Yunnan Baiyao Group Signs Contract with POLA to Explore Hemp Application

On 16th September, POLA Chemical Industries INC. partnered Yunnan Baiyao Group to hold an online signing ceremony, agreeing to strengthen cooperation on natural medicinal plant skin-cares and cosmetics and jointly explore the global vane of herb skin-care.   

Yunnan Baiyao Group has earlier initiated its cannabis cosmetic program. On 15th October 2019, It posted the Group was meant to buy in the exchange bonds of BAN LOONG HOLD, a Hong Kong listed company, with 730 million Hong Kong dollars. Running businesses in hemp and hemp products, BAN LOONG HOLD cooperated with Yunnan Baiyao Group in services like individual care products trade, hemp extraction, etc. Thanks to its identity as a medicine group, Yunnan Baiyao took advantage of getting involved in the cannabis business compared with generic cosmetic enterprises.

It has to be admitted that Yunnan Baiyao Group owns penetrating insight into the cosmetic market trend. However, whether Yunnan Baiyao Group can succeed in the cannabis cosmetic industry as it does in the brand – Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste is still hard to predict.

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