Virtual E-cigarette Summit and Post Brexit Vape Laws

The Virtual E-Cigarette Summit kicks off online tomorrow and vape advocates from across the globe will be discussing the future of vaping and other so called ‘novel nicotine‘ products.

And do stay tuned for a superb webinar from the New Nicotine Alliance [NNA] looking at how the UK can swerve new EU vape regulations in a post Brexit Britain.

virtual e-cigarette summit 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has of course stopped the ‘real world‘ e-cig summit twice this year, both in London and Washington USA, however the virtual event begins tomorrow Thursday December 3rd 2020 and will run for two full days.

The line-up of expert speakers reads like a Who’s Who of the nicotine advocacy world including: Deborah Arnott Chief Executive Action on Smoking and Health – Clive Bates Director Counterfactual Consulting Ltd – Martin Dockrell Tobacco Control Programme Lead Public Health England – Peter Hajek Professor of Clinical Psychology Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London – Prof Caitlin Notley Chair of Addiction Sciences University of East Anglia [big fan of her work] and the NNA Vice Chair Louise Ross, plus very many more.

virtual e-cigarette summit speakers 2020

Talk about the Tobacco Harm Reduction A Team!

Rather than holding the Virtual E-Cigarette Summit in ‘real time‘ each speech and Q&A session can be viewed at any time during and after the event – so long as you are registered – which if I’m honest, is really quite expensive.

Topics to be discussed include: The Cochrane review of electronic cigarettes – e-cigarettes heart and lung health – vaping and the media [should be interesting lol] as well as SNUS and of course nicotine in general plus much more.

A spokesman for the Virtual E-cigarette Summit said:

We hope that the Virtual Summit will provide a welcoming focal point to grapple with the challenging questions posed by e-cigarettes and new novel nicotine products.

Although Covid, Brexit and the US Presidential Election dominate our news media, there is a considerable amount of change happening in the public health, policy and regulatory environments related to tobacco, e-cigarettes and harm reduction.

tobacco harm reduction

For decades, the known harms from smoking and combustible products has aligned public health and tobacco control colleagues behind a known “enemy”.

The emergence of less harmful alternatives has resulted in a heated debate that continues to divide scientists, health professionals and policy makers alike.

The E-Cigarette Summit has a single aim of facilitating respectful dialogue and thoughtful analysis of the latest research and exploring how the evidence should be interpreted, to deliver the most effective health strategies to reduce smoking related death and disease.

Good stuff indeed and here’s the link to register.

The NNA Webinar – Novel Nicotine Products In A Post Brexit UK

As the UK inches closer to Brexit and the cutting of ties from the EU, any future of vape regulations is still unclear.

Vape trade organizations such as UKVIA has plans to lobby the UK Government, whilst the New Nicotine Alliance will be doing the same, but acting as the voice of the consumers – that’s us the vapers.

virtual e-cigarette summit 2020

Despite the current UK Government supporting vaping as a Tobacco Harm Reduction tool, they most definitely still need pushing in the right direction.

If industry trade groups and advocates don’t get the message across, there’s a very real danger we could face stringent vaping regulations similar to those being considered in Europe.

The NNA says:

The NNA wrote to the Department of Health and the Number 10 Policy Unit recently to suggest a coherent post-Brexit strategy for regulating safer nicotine delivery options.

But isn’t it a given that when we leave the EU the restrictions will cease to be anyway from January 1st 2021? Well, perhaps not.

If the government does not diverge from the EU TPD in 2021 we could be saddled with not only the same restrictions we have now but also further, more stringent controls, which would severely affect both current safer nicotine users and smokers who are thinking about switching.

It’s a scary thought, and the topic of discussion for the recent NNA webinar: Can Consumers Escape EU Restrictions?

Checkout the video below where Vice Chair of the NNA Louise Ross is joined by Mark Pawsey MP, the chair of the UK Government’s APPG on Vaping and the awesome Clive Bates.


More vape news on Sunday…

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