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10 ways to enhance your vaping experience


Smoking’s harmful to your well-being. Period! Around 10-15 percent of smokers can develop cancer. Those who do not develop cancer get affected by other smoking-related illnesses. It has become evident that people should stop smoking or find a less-lethal alternative.
study shows that 70% of smokers worldwide want to quit smoking and get over this habit. So, smokers often replace this pastime with vaping, which is considered one of the most effective remedies for getting over a tobacco addiction. We have observed how e-cigarettes help almost 50,000 nicotine addicts to recover every year.
But what if vaping isn’t as much fun as regular cigarettes? Well, we shall try to answer your concerns here.

Enjoy vaping with these fine hacks

Statistics show that more than 450,000 people in New Zealand smoke daily. However, we have a million former smokers who have abandoned this obsession. People’s nicotine addiction is the primary reason why most of them smoke. Fortunately, 85% of New Zealanders will be smoke-free by the end of 2021, and now the government intends to extend this number to 95% by 2025.
There are several treatment options for smokers, including vaping. It has several benefits that convince smokers to switch to this habit instead and then gradually quit smoking e-cigarettes too. Vaping’s cheaper than smoking. It’s not entirely harmless, but its harmful impacts are fewer than traditional cigarettes. So, why don’t other smokers vape now?
Vaping has many side effects! They include coughing, headaches, mouth/throat irritation, and vomiting. Hence, we’re describing some good ways of enhancing your vaping experience. You may order your desired flavor online anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Anyone can start to vape to stop smoking for good now.
While buying authentic products, keep in mind vaping can be made more enjoyable by following a few tips. Whether you’re attempting to quit smoking or are just sincerely interested in vaping, here are some decent hacks to make your experience better:

  1. Shake your juice

Always shake your juice before smoking. It gets the flavors pooled again for a better experience. Shaking the liquid bottle combines the accumulated layers and eliminates the off-gassing of molecules. This practice makes the flavor smoother and more uniform. Moreover, we advise keeping the juice away from sunlight and storing it somewhere cool. However, some companies do have products that need no shaking.

  1. Focus on maintenance

Keep your vaping device well-maintained. Neglecting to maintain your gadgets may harm their longevity. You can read about maintaining the vaping device online or consult its manual thoroughly. Also, find a place to repair this device if it breaks. Moreover, you must seek suggestions about everything, from buying a device to catering to its service. There are many online platforms where vaping enthusiasts converse about their passion and share some tips.

  1. Clean your tank

Remember to clean your vape’s coil and tank regularly to avoid any horrid smell or flavor. Ensure you’ve removed remnants of the used e-liquid inside the tank before using it again. Vaping becomes more enjoyable when you follow proper cleaning measures. Otherwise, flavors tend to combine and create an unpleasant concoction. Cleaning can enhance your vaping experience to let you enjoy it more.

  1. Check your batteries

Buying the wrong or damaged batteries may ruin your vaping experience. There are many sorts of e-cigarette batteries available in the market. However, you should carefully select the best ones to energize your vaping device. You can’t risk running out of charge while strolling outdoors. Also, it seems smarter to keep some spare batteries in case the primary battery stops working altogether. A careful fellow always checks their vaping device battery to uphold a steady vaping experience.

  1. Avoid vaper’s tongue

What happens when you don’t switch flavors? You get vaper’s tongue! This temporary condition can occur when you stick to your favorite essence, and it becomes unpleasant over time. The juice coats your tongue, so you temporarily become incapable of enjoying another flavor. This condition usually lasts from a few hours to several days. So, we suggest cleaning your tongue after vaping and tasting other flavors as well. It helps you enhance your vaping experience and enjoy e-cigarettes better.

  1. Clean the gunk

Vaping enthusiasts often encounter coil gunk, which is left-over e-liquid vaporized and attached to the coil. A gunk build-up can turn into a thick black shell that may affect the juice’s taste and damage your throat. However, it’s not dangerous. Scientists described it as oxidization that makes your vaping experience unpleasant. How to get rid of this gunk? You can reduce the power setting of your vape or switch to a lower-VG e-liquid. This practice may purge this problem once and for all.

Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

  1. Avoid plastic tanks

Don’t purchase plastic tanks. Experts have beseeched vaping enthusiasts to get glass tanks. If you’re addicted to intense citrus and menthol flavors, avoid plastic tanks at all costs. Plastic can erode easily and eventually get deformed by higher temperatures. Moreover, glass tanks are easier to refill and resist damages caused by acidic flavors. So, if you prefer intense flavors, glass tanks are ideal for your vaping experience. Ensure you’re cleaning the tank properly, as stated above.

  1. Change your coils

Does your vape have a “burnt” flavor? This nasty taste indicates it’s time to change your coils. If your e-cigarette starts gurgling or leaking, it’s also a sign to replace the coils immediately. There are also some other signs, including having used-up coils or the vape tasting bizarre. We suggest changing your coils twice each month. Keep a stockpile of emergency coils to ensure nothing disrupts the vaping experience. We also recommend storing your vaping devices safely to avoid any damage.

  1. Manage the e-liquids

We’ve talked about shaking the e-liquid bottle before you start consuming the product. You should also avoid keeping the bottle open since it may expose the juice to air and compromise its flavor. A careful vaping enthusiast must remember to keep e-cigarettes away from water. Water’s good for people but can damage your electronic liquids and cigarettes. Moreover, learn your juice’s PG/VG ratio to regulate the experience. Remember that more VG produces thicker clouds.

  1. Drink more water

Whether you vape or not, hydration’s essential for your mental and physical well-being. Not drinking enough water may lead to a side effect called “dry mouth.” Since e-liquids may damage your taste buds unless you’re drinking plenty of water, stay hydrated to keep the flavor tasteful. We recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily. Remaining dehydrated can worsen several side effects of vaping, such as headaches.
Is smoking a fading habit? In New Zealand, it does seem old-fashioned and soon-to-be-dead! Now, they are replacing this deadly pastime with vaping, which is a healthier alternative to nicotine addiction. Currently, surveys indicate that 2.6% of New Zealanders vape daily.
So, how can vaping enthusiasts enhance their experience? They should choose their surroundings carefully, perform tricks (smoke rings are ever childish), and try various flavors to find the ideal taste. Avoid gunk while vaping and maintain the device for prolonged utilization. We also want you to remain hydrated as it’ll strengthen your taste buds and help you enjoy vaping for longer too.

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