What does your favourite vape flavour say about you?

Vape liquids are available in a vast range of flavours, from blueberry to tobacco to bubblegum, but what does your choice in vape flavour say about your character?

You have probably noticed the character tests that aim to match taste flavours with character. Still, there is no direct, scientific relationship connecting what flavours we prefer and who we are, but it’s still fun to consider.

Leading vape store, Vape Town, talked to an authority on the psychology of taste and behavior. Here, very popular Dr Kathrin Ohla ensures that past events and our background that tell us who we are as people often decide our some taste choices.

And sometimes we are born with these inclinations, although they can be ‘unlearned’.

It isn’t rare for us to be attracted to specific flavours that we connect with positive thoughts from our childhood and affect our taste inclinations when we become adults. Everyone has a memory such as a food smell or taste that reminds them of times past.

Dr Alan Hirsch, a renowned doctor manage a character test. In one study, he looked at the behaviors of 19,400 people within the Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation. Hirsch is generally known for his research on the possible connections between taste and personality. Hirsch found many similarities in their behaviour and food selections. It is great connection between the urge to snack on tortilla chips with perfectionism.

What does your favourite vape flavour say about you?


You’re sophisticated, sometimes sceptical, and like to spice things up from time to time, but you might also have a tendency to stir the pot and cause conflict. You love adventure and know exactly what you want from life.


You’re loyal, dedicated, and enjoy your own company. As well as being introspective, when it comes to others you’re observant and always able to see the best in people, but your tolerance might result in people taking your patience for granted.


You’re usually logical, a good communicator, and even assertive when you need to be, but you also know how to have a ‘good time’ and have the ability to inject spontaneity into any situation.


You’re perceived as eccentric and energetic with a childlike nature and are happiest when outdoors, but you might not always say the right thing when faced with confrontation.


You’re open-minded and a thrill-seeker with a preference for more acquired tastes. You might lack sensitivity at times.


You’re a dreamer, ambitious and optimistic, with an infectiously positive outlook on life. A social butterfly who is adaptable to new environments but can be overly analytical.

Finding the flavour for you

Flavours give vapers an individual vaping experience. There is, of course, no right or wrong flavour option, but your choice of vape flavour can significantly improve your enjoyment if you find the right one.

But with so many options available, anyone can be overwhelmed when finding their best vape juice. The best way to find the flavour for you is to follow your personal preferences. Determine whether you want a taste that is sweet, minty or fruity. With these basic filters, you can narrow your selection down to the specific flavour of your choice. Remember, it may require a few taste tests before finding the perfect solution, so try and enjoy the selection process.

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