What is the difference between e-cigarettes and cigarettes, which is harmful

Many consumers still have misunderstandings about e-cigarettes, and it is unclear whether the dangers of e-cigarettes are large or the harm of real cigarettes.

In fact, although e-cigarette is also called “smoke”, it is a kind of vapor product, which is essentially different from cigarettes that burn tobacco leaves. Buyecigkits.com will explain in details in order to help the majority of smokers to cultivate healthier smoking habits.

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1.Difference on raw materials

Electronic cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes are microelectronics technology products, including atomizers, lithium batteries and cartridges. Although some molds simulate the taste of smoke, they are a non-combustible smoke substitute.

True smoke: The raw material for real tobacco is tobacco, a widely grown herb. Can be used to make cigarettes, dry smoke, pipe tobacco, cigars, etc.

2 Different combustion principles

The principle of generating smoke from electronic cigarettes is through the atomization of ejuice, which is different from the principle on traditional tobacco burned. The burning temperature can reach 800-1000 degrees, and the atomization temperature of the ecigarette is about 170-200 degrees. Traditional cigarettes produce a wide variety of decomposed substances at such high temperatures, reaching more than 4,000 species, nearly half of which we don’t know. However, the material composition of the e cigarette ejuice can be clearly known, and it is composed of glycerin, water, plant extract and other components, and has no harmful substances.

3.Different smoke

Ecigarettes: the reaction mechanism is different from traditional cigarettes. The smoke of the electronic cigarette is water vapor, which has a large smoke and a small particle size.

Traditional cigarettes: The smoke of traditional cigarettes are smoke, which is a property of solid particles. Therefore, the effects of their lungs are different. The larger the particles, such as PM2.5, which is very harmful to the human body sucking into the lungs.

4 smells different

E-cigarettes: E-cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have no odor. After smoking e-cigarettes, there is no odor in the mouth and clothes, and the breath is fresh as usual, which will not cause trouble to others.

Traditional cigarettes: Traditional cigarettes smell very heavy, no one does not know that you are a smoker when passing by you basically because of tobacco smell, or thick or light, so leave a label: smoker .

5.Different tastes

E-cigarettes: E-cigarettes have thousands of flavors to choose from, cigarette flavor, fruit flavor, and so on. Better ecig come with big cloud, and the with enjoyable flavor, so that smokers feel very real. Personally choosing those authentic is more secure if you choose E liquid.

Traditional cigarettes: Cigarettes give users more of a single tobacco taste.

6.Influence on the body of others

E-cigarette: The vape that is exhaled in the mouth is a mist atomized. It is a process from liquid to gas, no chemical is produced, so it does not affect the body of others.

Traditional cigarettes: There are thousands of gases in the smoke that are sprayed out of traditional cigarettes. Most of the substances have strong irritants. At least forty can cause cancer, and these particles can stay in the air for hours. Combined with airborne cancerous substances, other non-smokers can cause great health hazards.

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