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VAPORESSO ECO ONE: Compact Yet Mighty, Your Ideal Substitute for Smoking


Are you looking to ditch traditional cigarettes? Look no further than the VAPORESSO ECO ONE, the perfect device for those seeking a smooth transition to vaping. Designed with ex-smokers in mind, the ECO ONE simulates the familiar actions of smoking—from inhaling to the tactile feel of holding a cigarette. Super light, super skinny, and capable of lasting more than a day on a single charge, it’s your ideal companion in quitting smoking.

VAPORESSO ECO ONE: Small but Powerful, the Perfect Tool to Replace Smoking

Compact 1100mAh Battery: Power Through Your Day

The ECO ONE is equipped with a robust 1100mAh battery housed in a sleek, compact design. It features the AXON CHIP which ensures a consistent power output, maintaining excellent flavor from your first puff to your last, even as the battery level depletes.


Experience Smooth Flavor with COREX Technology

Utilizing COREX heating technology and an optimized cotton structure, the ECO ONE delivers a smooth and delicate flavor profile. Available in 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm pods, this device caters to those who appreciate a tight, satisfying nicotine hit with every inhale.

Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

Weighing just 36 grams, the ECO ONE is designed for ease of use. Its slim profile ensures a comfortable grip and a food-grade silicone mouthpiece provides a pleasurable mouthfeel, allowing for hands-free usage if desired.


A More Economical & Eco-Friendly Vaping Choice

Say goodbye to cigarette pack waste and disposable batteries. The ECO ONE not only reduces environmental impact but also cuts smoking costs by about 60%, thanks to its refillable and rechargeable design.


Founded in 2015, VAPORESSO is committed to excellence, striving to create a better, cleaner, and more enjoyable life with advanced vaping technology. Visit our product page to learn more about the innovative ECO ONE.

Final Thoughts

The VAPORESSO ECO ONE proves that great things come in small packages—perfect for those ready to kick the cigarette habit but not the feel. So, what are your thoughts on this sleek gadget? Crack a joke or drop a line in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on for more vape news and reviews!

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