to gradually reduce smoking addiction and even completely quit smoking, or for electronic cigarette manufacturers to quickly collect and respond to various problems encountered in market feedback and reduce maintenance costs. One. JUUL in the United States and Japan Tobacco Company are both engaged in the evaluation and research of the new technology of adding Bluetooth to electronic cigarettes.


Electronic cigarette + Bluetooth is more conducive to market regulation


Bluetooth BLE technology is integrated into the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is activated by scanner of mobile phone application, warning minors to prohibit using it before activation. When necessary, the background registration function can also be added to judge the age of smokers and limit the activation of minors. It can effectively deal with the regulatory policies at the government level.


Take the United States as an example, as the largest electronic cigarette sales country, the development of the electronic cigarette industry has experienced many fluctuations with the change of regulatory policies. From the failure of FDA in 2010 to the formal introduction of the draft regulation of electronic cigarettes in 2016, the six-year regulatory window period, electronic cigarettes have unprecedented development opportunities.

By the end of 2016, about 9 million U.S. smokers were using e-cigarettes, and they were still growing rapidly. What worries the government is that e-cigarettes are particularly popular among young people. According to a survey conducted in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2016, 11% of high school students and 4% of junior high school students have ever smoked electronic cigarettes.


In response to this problem, federal regulators in the United States have recently threatened that if manufacturers fail to effectively control the use of electronic cigarettes, they will step down all electronic cigarette products. The FDA is also stepping up efforts to crack down on the use of minor tobacco products. In particular, JUUL, Vuse and other major domestic e-cigarette brands in the United States are required to submit business plans within the next two months, specifying how to improve marketing and sales strategies to prevent teenagers from using their products and until the problem is solved.


At present, JUUL is actively evaluating new technologies, and plans to invest a lot of research and development costs, adding Bluetooth low-power new technology to the products to prevent teenagers from using their products; Japan Tobacco is also trying to develop electronic cigarettes with wireless connection function to use with mobile applications.

China is the birthplace of electronic cigarettes. More than 90% of the global electronic cigarettes are produced in China. How to deal with the regulatory policies of various countries and seek future development opportunities in market competition and government regulation is a common concern of domestic electronic cigarette industry chain manufacturers. The cross-border technology integration of electronic cigarette and Bluetooth means that electronic cigarette technology has a new development direction and can further promote the development of electronic cigarette market.


Improve smokers’dependence on traditional cigarettes


With Bluetooth BLE, smokers can flexibly set the number of cigarettes or cigarettes they smoke every day through mobile app, make their own smoking cessation plan according to their smoking addiction level, and gradually control cigarettes by relying on human self-control + flexible configuration of equipment. I believe that Bluetooth electronic cigarettes will become more and more people who want to quit smoking. The first choice for smokers.


As a new alternative product, electronic cigarettes can only help users improve their dependence on traditional cigarettes and reduce the chronic damage caused by nicotine to human body, but there is no way for smokers to gradually reduce their addiction to cigarettes or even quit smoking completely by means of restraint, relying solely on human self-control to control cigarettes, and believe it or not in a short time. Few people can do it, but few can persist in it for a long time.

IQOS generation products have made some attempts on this. It takes six minutes to recharge a cigarette before it can be reused. However, the new generation of IQOS has been criticized for its poor flexibility. This restriction function has been completely eliminated by the new generation of IQOS.

Most consumers begin to contact electronic cigarette products for the purpose of quitting smoking. Most users of electronic cigarettes are also converted from traditional smokers. Compared with other alternatives, electronic cigarettes, especially new heating non-combustible products, not only have a closer taste to traditional cigarettes, but also are the most acceptable way for smokers. Tar and nicotine content are significantly lower than traditional cigarettes, so they are also the most popular. As soon as IQOS, a representative product of non-combustible heating, was on the market, it was a great success. By the end of 2017, Philip Morris International had shipped 36.23 billion cigarette bombs. In fact, it reflects the rigid demand of smokers to care for their health.


More conducive to enhance smokers’sense of experience


Electronic cigarettes and Bluetooth can make smokers experience different tastes on the premise of using the same cigarette. They only need to buy cigarette bombs of the same size and different brands. It can also set the corresponding taste according to the different brands, fine-tune the heating temperature, take heating non-burning tobacco as an example, its principle is to use heating rods to heat tobacco to about 300 degrees Celsius to produce smoke, different tobacco heating temperature curves are slightly different, smokers can fine-tune the temperature according to the actual feeling, in order to achieve appropriate. It suits your taste.

In practice, the qualitative issue of e-cigarettes has been controversial, and regulatory and policy uncertainties have also led to less involvement of prudent tobacco companies. Private e-cigarette enterprises generally have insufficient R&D investment. Although domestic e-cigarette production base is global, the scale is generally small. Most manufacturers assemble components, copying is serious, lack of technological innovation, and lack of product experience.

Foreign electronic tobacco products, especially the four major companies, Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco, Japanese Tobacco, British and American Tobacco, and the strong domestic brands in the United States, have invested heavily in the development of new electronic tobacco products, making domestic smokers compete to experience the purchase in various ways. To a certain extent, this also shows the consumers. Recognition of high-quality new electronic cigarette products.

Only through continuous technological integration and innovation, standing in the consumer’s perspective to think about how to enhance the sense of experience, to do a good job of products, can be accepted by consumers, this is the law of market survival, contrary to this law, will not last long, even if there is, it is only a flash in the pan.


Quick Response to Market Feedback and Increase User Viscosity


Electronic cigarette plus Bluetooth is more conducive to manufacturers to collect and respond to market feedback faster, reduce maintenance costs, grasp user needs through Bluetooth BLE technology, but also increase user stickiness. We know that Bluetooth BLE must cooperate with mobile app and background in order to form a perfect system application, while mobile app can help consumers solve problems when necessary.

On the one hand, when smokers find problems when using electronic cigarette equipment, they can directly feed back to the manufacturer’s operation center through the after-sale feedback channel of APP. A more intuitive and convenient feedback way can not only effectively solve the user’s anxiety, but also make the manufacturer more intuitive to understand consumer’s problems and products. Some suggestions for improvement were put forward.

On the other hand, the manufacturer can also upgrade the electronic cigarette products by pushing firmware packages through APP to improve the product performance by analyzing the product problems of consumer feedback. This is undoubtedly the best solution to the electronic cigarette manufacturers who want to focus on product operation and user stickiness.


Views on Future Trends


It is expected that with the rationalization and normalization of supervision, the continuous integration, innovation and breakthrough of technology in the future, the future development potential of foreign electronic cigarette market is still very promising. Under the guidance of the international market, Hubei Zhongyan, Yunnan Zhongyan, Guangdong Zhongyan and Sichuan Zhongyan began to increase the research and development of new tobacco products.

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health, China has about 350 million smokers, accounting for nearly 30% of the global smokers. Considering the huge number of smokers in China and the continuous pursuit of healthy quality of life in recent years, quitting smoking has become more and more family demands, so the domestic e-cigarette market will also become a potential outlet.

In fact, the technology of the product itself is very similar, but more importantly, how to apply the characteristics of these technologies to the market operation means, so as to make your brand more viable in the fierce market competition. The electronic cigarette plus Bluetooth can meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers, government regulation and other aspects. Good coins drive out bad coins, so that manufacturers who really want to do a good job of products stand out and guide the healthy development of the electronic cigarette market.

EVOVE Succeeds In 20 Million Dollars Pre-A Round of Financing

The electronic cigarettes invented by the Chinese have changed the tobacco industry in Europe and America profoundly in the past ten years. Electronic cigarettes have begun to occupy the position of traditional cigarettes on the retail shelves in Europe and America. However, for many reasons, although the domestic market began to recover this year, smokers’acceptance of electronic cigarettes is still very low, and market education has a long way to go.


Vape HK recently contacted the electronic cigarette developer SALT LABS, which is founded in 2016. This is a brand focusing on the research and development of atomization technology and based on the application of atomization technology. At the beginning of its establishment, intensive research and technology obtained 5 million angel rounds of financing from Bofa Capital, and recently completed 20 million Pre-A rounds of financing from Motion Capital. Applications of atomization technology include new tobacco industries, functional ingredient inhalation devices and drug delivery systems. Based on the self-developed atomization technology, the first electronic vape brand EVOVE was released in the UK last month, formally entering the emerging new vape market.

Founder Liu Jihui told Vape HK, “EVOVE started with a very simple idea to change the quality of life of billions of smokers around the world. Cigarettes have long been uncool, and e-cigarettes could be a disruptive application that changes the way people get nicotine over the centuries. SALT LABS believes that smokers have a huge demand for alternative tobacco, which has been verified in Europe and the United States, and the Chinese market has unlimited potential. Policy regulation and market education are the main obstacles to the replacement of traditional tobacco by this category


Liu Jihui and Hitesh Dubey, partners from ITC International Tobacco, have many years of experience in electronic cigarettes and tobacco industry. They believe that as electronic cigarettes destined to become fast-consuming products, there are still many pain points at the product end at this stage, and the quality is very unstable. In the fast consumer industry, quality instability is a big trouble. According to the introduction of refined salt science and technology, EVOVE product team, which insists on independent research and development, has made a lot of efforts. In order to achieve a stable taste, the team added intelligent temperature control chips in the first generation product EVOVE, which can monitor the temperature change of the vape pen chamber and adjust the output power in real time to ensure a good taste. When the fume in the vape juice cartridge is exhausted, the protection mechanism of dry burning will be turned on and the power supply will be automatically cut off.

The founding team revealed that CIST insists on independent R&D and has plans to establish joint venture R&D companies and foreign large tobacco cooperation, focusing only on the research and development of electronic tobacco underlying technology. The team believes that the electronic cigarette is far from the final form of the new type of tobacco in the future, and there is a huge space for product upgrading.


It is worth mentioning that in order to optimize the user experience, EVOVE’s first electronic cigarette uses a minimalist design without physical keys, but relying on the built-in gravity acceleration chip, users can display battery capacity twice by tapping the fuselage and switch power four times. “Smoking is a matter of physiology and psychology, the user experience is particularly important. In product development, our team pursues the ultimate simplicity of a few fewer actions than smoking, plug and play.


EVOVE electronic cigarette has gained a good reputation after its release in Birmingham, UK. On the domestic side, EVOVE adopted crowdsourcing before the major e-commerce platforms launched flagship stores. Up to now, EVOVE’s first small vape product crowdsourcing has been successfully completed, and the final crowdsourcing completion rate is more than 1000%.

In recent years, as European market regulators have increased their control over tobacco, more and more consumers have begun to turn their attention to electronic cigarettes. Take the UK, which has the highest market coverage, as example, with 3 million e-cigarette users out of 8 million smokers. In addition, the UK’s social security benefits also includes e-cigarettes, which are provided free of charge to tobacco users who need to get rid of tobacco.


Based on years of overseas experience in the electronic cigarette industry and marketing, SALT LABS has begun to cooperate with local tobacco distributors in parts of Europe and the United States. While focusing on the line, China will begin to test some off-line quality channels, which can easily control the related risks while testing the market.


The SALT LABS team told Vape HK that after EVOVE completed the Pre-A round of financing, it will mainly use the funds for the development of next generation products, team upgrading and selling channel construction at home and abroad.

Go to Evove vape official site to check its latest products:

IQOS is Going to Open Its Flagship Store in Africa

Philip Moore International continues to develop the way for the expansion of IQOS by opening its flagship store in Africa in an attempt to meet Africa’s needs for iQOS. According to MyBroadband, the first IQOS flagship store will be opened in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Marlboro plans to use the store as a springboard to expand in other parts of the continent, according to Alessandro Bogli, a spokesman for Marlboro. South Africa is the only African country to distribute IQOS internationally, but more countries will follow suit, he said.IQOS africa

“In many countries, we have developed a dedicated iqos outlet, a contact point where we can interact with consumers,” Bogli said in an interview in Johannesburg.

Philip Morris International has 70 IQOS stores in 23 countries, reflecting a broader trend for tobacco companies, including British American Tobacco and Japanese Tobacco, to invest in alternatives to smoking to promote new sources of income. Traditional cigarettes are under pressure from regulators around the world, and their popularity is declining as more and more people become aware of their inherent health risks.IQOS africa

Why is it in South Africa? According to a report by the Smoke-Free World Foundation, there are 7 million smokers in South Africa, accounting for about 8% of the total population.

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the 1.1 billion smokers in the world live in low- and middle-income countries.

Bogli said South Africa’s footprint of IQOS will help it build international cases for regulators and consumers in other markets in the region. The company estimates that about 10,000 smokers will turn to vape every day.

Shenzhen A-touch Elec Wholesale Price List 2018 Latest

Here is the latest Shenzhen A-touch Elec Wholesale Price List, click to view the details:


Company official site:

Contact direct saleswoman of Shenzhen A-touch Elec, Kristy Wang on Facebook:

Kristy Wang

A-touch Skype: kristy.atouch
A-touch Wechat: +8613554886507

Hongkong is Becoming the Terrible Thailand!

We know that on Dec. 10, 2017, the influencer Fluke of Thailand was arrested in his car because an electronic cigarette was found in his car. Thailand has become an electronic cigarette lover’s hell on earth since then. Now, Hongkong is also becoming terrible Thailand like before.

Ban e-cigarettes, Hong Kong medical experts say after ‘shocking’ 55 per cent rise in primary schoolchildren trying vaping

A 26-year-old man in Hong Kong was arrested recently for carrying several electronic cigarettes and multiple boxes of cigarettes. He was fined HK$5,000 and required to pay more than HK$10,000 in a West Kowloon Court on the 7th, the Hong Kong Wen Reporting reported.

This incident, known as the first conviction in Hong Kong since the new policy address announced that electronic cigarettes would be banned completely!

According to reports, the defendant surnamed Xu is believed to be an vaper himself. According to the case, the defendant was intercepted by the police when he claimed that he had been entrusted by a friend to a store selling electronic cigarettes in Mongkok to collect several and many boxes of electronic cigarettes for delivery to another person.


On the morning of October 10, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue-e, issued a policy address for 2018, saying that the sale of electronic cigarettes would be banned completely, but that was only a proposal, and no legislation had been passed yet.

Moreover, in proposing a total ban on e-cigarettes, only mention the prohibition of import, manufacture, sale, distribution and promotion of e-cigarettes and other new smoking products, and did not respond to the question whether it would be illegal for citizens to bring in and use e-cigarettes for their own use.

No legislation has been passed, and it has not been said that it can not be carried, but only that the smoke contains “trace nicotine”, which is safe, not carrying nicotine alone. The West Kowloon Court of Hong Kong has convicted the court of “selling unregistered pharmaceutical products”, “illegal sale” and “possessing the first poison”.

Little girl caught on camera smoking e-cigarette claims “it’s just a toy” as parents watch

Hong Kong is famous for its rule of law society. The rule of law is also known as one of the core values of Hong Kong society. But what kind of “rule of law society” is it now?

After cracking down on electronic cigarettes severely, Thailand finally realized that this counter-trend has brought about a huge negative impact. In October this year, Thailand began to consider legalizing the import of electronic cigarettes and lifting the ban on import of electronic cigarettes ban with tax payment according to China. com.

The Hongkong government, instead of reflecting on Thailand’s practice, has stepped ahead of Thailand’s erroneous practices.

Where is the Hong Kong, which used to have an open, inclusive and rational attitude towards the development of new things?

Hong Kong Medical Groups Call for Vaping Ban

Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom’s Latest Research Results

Japan Tobacco recently said that a clinical study showed that Japanese healthy adult smokers switched to Ploom TECH, the company’s vape product, Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHC) in the body were reduced.

Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom's Latest Research Results

The study was conducted in consultation with Professor Jiji Kumagai, a professor at the Kitasato Clinical Research Center.


The researchers randomly assigned 60 Japanese healthy adult smokers to three groups for five days: (a) members switched to Ploom TECH (PT); (b) members continued to smoke their own brand cigarettes (CC); or (c ) Smoking cessation group (SA).Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom's Latest Research Results

After the five-day study period, the levels of 15 exposed biomarkers in the PT group were significantly lower than in the CC group. Moreover, the magnitude of the decrease in exposed biomarker levels observed in the PT group was similar to that observed in the SA group.

Japan Tobacco said in a report published on its website that the study showed that complete conversion from flammable cigarettes to Ploom TECH significantly reduced exposure and absorption of selected HPHC. Although further research is needed, these results strongly support the potential of Ploom TECH to reduce smoking-related health risks.

Japan Tobacco Releases Ploom's Latest Research Results

JT pointed out that there are no globally agreed standards to assess the relative health risks associated with the use of different tobacco or other nicotine-containing products at present, although some countries have developed guidelines in this area.